Celebrating a Great Friend’s Birthday; Talk About a Night! (2/1/2020)

So I’m writing this blog post, along with February 2nd’s blog post, on the same day, mostly because last night was… a lot; it was so much damn fun, but at the same time I was out until 4:30AM and had to be at work by 9:30, so… sleep was sort of necessary. Now going into the actual day, I mean the day actually started pretty relaxed; I woke up around 11 or 11:30 with Andrew making waffles and eggs. As I headed into the living room, Andrew made me an egg and waffle while we all just relaxed and watched My Hero Academia for a while; honestly it really felt like a typical chill Saturday, right? Sitting in pajamas, watching cartoons and enjoying some good breakfast? What else could I ask for. Now I was running absolutely empty when it came to clothes, so as we watched My Hero, I also started doing some laundry- I was washing all my clothes, along with towels. Since I only have two towels and one washcloth, I ended up washing all my towels with Andrew and Julian’s, just to make it easier; save money, you know? Now since there is only one washer and dryer in the building, it did take a good three hours or more to finally get it all done, but with patience we got it done. The only issue I ran into at the end was the fact that the towels were still damp when they came out of the dryer, but not wanting to spend any more time or money, I said fuck it and took them upstairs. Now in the middle of me doing all this laundry, I did come down to find someone else’s laundry sitting down in front of the door to the washer and dryer, but honestly I’m glad I didn’t wait for them, because they just… never showed up; I mean I’m sure they came back eventually to do their laundry, but I was not waiting any longer to get my stuff clean. It’s been TOO long.

Since our reservation wasn’t until 7:15 tonight, Andrew, Julian, and I decided to do a one word description of Star Wars, where we go in a circle just saying one word at a time, attempting to describe the plot of the movie; now both these two know Star Wars very well, especially Andrew; I… I do not. I mean of course I’ve seen all, almost all, of the movies, but it’s been so long since I’ve seen the original trilogy that I could not for the life of you describe everything that happened. I mean we still managed to do pretty well, despite me having zero idea what I was saying half the time, but as we started the second movie I figured it was time for me to actually shower and begin getting ready for tonight. One exciting thing that I forgot to mention by the way- my Stitch Fix came in for this month! I’m not sure how I feel about the shirt and sweatshirt they gave me, but the button-up, pants, and shoes were really great; in one foul swoop I already had my outfit for the night all picked out! As I got into the shower, our friend Frank, who was crashing on our couch tonight because he lives in Jersey, arrived, so while I was showering and washing up, the three of them were continuing the game. Finally I was washed up and dressed- lookin’ real stylish I think- and before too long the four of us finally headed out towards Manhattan. We walked over to the Utica Ave subway station, catching the 3 all the way to Penn Station, and I chatted with Frank along the way, catching up.

As we got to Penn, we ended up walking over to New Jersey Transit, where we met one of our friends Anthe, and the five of us made our way to Mad Dog & Beans Mexican Cantina; last time we were here was actually in 2018, and the place has this really cool Sangria or Margarita tower, which has 1000 mL of said drink- fucking delicious. As we got close, we actually ran into the birthday girl herself, Rachel, along with our friend Liz, and the seven of us at last made our way into the restaurant, walking all the way to the back to find our friends Cassidy and Amanda, along with one of Rach’s friends, Emma. We all sat down at chatted for a good while, with me starting the night with a frozen mango margarita. They brought out these two giant things of guac and chips- which I am going to have DREAMS about, I mean my mouth is watering that guac was so damn good- while Julian, already really hungry, ordered himself a burrito. Honestly it was just really nice to chat with everyone for a while, and enjoy the company; Julian did leave earlier on in the night, his social meter reaching his limit, so I told him to just Venmo me later and we’d be good. As for food, I ended up ordering some pulled pork tacos, which were definitely good, and a Sangria tower was ordered; no complaints here. I had about a glass and a half of Sangria, putting my total to 2.5, but with all the food we were eating I was only slightly buzzed. Actually it was 3 drinks by the end of it, because someone didn’t want their second glass of sangria, so Anthe and I split it,

When it finally came time to pay, Andrew spent a good 30 minutes working to divide everything up, before I just said fuck it and put down my card- “Everyone just Venmo me, make this easier”. Honestly I’m glad that I have that kind of money- even though barely- to do something like that, because yes please. I still need to start paying off my student loans, but that’s for another story. After finally figuring all of that out, the total with gratuity included hitting just over $500, we made our way out to the next location- karaoke next door. Now I promised Anthe, Rach, Liz, and Cassidy a shot, but as we walked in that bar just… really wasn’t our scene, so Emma took all of us to a tequila bar a bit of a walk away- we were doing a lot of walking tonight. Now it was raining a bit, but when I say “raining” I really mean like, lightly sprinkling, so I did not care one bit. Once we got down to the bar, I ordered the shots and the games continued. We chatted for a good while, but with the bar having its last call, I ended up getting another shot, and a rum and coke; putting me at six drinks. By this point it was already reaching past midnight, so the people in New Jersey- aka Anthe and Cassidy- needed to get on back home. Rach, Liz, and Emma wanted to keep the party going, so I told them I’d meet them wherever they went, AFTER I made sure the others got home safely.

Feeling nice and buzzed by this point- buzzed is a very loose term, I was drunk and feeling the night- I walked with Anthe, Cassidy, Frank, and Andrew, making sure our New Jersey friends got to Penn safely. I gave Cassidy a hug before she hurried off to her train, and after receiving a text from Liz and Rach that they were at the Igloo rooftop bar, I said my goodbyes to Anthe, Andrew, and Frank before walking to the bar. Now once I got there, after waiting in line for a little while, I got in only to find that they had a $40 drink minimum, where they charge you $40 and you get three drinks. I guess it’s to make sure people are spending money there? Who knows. After riding the elevator all the way up, I finally met up with the girls as the party continued. Honestly this was definitely not normally my scene- quite crowded with very loud music- but at this point in the night I just didn’t care. I grabbed myself a drink, ending up getting Rach and Liz both a second drink with my other two “drink cards” or whatever, and we all danced for a damn good while. I remember Emma leaving pretty early on, but Rach, Liz, and I stayed and danced for a good probably hour and a half or something. There was one part in the night, where I was getting Liz a drink with my coupon card thing, where I was dancing and one of the guys working shone a light on me, as a girl danced in front of me; really odd and I would usually be incredibly uncomfortable, but when you’re drunk you kind of just say fuck it and go along with it. I mean Liz and Rach said they were dying cracking up because of that shit, but I don’t care- I was having fun and that’s all that matters.

As the night started to slow down a bit, we headed to the actual outside part of the bar, where I took some pictures of the two of them before we finally made our way out of the bar and back to their hotel; I desperately needed to be home by this point, but not until Rach and Liz were back safe. They were staying in a hotel room pretty close to Penn, so we walked over to the building and I rode the elevator up, sitting in their bed chatting for a while before I finally had to head home; I mean the two of them were falling asleep as we talked, it was time. I finally made my way out and to Penn Station, catching the 3 train around 3:30 back to Brooklyn. I got off at the stop after Utica- because it’s closer apparently- and made it home at last around 4:30, brushing my teeth, washing my face, and immediately passing out. Normally this would be fine, but unfortunately I was working the next day at 9:30AM. Oh, did I not mention that? I decided to check Homebase while we were at the restaurant, just to make sure I was in fact working tomorrow, to find that I not working the dinner shift, and was in fact working the morning shift. Aka I had to be up at 8AM, which means I was getting a grand total of three whole hours of sleep. Fuck. Despite how awful I knew that would be, tonight was completely worth it; I love my friends~

Until next time,



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