Another Day Rehearsing, Followed By Another Slow Day at Work; I Can See Doom in the Near Distance (2/12/2020)

Wow, I knew that Valentine’s Day was going to be busy for us at Eataly, but goddamn I didn’t think it’d be this bad. HOLY fuck. I mean apparently we had a good 250 reservations for JUST the dinner shift, and I just know I’m going to die. It’s gonna be… well it could be awesome or it’s just gonna be hell. Now as for my day itself, frankly it was a pretty usual day; honestly I’m glad that I’m being more productive with my days, since it gets me out of bed earlier, and I’m not just sitting on my ass before work. Now the original plan for the day was for Natalie and me to meet up from 1-3PM at Simple Studios, just to get another rehearsal in before tomorrow; we might not even have class tomorrow, but we need to act like we’re going to, and we’re going to be going up, you know? Unfortunately for me, my body really didn’t want me getting up today, so I ended up finally moving around 11:40 to shower, meaning that by the time I was all ready to go… it was 12:20. I caught the next 4 to Atlantic Barclays, transferring to the next Q, making it to 34th St. around 1:20. Thankfully I told Natalie that I would be running late, so we should just meet at 1:30, so I ended up running into her in front of the elevator, and the two of us went up together to Simple. Now I did call them on the phone, and the lady told me to just come in for a cheaper “walk-in” rate, so when we got up there, the kind lady booked us a room for 1.5 hours, costing my like, $23 or something- not bad!

We spent the time we had going over the scene and really taking it slower- beat by beat- so that we were actually listening to one another. We still have a lot of work to do with the scene, but even though the run throughs we did we really slow and felt like we held pauses too long, I think it definitely helped us to live in the awkwardness of the situation, instead of just rushing from line to line. Now I would’ve loved to have stayed longer, but with the time hitting 3PM we made our way out, and I hurried to Penn to catch the next 2 train downtown. Thankfully I got to Park Place early, so with the couple of extra minutes before work I made sure to stop by the Post Office to drop off a parcel containing to pieces of clothing to be returned to Stitch Fix. After that was dropped off, I headed to Eataly, enjoying the beautiful view before hurrying inside and up the escalators. I clocked in around 3:26PM, heading onto the floor and, once I saw I was on 4 today- which is a small, party section- got to work doing my side-work of the day, lowboys. I did chat with Gina as I was stocking, asking her to do the “apple” experiment I mentioned on Monday; when I asked her to close her eyes, she literally thought I was going to smack her or something, Jesus Christ. She, just like Laura, saw a 2D apple, which I think is fascinating. Now once the 30 minutes were up, I headed on break; taking a quick peek at the break room and, even though I knew the food wasn’t terrible today, I still headed off towards Pret to get my usual food. After grabbing my normal meal- also watching a guy just steal a sandwich or something which is super disrespectful but whatever- I grabbed a seat and relaxed for a good 20 minutes before I had to get back to Eataly. I did take a quick pit-stop to the bathroom on the way back, before heading on over to the 90’s for an easy pre-shift.

Frankly, there really wasn’t much to talk about, besides the insane number of covers we’re going to have to deal with on Friday… aka Valentine’s Day. With pre-shift done and over with, we hit the floor and my day at last began. Frankly the shift itself was super fucking easy, because my section stayed pretty slow, but it was nice because I actually got to chat with Gina for a bit, who was hanging around to grab a bite now that she was clocked out and in done with work for the day. She’s actually heading back to Tennessee- I think- tomorrow night, so it was good to catch up with her before she vanished for a good week. We ended up showing each other kid pictures of ourselves, having a great laugh before I needed to get back to work. Also I had a table at 7:15, who apparently said that Pace’s service was terrible, so when they sat down I of course worked to charm the two gentleman, and seme confident. But really, everything went smoothly. I took over Tina’s section around 8:45, so after she had finished some rollups she got cut and headed on home. By the time I had closed out my final tables and rolled whatever silverware we had, it was just after 10:30, which means I got to catch the 10:40 4 train home; woo! I debated buying flowers for the girls in 3B, but decided against it, wanting to pick some up tomorrow. On my way home, Julian asked me to pick him up a sandwich from the bodega, so before getting back inside my apartment, I of course took a quick pit-stop at the bodega, so I could pick up a chicken sandwich for me, and one for Julian. He asked for a sandwich with no lettuce or tomato, with chipotle mayo, so that’s exactly what I got him. As for me? You know I got a normal chicken sandwich with everything on it. After that was paid for, I hurried through the rain- oh yeah did I mention it was raining??- finally getting up to my apartment, quite wet, around 11:15. Julian and Andrew were just hanging out, so I sat down to chill with them for a bit before the two of them heading to bed and I hopped on League. I actually found out one of my coworkers play League, so we decided to duo queue it up tonight, and I had some fun. Holy fuck it is absolutely so late- 5:06 to be exact- but I’m glad I got this post done; trying to remember everything the day before hurts my head. Now then, I’m gonna go and get ready for bed so I can immediately go pass out; goodnight all!

Until next time,


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