“Wait, I’m TRAINING Someone?” (2/3/2020)

Okay, one of these days I’ll get back to writing posts on the day I lived them, but for now… here we are. Now getting into what happened yesterday, frankly it was just another day at work. I think the main thing that threw me was the fact that now my days at work are starting at 3:30 instead of 3PM, which means I had an extra half hour to do…. basically nothing. I mean my body’s used to leaving around 2:20, but nonetheless I enjoyed the extra time to relax before finally showering, getting ready, and heading out for work. I caught the 3:04 4 train towards Manhattan, arriving at work a couple of minutes early; clocking in on time and heading onto the floor at last. Now I was in section 3 today, so I spent the 30 minutes doing a bit of restocking- frankly there wasn’t much to restock it was pretty dead- before getting ready to go. Now as I was grabbing my things, I talked to some of the morning servers, who were taking issue with the new system in place. I mean for PM servers it doesn’t really affect us, right? We just head off to work a half hour later. The main issue is presented to the AM servers, who now have a staggered opening- three come in at 9:30, and three come in at 10:30. Now this is fine, with the 9:30 servers leaving at 4PM and the 10:30 servers leaving at 5, but when it’s this slow… normally someone would get cut pretty early; however since three servers are already getting cut at 4PM, the managers chose not to cut anyone which in my opinion makes zero sense. Mulling this over, I started heading over to Homebase to go on break when I passed by Michele who was chatting with Laura. Laura used to work at Eataly, but left about a month into me working, but now she’s back! As I stopped to say hi, Laura goes “I’m training with you today!” Wait… wHaT? I mean I guess I’ve worked here for almost eight months, but that’s nothing! I was absolutely baffled; I’ve never trained anyone before! I have zero idea what I’m doing.

Having quite a few thoughts shooting around my head, I still went on break, going to Pret and grabbing my usual food and relaxing for the 20 minutes I had; enjoying some peace before it was time to get busy. Heading back around 4:30, I took a quick bathroom break before heading to the 90’s for pre-shift; nothing crazy today, besides going over the three new wines we had on the floor, along with a pizza and pasta special. It was indeed confirmed that Laura was training with me today, which felt weird, but I guess none of the veterans were working tonight so they went with me, and after I dropped my bag off in a corner it was time to start the day. Now I say I “trained” Laura, but really it was just her getting comfortable with how the menu looks now, and especially the new layout of the restaurant. Since it was her first training shift and she hadn’t served in a couple months, I just had her shadow me as I chatted with tables, and throughout the night she focused on refilling waters for tables, which was a huge help. As for the day itself, I mean it definitely was steady for a bit, but nowhere near as crazy as it was in December, obviously. Mostly it was nice to chat with Laura and catch up; she’s a very nice person, and definitely a joy to be around at Eataly. At the end of it all, I actually got a free meal out of “training” her, so I’m definitely not complaining. As things started really slowing down, I ordered myself a Vesuvio and help put away and cover the wines; I would’ve helped with silverware but everyone in Stag had actually completed that side work already, (it was really slow for them tonight).

I headed out of Eataly just after 10PM, Vesuvio in hand, and made my way home at last. As I got to the Utica stop, I got off the 4 and walked back to my apartment, not needing to stop at the bodega because I of course had dinner with me, and quickly chowed down as I said hello to Andrew, sitting in our living room. After enjoying most of my dinner I hopped on League, ending up playing a couple games with Mags right up until about midnight; not too shabby if I do say so myself. A couple rough games to be sure, but we ended the night on a strong win, so I’ll take it. Around midnight I came back out into the living room where Andrew was playing Spyro I believe, because we were both looking to watch the My Hero Academia movie- Two Heroes. Now I hadn’t seen it before, and have just binged the show through because of course, but before starting the third season Andrew really wanted to watch the movie, since chronologically it takes place between the end of the second season and the beginning of the third season. All in all, definitely a fun movie; it’s always cool to see the protagonists in a very different situation, and getting to watch All Might fight a bit in his prime is really cool as well. With the movie ending, Andrew ended up heading right off to bed, but I decided to try and stay up for a bit longer; sure I should’ve just written some blog posts and gone to bed, but knowing me that did not happen at all. What I ended up doing was playing a decent amount of League, losing almost every game, and ending on kind of a sour note. I’m kind of debating pulling back on League quite a bit; it really seems to keep me up much later than I should be, and I’m working to change that part about myself, but we’ll see how well that goes. As for tomorrow, I may be off but I still want to hit the gym before I have class at 7PM, so I guess we’ll see how I’m feeling.

Until next time,


**Also my goodness it was GORGEOUS out today! I was definitely not expecting just how warm it’d be

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