When One Thing Goes Awry, You Have to Work Even Harder to Stay Afloat (2/8/2020)

Alright, let’s be real here- I needed to get sleep last night after that clusterfuck of a day, plus I had a personal training session going on today and work earlier than usual, so I said fuck it and just went to bed. Now that we have some time, let’s actually dive into what actually went down, so you can understand how I was feeling. To begin, the day really didn’t start all that badly, right? Again it’s been a bit weird for me, adjusting to the later start to the day, but that didn’t stop me from actually sleeping in, and happily getting a good amount of sleep before heading into work. By the time I had showered and fully gotten ready, the time was already reaching 3PM, so I quickly made my way out the door and towards the train. I caught the 3:08 4 towards Manhattan, and before I knew it I was off at Fulton St. and making my way towards Eataly. Through the revolving doors I went, up the escalators, and before I knew it I was clocking in for work and heading onto the floor. Checking the floor plan I was in section 4 today, which meant I was on lowboys duty- no problem. I spent the 30 minutes mostly stocking waters, letting the other servers on lowboy duty worry about the other drinks, and before I knew it the time was already reaching 4PM and it was time for me to go on break!

I debated going to grab some food from the break room, but decided I’d rather just relax at Pret by myself, so that’s exactly what I did; I made my way over to Pret, got my usual meal, and took a seat to chill out for the good 20 minutes that I had before I needed to be back to Eataly. After spending my time watching some YouTube videos and surfing social media, the time hit 4:30 and I needed to head on back to Eataly so I could get ready to start my day. After a quick bathroom stop, I clocked back in and headed over for pre-shift; nothing special to be aware of, besides the fact that we still have our pizza special running. With that done and over with, I made my way over to section 4 and the madness… began. Now things started off a little hectic, with a couple tables needing to be transferred to me, but with the new system we have to go through, wires got a little crossed. Then I had one of Patricia’s tables- I was taking over Patricia’s section, since she was working morning- go to one of my tables who was sitting next to them, and say “Service here is terrible, so’s the salad”. Like excuse me bitch? Don’t talk to my guests and defame me and the other servers at Eataly like that. They ended up tipping like, 19-15% so jokes on them, but still… rude. With me having to deal with all these tables being transferred to me, added onto the fact that section 4 is right in front of the host(ess) stand, so it’s always busy, meant that I really didn’t have time to relax. Now here’s the thing- I can handle that! I can handle getting slammed, and I can stay on top of my shit no problem; I’ll be stressed, sure, but I always make it through. Then the rug got pulled out from under me, slamming the breaks of my operation and really putting my behind where I wanted to be. So I had a two top of ladies- mother and daughter- with the mother ordering a margherita pizza, and the daughter ordering a seafood linguini, WELL DONE. Okay, done. I try to time it out, and at last it all arrived. The mom was enjoying the pizza fine, but I when I came to check back in on them, the daughter said that she thought the shrimp tasted like detergent, which probably meant they weren’t fresh. I was a bit horrified because well… gross, but nevertheless I offered to get her something else. She initially asked for the pomodoro, but after I told her it would take 20+ minutes, she decided to think about getting something else. She said she wanted tomato sauce, but couldn’t eat pork, so after checking with managers I offered her our tagliolini (thin, long, flat noodle, short rib beef, and a beef reduction sauce), with tomato sauce on the side, only for her to tell me she didn’t want meat at all, and was looking to do the tagliolini without meat. Unfortunately we couldn’t do that, so I just offered her a kids pasta with tomato sauce, since that would come out MUCH faster. She said that that would be fine, but she wanted to pasta VERY well done- this pasta was still too al-dente for her taste. Weird, but fine whatever. I put in “kids pasta with tomato sauce- VERY well done”. I check back in on her a bit later, once the pasta hit the table, only to find that she had barely eaten it still. “They’re not listening, it’s still too al-dente”. Honestly, I have zero idea if this woman wanted mush, not pasta, because like whaaaaaat the fuck. Like this pasta is meant to be cooked quite quickly, hence why it’s the kid’s pasta, and it was STILL cooked longer, because you wanted it well done. Like I can’t even imagine what consistency the pasta she likes is; if I tried to eat something like that I would definitely gag. She said she just wanted the bill, and surprise surprise, even though I had both her pastas comped, she still didn’t tip. Whatever.

Now this would be fine, right? Like I can deal with obnoxious customers. The issue is the fact that as I turned around, I found that I was quintuple sat at LEAST. Like literally I was so fucking behind, and had to spend a good two or three hours just trying to break even. I was running from table to table, being as logical and concise with my time as I could, all the while the hostess working just kept sending me table after table after table; no rest whatsoever. I mean for god’s sake, I’m pretty sure Stag was empty, but because I was right behind her, I got… everything. Now don’t get me wrong, thanks to the help of Gia- another server working the bar- and Nicolette- one of the manager working tonight- I managed to survive, but holy FUCK if that wasn’t rough as all hell. Literally I can’t imagine what I must’ve looked like to everyone else; thankfully I think I held in my frustration very well, just buckling down and weathering the storm, but that was definitely an ordeal. Thankfully I managed to close all my tables just after 10PM, and before too long I was on my way home, eager and ready to be home. Now most people that night were hitting in the 200’s or the 300’s when it came to cc tips. Me? $511 in cc, $69 in cash- nice. Honestly I was exhausted from all of that, and finally made my way home, calling Mags before I got on the 4, and then calling her again as I got off the train and walked to the bodega. After getting a chicken sandwich, I made my way home at last, walking into my apartment to find Julian and Andrew both in the apartment, both pretty tipsy; damn I wish. Andrew had just gotten back from filming- big yikes- while Julian had gotten back a little while ago from a party a friend of his invited him to; how fun! I… was working, so rip me, but that’s okay. The three of us chatted for a while, with me saying I was going to go to bed at a half decent time, but of course that never happened; I did help Andrew and Julian beat a level in Halo though, which was some fun. At last, time hitting like, 3AM, I finally went to bed, exhausted and ready for sleep. Tomorrow I have a personal training session at 10AM, and then I have work at 12:30PM, so hopefully I don’t just die.

Until next time,



**Just a gorgeous day out here in Brooklyn ❤

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