A Solid Rehearsal With An Unexpected Performance in Class; Time to Rock Those Swimming Trunks (2/11/2020)

Damn another day writing yesterday’s blog post, really late at night; I need to stop doing that. Seriously, I did that all the time in 2018, and that’s what caused me to actually stop writing blog posts for a good while, but it’s time to make a change and get back on track, right? So let’s jump into yesterday-

Now today was… well it was a much busier day than I was expecting, to be perfectly honest with you, and I’m glad it was; it was a really great learning experience for me. Now the day started earlier than normal for me, because I actually got up at 9:30AM to get my ass up and go to the gym; I am slowly but surely getting better about that, but I have a long way to go. It took me a bit to get up, but after a good 20 minutes I rose out from under my covers, brushed my teeth, and made my way towards the gym. I will say that, before I actually got dressed for the gym, I gave Simple Studios a call so I could book a room from 12-2PM for rehearsal. Now as I headed out, I ended up deciding to just wear my shorts instead of pants, because I would’ve had to change into them anyways, and before I knew it I was at Blink. Heading up the three flights of stairs, I entered into the gym, signed in, and hit the bathroom before heading towards the floor to start my workout. To be honest with you, I really didn’t have much time to goof off and relax today; Since I was meeting with Natalie at 12, I had a very set amount of time to get ready before I needed to rush towards the train. I started my workout on the treadmill, starting at 4 for 30 seconds, then pushing it to 10 for one minute, then back to 4, back to 10, then 4, then 11, 4, 11, 4, and finally 12. I think it’s a good way to improve my endurance, and is a much more interesting workout then just running at like, a 7 for as long as I can. Once I finished with the treadmill, I headed over to the equipment to work on some back and arms, and a bit of abdominals; I still really don’t know the best workout to do when I’m on my own, so when I go I kind of just wing it, you know?

30 minutes went by in a flash, and before long I had to hurry on back home; time to shower and actually get ready! Making it home just around 10:40, I hopped in the shower, got ready, washed up, dressed, and was on my way back out towards Brooklyn. Now as I rushed off to the train, I ended up hopping on the 3, thinking it’d be faster than taking the 4 and transferring- which was kind of wrong, because the 4 definitely passed me, but also at least it was a direct shot to Simple Studios, and I didn’t have to transfer to any other trains- and as the train whizzed through the tunnels, I continued running over my lines. I wasn’t as solid as I would’ve liked, but that’s where we are. By the time I made it to Penn Station it was already just past 12PM, but feeling quite hungry I made up my mind to grab a BLT on a plain bagel at “Best Coffee and Bagel”, right on 35th. It took about 6-7 minutes to grab my food, so by the time I hurried on down to 29th where Simple is located, it was 12:17. I headed up the elevator, and found Natalie waiting in the lobby; apologizing for being late, along with being reprimanded by Natalie, we headed into the studio to get started. Now I knew going into this rehearsal that my lines were a little shaky, but I could at least get through most of what we’d rehearsed. As for the rehearsal itself, I think it went pretty well; I mean there was this one moment where I suggested we sit down, and it honestly felt really natural and… felt like a really good moment between us. Again my lines towards the latter half of the scene were a bit wonky, but other than that we were good!

After rehearsing for about two hours it was time for us to head out; Natalie had something going on, and I had some errands to run before class. I walked her to 28th St., where we both caught the 1 uptown, me getting off at 59th while she headed up to 72nd. Now I planned on my first stop being TJ Maxx, but realizing I needed to buy some swimming trunks moving forward for the scene, I made a quick stop at H&M. After some looking around, I finally found this great pair of, well honestly aquamarine swimming trunks, and of course I bought three new pairs of socks because I’m me. I did have to try on a good five or six pairs, to see which color I liked most, but I’m glad I went with the ones I have now. Paying and heading out, it was time to go to TJ Maxx; I headed up, only to not find the witch hazel I was looking for, and even though I debated buying some Valentine’s Day stuff for 3B, I held off, instead just heading towards the train and making my way home. I mean I also wanted to stop by Target, but I decided against that two- which backfired because I actually needed to pick up deodorant, but whatever. After riding the train I finally made it home, only to get some… well some nerve wracking news from Natalie- “Hey so I think we’re going up today”. What?? Basically what happened was a couple of people weren’t going to be able to make it to class today, so Jayd offered us the spot to go up and go through our scene; we can’t turn down that opportunity. I knew Natalie might not receive my message until she got out of whatever she was doing, but I suggested we meet from like, 6PM until right before class, just to continue solidifying what we’re working on.

I didn’t have much time at home, though I did buy myself a six inch and some gatorade because I was STARVING and had only had that BLT today, but before long I had to make my way BACK to the train, heading on up to 34th St. once more, and meeting up with Natalie around 6PM. I was running a few minutes late, but lucky for me she had not arrived yet, so I went up to the counter to see if I could rent a room for like, 30 minutes to an hour. As I was asking, a guy near me actually said that he had rented out 201 but didn’t need it, so I was free to use it; oh my god thank you sir you are incredibly kind. I told Natalie we were in 201 and set up the space, continuing to hammer down my lines like I did after Natalie texted me, and the entire way to Simple Studios. Once Natalie arrived we got to work, with her stepping out of the room to do something real quick, as I took the time to change into my swimming trunks- thank god I bought them today! Honestly I didn’t really feel awkward despite what I was wearing, and we took a good 30 minutes to just, go over our scene and hammer down what we were doing. Once it was 6:53 we grabbed our things and made our way out and towards class; as we got up to the studio space, other group was using the space to rehearse so we waited until they were done before heading in; did I mention I was still wearing the swimming trunks? No point changing out of them, only to change back into them, right? Once class finally began, with five of the eight of us being in class today, the first group went up, having an incredibly productive rehearsal, partly thanks to their hard work, and of course partly thanks to Jayd pushing them in the right direction.

Then it was Natalie and my turn- oh goodie. As for the rehearsal in class, I think it was really productive; as always it revealed just how far I have left to go with this character, but I can also tell you that Jayd said we were on the right track, and he can tell we’ve been working on it, which feels good. My biggest take-away from this is that I need to let what Natalie does, how she reacts, to really affect me and how I say my next line… god I’m rusty; thank god I’m taking this class. But really though I realized during rehearsal earlier on in the day today that I’ve been a selfish partner, and I keep looking for my next line instead of actually listening to my scene partner. More than just this fault though, I need to better realize the stakes that Nicky has in this scene- what if he gets caught? Does she know he’s lying? He’s in too deep! It was definitely helpful and it got me excited to make this scene better and better, but it was absolutely exhausting; Oh also my shirt was off of course, since I did just come from the beach. With the exercise being over and Jayd finally calling it for the night, I actually had one more errand to run- I needed deodorant. Saying goodbye to everyone, I headed over to Target, where Andrew asked me to get the ingredients to make loaded brownies for 3B. I also made sure to grab some icing to make a design on top, and a card to go along with the whole affair. I want to get some flowers, but not now. Oh, and I got some orange chicken from General Tso’s at the frozen section, finally paying and heading out. Oh also, while I was grocery shopping I ended up calling and talking with my dad, who I haven’t called in a hot second; Man I love my dad, and I really do feel terrible for not calling him sooner. It’s always so wonderful to hear his voice.

The trains were pretty fucked, but despite all that I finally was on my way home, arriving back in my apartment at 11:45; god damn it was late. After putting everything I bought away, I made sure to cook that General Tso’s chicken, packing half of it up to eat later, before sitting on the couch and devouring the other half. I don’t think Julian was home tonight, or maybe he had just long since gone to bed, but Andrew and I chatted for a couple of minutes about how his first day on the job went, before he headed off to bed. Honestly, I finished the night playing League, and watching a couple episodes of Brooklyn 99, which I’m really glad I got back into; SUCH a funny show. Spent too long doing god knows what, before passing out around 4AM- I have a problem.

Until next time,



**Can’t make loaded brownies without some cookie dough!

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