Day Off Pushing to Stay on Track, Along with Another Class to Bring Myself Back into Focus (2/4/2020)

Alright, I need to write this post and get to bed. Thankfully it’s earlier on in the night, but at the same time I told my scene partner that I’d meet up with her tomorrow around 12:30 or 1PM, so sleep is a must. ALSO I have to be at work at 2:30PM, which gives me very little time to play with. I mean it’s a possibility I wake up tomorrow and I don’t even end up meeting with Natalie, but just to be safe… Now getting into today, I had planned on immediately going to the gym, but as I got up I just wasn’t feeling full of enthusiasm to walk all the way there. As I lay in bed, mulling it over and honestly beating myself up about not being in shape enough yet- I mean I have maybe a month to be in better physical shape and I just don’t see that happening- Andrew called out to me. Now the exciting news is that he actually got this job he applied for, which is really really awesome for him. I know he’s been stressing about finding a job for a bit now, and especially after everything with Emma’s Torch… I’m really glad he found something at last; especially something that seems to work well with his schedule as an actor. The other bit of news was that they wanted him to come in today before 5PM to pick up a free ticket to see Frozen on Broadway; basically they had an extra ticket, and it’s a good way to get to know him a little better. Originally we had planned to have me come with him, and then on our way back we go grocery shopping, but I decided the better option would be to have me actually go to the gym, work out, and then meet up with him at Trader Joe’s after I had showered.

Once that was settled, I got dressed, grabbed my bag with my shorts packed, and the two of us headed off towards the Utica station; Once getting close, we parted ways as Andrew headed down into the subway and I turned left towards Blink. Hurrying up the stairs, I headed to the bathroom to pee and get changed before starting my workout just around 2PM. I started on the treadmill, going intermittently between 4 and 10, then 11, then 12 for 10 minutes, before cooling down to give myself a rest; Basically I’d go to 4 for about 30 seconds, before pushing through the higher speeds for a good minute. It’s a much more interesting and rigorous workout in my opinion, and I hope it does help improve my stamina in the long run. I won’t know if I even am running in the NYC Marathon for another 9 days or so, but even still. Even if I don’t get to run, I still want to get more fit; for me, you know? Next I moved onto some stretches, into some kettlebell exercises, then onto some dumbbells, moving onto a machine that I think worked my arms, and finally onto the leg raise. I think I might’ve pushed myself a bit too hard, but if I’m going to see results sooner rather than later, I need to push myself harder and harder, right? I want to feel more confident in my body, and get the proper definitions; building muscle and becoming stronger, more athletic. All in all, this workout actually took a good 40-50 minutes, with me heading out just before 3PM. Now since I was meeting Andrew, I wanted to just get home and shower, so I skipped Subway, hurrying back to my apartment to shower.

I did end up wasting some time, and by the time I began showering it was definitely closer to 4PM than I would’ve liked. Finishing getting ready, I packed my bags for things I’d need for class tonight, just in case it got quite late and I had to hurry right to class, and I headed on back to the Utica station. Since I hadn’t eaten all day, I did make a pit-stop at the Subway right next to the train station, getting a sandwich before catching the 4:14 4 towards Manhattan. I ended up getting off at Nevins St., texting Andrew so he knew I was close, and walked a couple of blocks to get to the Trader Joe’s. I had called Andrew twice, but with me not being able to reach him I walked on into the store, hoping to find him. Lucky for me he was actually almost right at the entrance to the store, so after saying hey we got to it, picking up what we needed. I mean we grabbed some veggies, meat, eggs, rice, milk, sauces, the whole shebang, you know? We also talked about what we were going to do for 3B for Valentine’s Day, but that’s for another day, you know? Andrew and I ended both ended up paying for about half of the groceries- $32 and $42 respectively- before walking on back towards the train. As we walked, me with one bag, Andrew with two, I started jokingly doing some reps as we got towards the train- might as well work out, right? After riding the 4 back to Utica, the two of us both ended up using our bags are weights, and so I got my second workout of the day in, no problem. Andrew was definitely feeling it as we got back to our building, all the way up to the fourth floor; he was carrying two bags after all. At least I could switch hands.

Back at home relaxing for a bit, the two of us ended up cracking open the final two bottles of Angry Orchard we had in the fridge, drinking and celebrating Andrew’s new job before I had to head out. As time got closer to 6PM, I made my way out, stopping by 3B just because they poked their head out, since they had Andrew’s package. They were making some food that was sent to them- jealous. Despite this, I hurried off to the train, catching the next 3 uptown to Penn station, making my way down to 29th and into the building; up the stairs and to the third floor, grabbing a seat and at last setting my things down. Before class began I made sure to hand one of the other actors a physical copy of the monologue I did for TAP NYC’s showcase- LOVE that monologue- and before long the class had begun. Now Natalie asked when we could meet up next and I initially said I couldn’t do tomorrow- I mean I have work at 2:30! But after seeing everyone go today, I knew I was just making excuses and was being lazy; I set it straight in my mind that I’d tell her I could meet earlier on tomorrow, no problem. Before too long the class began, and three scenes went. All very good, and it definitely made me even more excited and nervous to do my scene on Thursday; I don’t want to bring in something half-baked, and of course I’m nervous I’m going to do that again, just like I did last Thursday. Okay, I shouldn’t say half-baked, but not nearly as realized as I wanted it to be, you know? More than anything in the class, I just felt bad because Jayd was running a bit of a fever for most of class, and was not doing too hot; but alas, we persist and push forward!

As class ended right before 10, I headed out with Natalie, and the two of us planned to meet up between 12:30 and 1PM tomorrow, and then some time on Thursday before class, just making sure to get the scene on its feet, you know? I definitely am nowhere near as memorized as I want to be, but I’m going to work on it to be solid as hell by Thursday. Thankfully Jayd only wants us to to a third of the scene for class, since it’s so long, which makes me at least a BIT less stressed. I ended up walking with her to the A in Penn, since she normally doesn’t take the A from Penn? Anyways, I caught the downtown A, transferring to the 4 at Fulton and finally making my way home; I mean the 4 took about 15 minutes to get here, but at least I was on my way back, right? Getting back to my apartment just past 11PM, Julian and Andrew were both still up, but with both of them already having eaten, I just ended up making myself a burger, with the guidance of Andrew since I’ve never cooked a burger before, and I made the final two patties, splitting one with Andrew. We actually spent the rest of the night watching My Hero, Andrew now being completely hooked on the show; it’s so good! We ended up chatting about getting some My Hero artwork for our apartment, and then Andrew mentioned that he could have his friend do some commissioned artwork for us, with all of us as My Hero characters. “I mean I’m obviously Deku”, he goes. “Well… we’re all Deku here”, I replied. It’s definitely hard to do something like that, when all three of us relate to the main character so much, so I suggested we instead look to get all of us drawn in the style of My Hero, but we each have our own unique power. I think it’s a bit more interesting and unique, and there’s no fighting about who’s Midoriya. Andrew and I both even took a My Hero “quirk” quiz, and BOTH got One for All, which just solidified what I said previously. I ended the night honestly just watching a video or two on YouTube before sitting down and writing yesterday and of course, tonight’s blog posts; I’m tired of being behind, and am glad to now finally be all caught up! Tomorrow I may be meeting up with my scene partner, but after that I gotta be at work at 2:30! It’s the private event, and oh boy I have zero idea what it’s going to be like. Wish me luck….

Until next time,


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