Up and Moving REAL Early at Eataly; 4B and 3B Take On The Super Bowl (2/2/2020)

Wow look at us, back at it again, behind on blog posts! To be fair, I planned on writing this blog post last night, and then it was already 5AM so I said fuck it and am writing this post the next day; sleep is necessary. Now, jumping into what actually went down yesterday, let’s remember that despite me going to bed at almost 5AM, I still had to be up and at work at 9:30; so despite me wishing I could sleep in more, my body got me up around 8:30, meaning I didn’t have very long to shower and get ready before I had to head off for work. Now normally I wouldn’t be stressing too much about it, but as time closed in on 9AM, and I saw the next trains were 9:04 and 9:18, I had to act fast. Finishing up getting ready, I sprinted out the door, quickly saying goodbye to Frank and Andrew, who were also getting ready to head out, and hauled ass all the way to the subway station; I genuinely have no idea how in the hell I made it there before the train left, but I did, thank god. Finally getting on the 3 train, I at last closed my eyes and was on my way to Manhattan.

As we pulled into Park Place, I quickly made my way to Eataly, clocking in on time and walking onto the floor, trying to figure out what my side work was for the day. Finally seeing it was just service stations, I ended up helping out Brooks, who was on lowboys; since it seemed like he was the only one doing it. Honestly as I helped out, I had multiple people confused as to why in the world I was here in the morning. Putting that aside for the time being, I clocked out and headed on break, just going over to Pret, grabbing some egg and spinach dish, a yogurt cup, a banana, and a croissant, before heading back to Eataly to eat. I mean, I only had 30 minutes, and I knew that the morning crew usually hung out and ate together before pre-shift, so I figured I’d join in; I will say that even at this point in the day, I was fucking TIRED. Now as I sat down, chatting with some of the other servers, Nikky, who was the opening manager, was even confused why in the hell I was here- and she SCHEDULED me! I mean it is true that I never work mornings, but at the end of it all, I really didn’t care, so it’s fine. After pre-shift our day began, and I headed over to the pizza bar, where I was putting up shop for the day. Now I knew it was going to be slow- it’s Super Bowl Sunday- but hOly FUCK was it fucking DEAD at Eataly. I mean, my God, I maybe had 10 people at my bar all day! Since it was so damn slow, I did end up helping Chernin run lines, along with looking over my lines as I rolled silverware for a while. By 2:40 Nikky finally cut me, and by the time I put in my numbers and started heading out, it was already 3PM. Genuinely the entire shift I could not tell if I was hungover, or just EXTREMELY sleep deprived… maybe both.

Despite all of that, I caught the next 3 home- I mean I walked to catch the 4 but quickly realized that it wasn’t running this weekend- and before too long we were at Utica Ave, where I got off, grabbed some food from Subway, and headed home. Now Andrew had suggested we have a Super Bowl party, and I ended up being in charge of liquor; I planned on picking some up at some point, but I just needed to get some sleep first. I was fucking exhausted. Before I could nap though, I walked into the apartment to find Andrew and Julian watching some My Hero Academia, so of course I sat down and watched it with them. After a couple of episodes, the three of us actually decided to take naps, with me getting a good hour in before waking up around 6PM, feeling MUCH more awake than before. Now I did still have to grab liquor, but I asked Andrew to just pick some up for me, with me giving him money. He didn’t realize it was raining, and with the local liquor store closed today, Andrew just grabbed some cider and beer from the local bodega and we were good to go.

Caitlin from 3B came up to our apartment a little after the game started, and thanks to Andrew, we had a smorgasbord of food ready- aka pizza rolls, a bunch of chips, and plenty of dips. Danielle got back from work and came in right in time for the halftime show, and all of us just hung around, enjoying the good company and commercials. The game was fine as well, I guess. I will say that since Andrew was rooting for the Niners, I decided to make it interesting and root for the Chiefs, and they actually WON. I mean I got worried after they gave away two interceptions, but they literally scored 21 points in the last quarter of the game, which is just insane. With the game finally ending, the gatorade being poured down the coach’s back, the girls, already feeling quite tired, made their exit for the night, as Andrew and I cleaned up. Julian ended up passing out pretty quickly as well, since he had work the next day, while Andrew and I stayed up for a bit to watch some more My Hero. Finally around 1AM I decided it was time at last to put away all my laundry, which took a good hour or so, but I got it done. Then, after playing some League, I wrote the blog post from yesterday and fell asleep around 5AM. Here’s to another day living my life.

Until next time,


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