Update on This Whole Blog Thing (4/25/2020)

Man it has been a minute, hasn’t it? I haven’t written a blog in quite a few weeks now- I think it’s been 2+ months at this point- and now the world seems to be on fire. COVID-19 has crashed down upon the United States and the world and we are all in a state of disarray. I have been quarantined since March 15th, and with all restaurants being closed due to state orders, well… I have no idea when I’ll be heading back to work. Thankfully I’ve been quarantined with one of my two roommates- the other having gone back to New Jersey to be home with his family- so I haven’t gone completely insane, but like many of us living in these uncertain times, things have been… worrisome to say the least. I decided to stop writing these blog posts partly because, well nothing has really been happening other than me waking up and playing video games all day, but honestly an underlying reason was because of when my friend messaged me about a past post a couple months back. Even after I had fixed everything I could, editing posts to remove names of the individuals I truly didn’t believe would want to be talked about in my blogs, there was always this… nervousness I felt afterwards. I don’t want to accidentally write something that would offend or hurt someone like that again, and even though I obviously could just, be more careful, the smartest thing really felt like… just stopping the blogs altogether; at least for now. However, I don’t want this website to die. I’ve gotten so many thoughts out into the open here, and have really began enjoying writing. That’s when one of my friends recommended my friend group start a writing thing, where we’re given a prompt every week, and then share it on a specific day. So from here on out, if I’m satisfied with what I wrote from the week, I’m going to post it here on this blog. No pictures, no extraneous details about what I or my friends wrote, just the stories that came out of my head. I’m going to post the first one right after I post this, and I hope you enjoy it.

Until next time,


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