Slowly But Steadily Making Progress; And the Oscar Goes To… (2/9/2020)

Alright, so like the Oscars happened tonight, and even though I was really unsure of whether or not I’d even watch them tonight, damn am I glad I did. Like I am so happy that Parasite swept- like the first foreign film to win best picture, how cool is that??- and even though I haven’t seen it yet (whoops) I’ve heard such incredible things, and am even more hyped to finally go see it. But the Oscars started at 7PM or something- what did I do with the rest of my day? Well, I did have a personal training session this morning at 10AM- kill me- so I needed to be up for that to start my day off properly. To be honest with you, I didn’t sleep too well last night, ending up waking up today around 8:30 and just lying in bed, weighing the options of staying in New York, versus moving to California; it’s not something that I ever thought about doing, but when Andrew mentioned it, especially adding onto the fact that it is where a bunch of film and TV is taking place, it started making me think. Again, that wouldn’t be for a while, and our lease doesn’t end until 2021, but it’s something to think about… and stress me out. I mean it would be kind of a fresh start, getting away from my last ex and all, but that doesn’t control my decision; I have an agent, I’ve made some friends, and I love New York. Again, not something I’m seriously considering, but the option is there, you know? Finally getting my ass up around 9:40, I started brushing my teeth and getting dressed when I heard Andrew walking into the living room; opening my door I saw he was also just waking up, and I told him I’d be back in about 45 minutes if him and Julian wanted to do breakfast.

At last I hurried over to Blink, running a bit behind but making it to the gym right before 10AM, using the bathroom and getting dressed in the locker room before heading back out to meet up with my trainer. We hit the floor and started our exercises today, from jumping jacks to some jumps, lifting kettlebells, working on my arms, my back… it was a good workout day. My trainer even commented that apparently I’m starting to show some more muscle on my arms- “We should’ve done a before and after photo!” I mean I’m not seeing the results too much yet, but it’s also only the third or fourth session. I want to keep pushing myself, and beginning to build muscle, so I can get my body in shape and where I want it to be; I know I may never be completely confident in my body, but I want to strive to be a better version of myself, both physically, emotionally, and mentally. We’ll get there, it’s just going to take time, right? With our workout finished for the day, we scheduled the next session for next Sunday at 12:30, and that was that; I made my way home, jogging the couple of avenues, before arriving back in my apartment before 11AM. Andrew and Julian had already eaten, but Julian was rocking a heavy hangover so I took two of his sausage links. As Andrew watched Bambi- he’s binging through all the Disney movies in order- I cooked myself two sunny side up eggs and made myself a cup of coffee, chowing down before I needed to get ready for work. After showering and washing up, I quickly got dressed before hurrying to catch the train to work- I was going to be late! Hopping on the 12:11 4 train, I was at last on my way to Eataly, prepped for a… well probably a slow day at work.

Finally arriving at Eataly, I clocked in at 12:32 and headed onto the floor, going over to Stag to change my shirt and put on my apron before I made my way over to the pizza bar. Sergio gave me a quick rundown of what was going on today, and just like that I was on the floor, waiting for something to happen. Unsurprisingly, I did basically nothing all day, with the bar barely having any patrons- no surprise there.  Around 3:30 I was moved to section 6, since some of the morning servers were getting cut, and I worked on dealing with the couple of tables I had until the night crew came onto the floor. Now I was originally supposed to take a 5PM break, then a 4:15PM break, but as I just hung around, one of the managers said for me to just hang around till 5 and then just leave with the morning crew; THAT is definitely something I can get behind, let me tell you. Now I did have two tables sit down right at 4:50, but thankfully I managed to hold off long enough so Gia, who was taking over section 6 for dinner, could just take the orders and I wouldn’t have to worry about transferring anything. I did keep one table- a five top who spent like $80- but when they went to pay, initially they just signed their name where they should’ve put the tip. I asked them to write in the tip, the gratuity, and re-printed out the receipt that says “Suggested gratuity 18-20%”. They then proceeded to write “$0.00” and left. Amazing. Incredible. Now don’t get me wrong, they didn’t speak much English at all, but that shit was fucking rude. Thankfully though, because of this annoyance, I actually ended up staying until 5:30PM, meaning that I got all points for the morning, instead of losing some points because I wasn’t here for five hours (new system). I mean I made basically no money, but it’s fine; I grabbed my things and was at last on my way home. Starving, and ready to be back in my apartment.

Now on my way home, Andrew had asked if I could pick up some pizzas, so once I got to Utica, I first made a stop by Subway- I really needed food, I hadn’t eaten anything besides my breakfast hours ago- before heading over to our local 99 cent pizza place; I ordered one cheese and one pepperoni pie for a total of $22, and beforelong the pizza boxes were in my hand and I was on my way home. After a quick walk, I finally made it into my building, up the steps, and knocked onto my apartment, being let in to Andrew and a friend of his watching another Disney movie; Julian and his lady friend were in his bedroom. I set down the pizza and the movie continued, with me digging into my sandwich before grabbing a slice of pizza. Eventually Julian came out and the four of us continued watching the Disney movie, and then right before the Oscars started, Julian woke his lady friend up and we all watched it together. Now don’t get me wrong, there were some cringe moments, from the opening number where I swear that woman was on SOMETHING, to some just cringe jokes and dialogue, but there were some decent, and actually funny bits as well. James Corden and Rebel Wilson coming out in their Cats costumes, only to make a jab at the movie, joking about “good visual effects”. The biggest standout of the night will of course be Parasite winning best original screenplay, best foreign film, best director, and best picture, but I’m also happy about some of the other wins across the board. I’m glad Joaquin Phoenix won best actor, Jojo Rabbit took home best adapted screenplay, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood won an award or two; I guess the only one that I’m not all that impressed with was the best actress award. I mean I think other actresses deserved it, but that’s just my opinion. All in all though, it was a ton of fun, and my voice is a tad hoarse from cheering so loudly after Parasite won. The night ended with Andrew’s friend heading home, and then all of us finally deciding it was time for sleep; Julian went first, since he had work, followed eventually by his lady friend, and Andrew. I was playing League for a bit, but then decided to write yesterday’s blog post, catch up on this week’s episode of My Hero Academia, and now we’re here writing this blog. Tomorrow I’m supposed to be meeting up with Natalie to go over the scene, which is exciting, except I need to do some more memorizing, but that will have to wait- I need sleep, it’s already 3:39. After that I gotta be at work, so it’s gonna be another busy day for me. For now though, I’m glad I’m back on track, and am pushing forward, no matter how minimal the steps forward may seem at times.

Until next time,


**Oh, also! Watching Shia Labeouf come out with Zack Gottsagen to read some of the nominations? So damn heartwarming. Also Bong Joon-ho thanking Martin Scorsese was so wholesome and heartwarming, I just couldn’t help but tear up a bit.


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