A Busy Friday Back at Eataly; “Who Do You Look Like?” (2/7/2020)

WOW it was windy out today, my goodness. Like, I knew it’d be a bit cold, but waking up to hearing the wind just like, banging against the glass? Crazy. Now I did wake up around 11AM or something today, but knowing I really needed to get some sleep, given the fact I went to bed SO goddamn late last night… I rolled back over and feel back asleep; waking up around 1:30 feeling much more energized. I know I’ve mentioned this previously, but it’s still really odd for me, getting into the groove of the new start time for PM shifts at Eataly. I mean, having to be to work by 3:30 just adds another half an hour for me to relax and do… virtually nothing, which I am in no way complaining about, but just getting into the headspace has thrown me off a tad. Now once the time hit like, 2:20, I knew I had to get ready to go, so I finally got up, showered, and got ready for the day. I knew it was raining out so I decided to wear my boots and bring an umbrella, just to be safe, and I’d keep my work shoes in my bag; no problem. I left the house around 3PM, and right as I stepped outside… oh boy. I mean it wasn’t raining too hard, and there weren’t giant puddles on the ground which is great, but adding in the wind just CONSTANTLY blowing so violently, like goddamn. I mean I literally used my umbrella as more of a battering ram- pushing to get through the wind- instead of an actual umbrella.

After battling down the avenues I finally reached the subway station, hurrying on down and catching the next 4 to Manhattan, leaving at 3:11. Now normally this’d be fine, but apparently not today. I mean I used to sometimes catch the 2:41 to Manhattan, and though it’d be close, I’d still make it on time. Well as we arrived at Fulton today, I opened my eyes to find that it was already 3:29- Shit. I quickly hurried off the train, not needing an umbrella at this point since it had stopped raining, but still needing to push through this… frankly insane wind to finally get to Eataly. Clocking in at 3:32 I headed onto the floor. finding that I was wine and ice and setting to it. Now normally I’m super solid getting everything done when it came to that side-work, but today there really wasn’t much to be done. I dumped some ice and stocked a couple wines, but we were pretty set, to be frank with you. With a couple of minutes to go before I needed to clock out, I ended up helping roll a couple roll-ups before heading on break. After checking the break room and only finding rice to be eaten, I headed on over to Pret, grabbing my usual meal and taking a seat to relax for a bit. After those 20 minutes or serenity, it was time to make my way back to Eataly, clocking back in at 4:46 before heading over to Stag, where we were having pre-shift today. Nothing new to report, with the same pizza special being around- three cheeses, spicy soppressata, hot honey drizzled on top- and other than being low on Dolcetto we were actually solid on everything else. With that out of the way, it was time to hit the floor at last.

Now things started pretty slowly, with me taking over section 2 from Gina, who stayed around to close a couple of her tables out. Whatever she didn’t want was given to me, and the day finally started rolling. I will say I got a solid bump around 7 or 7:30, but thankfully with Nicolette hanging around, knowing that I just got hella sat, I was able to get out of the weeds fairly seamlessly. I think my favorite comment of the night was a woman who said to me- “Who do people say you look like?” I replied John Mulaney, or the guy who played Squidward on Broadway- I’m bad with names but it’s Gavin Lee- and when I asked what she thought, the woman replied that it was a combination of two people, but she wasn’t sure who. “You a very attractive (handsome?) guy”. I feel like she might’ve thought that I was taking offense, (which of course I wasn’t), but I will always take a compliment. As for the rest of the night… ez pz. No problems were had, and I ended up helping Michele out by taking his final table so he could get cut at 9:30; I mean it was pretty dead by that point. Now that table only tipped 10% on a $300 which is shitty, but at the end of the day… fuck it, right? Once my tables were finished, I helped do some roll-ups before it was finally time to head home. I did my numbers, finding that I actually hit over $400 in cc tips, and a good $50 in cash, so I am NOT complaining. Heading home around 10:40, I grabbed my umbrella and my bag, pushing through the cold weather so I could catch the next 4 to Brooklyn.

I ended up chatting with Mags for a couple minutes until the train arrived, and soon enough I was on and making my way home; after arriving at Utica Ave., I called Mags so she could finish a story she was telling me, and we chatted all the way to the bodega, where I got a chicken and cheese, and then made my way home. Now we hung up, planning on playing League in 15, but as I stepped into my apartment, both Andrew and Julian’s lights were off, so I just headed into my room, hopped on League, and started chowing down on my dinner. Maggie, Devon, and I ended up playing quite a few games before they finally had to get off, and instead of me playing more games, I got off to relax and watch some videos; aka catching up on My Hero. Around 2:30 I heard Andrew moving about, and as I grabbed some water from the kitchen, he actually came out of the bathroom having just showered. We chatted for a couple minutes- he was actually up this early because he was shooting a film today, starting at 4:30 or something ridiculous; god no thank you. I brewed him some coffee since I was just standing around, and before long he headed out and I was left to my own devices; falling back into habit I opened up League and played a couple of games before getting off and writing this here blog post. Tomorrow it’s back to work at 3:30, and with it being 4:58 already I should definitely get off to sleep. Tomorrow’s a new day, right?

Until next time,


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