A Busy Presidents’ Day Weekend Leads to Stress, But Solid Money; Thank God for Some Drinks with Friends (2/15/2020-2/17/2020)

Goddamn, I really have put these blog posts back, huh? Honestly I planned on writing this on Saturday, and then I just kept pushing it off more and more, so here we are- Monday with a blog post spanning three days. Frankly I’m going to make this post fairly quick, because I need sleep and my memory isn’t good enough to dive deep into the past three days, but what I can tell you is this- holy fuck was this weekend busy. Like, on Valentine’s Day I was almost surprised by how collected the day felt; it was busy of course, but I never felt out of control, or like I was drowning Coming into into the rest of the weekend however, that was definitely a different story. Saturday and Sunday I worked in section 4, right behind the host(ess) stand, which meant I stayed consistently slammed the entire day. Even though I made really good money both nights, I was definitely feeling the stress. It definitely didn’t help on Sunday, when computers glitched for the kitchen, and I had two different orders not get received, leading to some annoyed customers; stress city. Today was better I guess, but I was working a morning shift, so even though I was in Stag, I was still really busy for most all of today. I think the rougher bit was when I forgot to bring a woman her drink, and she reminded me of it AFTER the table had finished eating. I apologized of course, but with her not wanting that, or any dessert, I simply brought them the check. Now I knew she wasn’t going to tip, but when she left me a note saying something along the lines of “I’m sorry, but what kind of service was that?” I was thoroughly annoyed. Congrats, I fucked up; I’m human. But writing something like that, basically insinuating that you could do a better job, with no mistakes? You know what, fine. Take my shirt, take my apron, we’ll trade places. I’ll pay the bill and tell you to fuck off, and you can stay here in the busyness that was La Pizza La Pasta today. Oh boy I fucking hate when people leave messages like that, mostly because it always seems to end up being older white women. Always.


**Keeping strong going to the gym

Now even though it was very busy these past three days, I did make good money; Saturday I made over $400 in cc tips, and over $100 in cash, Sunday I hit over $500, again with over $100 in cash, and today I did over $400 cc tips again, even though I only made like $41 in cash. All in all though, a really profitable weekend, which is great. Also we had a competition selling “Sunday Suppers” on Sunday, and I tied for the win, meaning I got to take a bottle of wine home with me, so I won’t complain about that. What I was peeved about was that fact that I was having a little party with Andrew, Julian, and the girls of 3B, but instead of closing at 9PM, we stayed open until 10, and with a shitton of silverware, I didn’t end up leaving work until 10:40. Adding onto the fact that the 4 wasn’t running all weekend…. I was annoyed. What I will say though, is that the party last night was a ton of fun. Julian was going to bed by the time I got back, but Andrew, Caitlin, Danielle, and I stayed up playing Truth or Drink and well… drinking for a couple hours. Now I did have work today at 10:30, but honestly it was worth it; I love bonding with friends. I even brought some chicken nuggets back with me for Caitlin, mostly because she did one of those stupid “if your friend doesn’t respond to this in 10 minutes they owe you etc. etc.”, and I figured fuck it; I needed food so I grabbed a big mac meal, along with some nugs. That, along with a six pack of cider and a six pack of corona, and we had ourselves a night.

Despite me attempting to get sleep last night, I will say that today I actually woke up in a cold sweat at like, 7:30AM, having a nightmare about Eataly- god I’m working too much. Basically orders weren’t going in, I was slammed, it was 11PM, we were still letting people in… stress city. I tried going back to sleep, only to keep waking up with those dream, which is REALLY not great. Anyways, I got through today, and even though I was planning on meeting up with Caitlin, Andrew, and Julian for dinner, Julian and Caitlin flaked, so that plan fell through real quick. Luckily before I left, Nikky asked Lais- another server- and I if we wanted to grab a drink, and I figured, fucking why not, right? Honestly it was a lot of fun; we went to a nearby bar, had two drinks, the bartender gave the three of us a free shot, and we peaced out, heading our separate ways. Now listen, I don’t want to work as a server forever, but I am really grateful to be working somewhere where I actually really get along with my coworkers. Heading home, I got back to Andrew making pasta, and after heating up some chicken and veggies, him, Julian, and I, enjoyed a nice home cooked meal for dinner; no complaints here! We chatted for a good while before I headed into my room to play some League with Mags, and then some more by myself. I also watched another two or three episodes of Brooklyn 99 because DAMN is it a good show! Tomorrow I will not be working, but I do have class to go to, AND I need to hit the gym; I’m working really hard to get into a habit of going three times a week. I think I’m making progress, and I hope that it’ll flourish into something eventually. Now I also just wanted to mention real quick that I got an email from my agency today, after emailing them a couple days ago about what I’ve been up to, and I don’t know, it felt good when they said they were submitting me a bunch, and hopefully I’ll get some auditions soon. I need to put myself out there more, but I am glad that they are working hard on their end too, and haven’t given up on me. For now, I just need to keep pushing through and doing my thing. Good things are just on the horizon. Also I’ve had more conversations with a different friend about moving to Cali, but that’s for a different day. For now, I need sleep!

Until next time,



**I figured instead of taking a picture and using a message meant to bring me down, I’d show you all a different message that someone left for me on Saturday; honestly it really made me smile. To the girl that wrote this for me- thank you so much. It means a lot~


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