Slow Mondays Aren’t the Worst, But Wet Scripts Definitely Are (2/10/2020)

You know, one of these days I’ll get better about actually writing blogs the night that I… well I lived them, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. To be fair, last night I played a couple League games with Mags, and then watched My Hero with Andrew; by the end of it, I definitely needed to get to bed, because I wanted to be up early today. Today, well the day I’m writing this, was busy to say the least; busy in the best way possible, but busy all the same. Frankly, I need to be up early tomorrow as well, but here’s hoping I can get these blog posts done at a reasonable time; I say that, and then play a game of League, so that definitely shows where my priorities lie lol. Now then, getting into what actually went down on a simple Monday night at Eataly-

The day began with me waking up for work around 1:30PM, showering and getting ready for work… a bit later than I would’ve preferred. Now it was raining again today, so I decided it’d be best for me to wear my boots and pack my work shoes, as to not get my shoes soaked; seriously, that is definitely a huge pet peeve of mine. Well, getting socks and shoes soaked. Now then I headed off to the 4 train, grabbing my umbrella on my way out, and thank goodness for that because it was POURING. Catching the next 4 towards Manhattan, I made it to Eataly just after 3:30, clocking in and heading onto the floor; I was in section 6 today, which meant that I was just going to focusing on lowboys- no problem. Frankly there wasn’t too too much to stock today, so before I knew it time had flown by and I was on my way to Pret for my 45 minute break. I mean I checked the break room very quickly, but surprise surprise it was tuna fish Monday today… gross. Heading into Pret, through the rain of course, I got my usual meal and went up to the counter to pay; now normally I ask for a chocolate chip cookie and some water, because I’m an adult, but today there weren’t any cookies to be found, so I said- “This’ll be it”. Then the cashier actually asked me, “Don’t you want a chocolate chip cookie?” I said that I didn’t see any, but then the other cashier pulled some FRESH out of the oven. You KNOW I am not going to turn down a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie; GOD I have such a sweet tooth. Grabbing my food I took a seat and enjoyed my meal for my 20 minutes of peace, before it was time to head on back to work. After a quick bathroom break it was onto pre-shift where the day officially began; frankly there really wasn’t much of anything to report, with us not having any pasta or pizza specials today, so before long I made my way over to Stag to get started.

Now I am going to be completely honest with you- I mean normally rainy days are busy for us, but today… holy FUCK this had to be the slowest day of the year so far, like god damn; I mean I made like, $100 if that in cc tips, and 33 in cash, the ENTIRE night! However, I did spend the night doing a test that proved to be incredibly interesting. So you reading this post, right now, I want you to close your eyes and picture an apple. Once you’ve done that, open your eyes again. What did you see? Was it a 3D apple, a 2D apple, maybe it was in black and white? Basically I saw this tweet a couple of days ago, and it’s really been sticking in my head; I asked a couple people throughout the night, and got some definitely interesting answers. One server said she saw a 2D apple, while another said he saw almost like, an oil painting of a macintosh apple. When I asked both managers working that night, separately of course, they both saw 3D apples, like you could reach out and grab it. I…. I actually don’t see an apple at all. I was curious what this means, and the fact of the matter is that I have something called “aphantasia”, which basically means I don’t have a “mind’s eye”; Like when I close my eyes, I can’t really imagine anything. I can sometimes see very vague, blurry images, but it’s really hard to control, and gets very muddled quite quickly. I’ve genuinely never really thought about this until I saw this tweet, and it’s truly thrown me through a bit of a loop. I also don’t actually have an internal monologue really, which is also apparently something some people don’t have. Well, let me clarify there- I can have thoughts in my head, but they are much more scattered and hard to understand. If I’m looking to have coherent thoughts, they either have to be spoken aloud, or I write them down- like this blog! I mean, it would explain the rambling way I write, or the fact that I can never just shut the fuck up and am always talking about myself. Either way, really fascinating things, and I guess the biggest thing is that I’m just really fucking weird. Cool beans. Frankly, I can’t imagine having a voice just chatting with you all the time, I think I’d go insane; though being able to properly see images in my head would be cool I guess. I think the interesting fact of the matter is that I actually can have really vivid dreams, but they vanish from my head pretty quickly when I wake up, which is why I’ve written a couple of them down over time. So yeah, fun facts with Michael!

Now since today was slow, I frankly spent most of my time just, rolling silverware, but I made sure to have my script out so I could take a look at it as I was working ,you know? Kill two birds with one stone! However, when I went to check on a table, I came back to find my script… floating in a bin of water. I have zero idea who put it there, or why in the fuck they thought that was okay to do that, but I was furious; I mean I still have a digital copy of course, but the script I brought with me has all of my notes, which I have now lost.. big oof. Despite this, I worked to keep my head high for the rest of the shift, and before long Stag was closed at 9PM and I actually got to head home early for once! Catching the 9:28 4 downtown, I made my way back to Brooklyn and at last I was back in my apartment, safe and sound. Andrew and Julian weren’t home, so I made myself some food and hopped on League with Mags for a little while. When Andrew finally got home and Maggie headed off for bed, I closed down League and headed into the living room, where I spent the next couple of hours binging My Hero with Andrew; I was planning on ending the night writing this blog post, but when I realized I needed to be up around 10AM to hit the gym before meeting up with my scene partner Natalie at noon, well sleep called. I finally got myself ready and passed out, ready for some much needed sleep.

Until next time,


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