Beginning at the Gym, and Following Through With Some Realizations with a Scene Partner (1/31/2020)

Okay, I definitely need some sleep; I am… exhausted to say the least. I mean it is 3:50AM already, and Andrew is planning on making breakfast at 11, so I am in desperate need of some sleep. I also need to do laundry, because I literally have NOTHING to wear, so that’s always fun. Now getting into what actually happened today, things started out with me waking up around 10:30, laying in bed for a couple of minutes before actually getting up, getting dressed, brushing my teeth, and leaving to make it to my personal training session at 11AM. Now I made it right around 11, but I of course needed to get changed to get things going, so by the time I was ready it was maybe 11:05 or so; I met up with my trainer and got to it, spending those 30 minutes working on a bit of legs, but mostly arms and abs today. I really hope he sends me some workouts soon, because I want to get better about using my time effectively when I’m at the gym by myself, you know? I mean as I’ve mentioned before, I really don’t workout all that much, but I’m trying to learn right? I want to get better at it, so maybe eventually I won’t need a personal trainer. I can go in and workout myself, and still get results. I mean at the end of it all, I have a good five weeks left to at least get more fit than I am now- I have zero idea what kind of results I’ll get, but I might as well try, right? Also that literally just reminded me to submit my name into the drawing to run in the NYC Marathon this November, and it is official; now will I actually be chosen to run? Who knows. What I do know is that I’m excited to at least have a chance to do it, you know? And if I do get in… oh boy things are gonna get exciting and intense real quick. But enough about that…


As the workout ended, with me not feeling as sore as I did last week, but definitely still a bit sore, I grabbed my things and headed on out, walking back to my apartment to find… well to find no one there. I’m not sure where Andrew was, but with Julian at work it was just me in the apartment. I relaxed for a little while before finally showering and actually getting ready for the day; I was meeting my scene partner Natalie at Rex Cafe at 2PM, and I was of course running a bit late. Now I did relax a bit too much in the shower, but I can’t help it- I love hot showers. Thankfully as I was drying off, Natalie texted me, saying that she was running a bit late, so I did at least have a bit of leeway. Hurrying off to catch the next 4, I made my way at last to Atlantic Barclays Center, before transferring to the Q and walking from 57th across a couple avenues before finally arriving at Rex. Stepping inside this cute little cafe, I found Natalie sitting at a table right in the corner- well let’s be honest, every table was basically at the corner, since there were only two real tables to sit at- right against the wall, and as I sat down we greeted each other and started talking about The American Plan, and our thoughts moving forward. Now after what Jayd said to me yesterday about taking things at face value, and what this scene actually represented, I started having way more fun with it. The more I looked at the scene, the more I began finding these little moments that I was excited to start playing with. There’s a lot to be done with this piece, and it’s not easy by any means- most of the scene is very subtextual- but I did make sure to actually take the time on the train ride up to Rex to go through and look at the points where Lili cuts through Nick’s bullshit, and he’s surprised about being caught in that lie. I mean Natalie and I ended up chatting for a good two hours or more, though part of it did end up being more about us learning about one another, and me rambling for a little while. I also got a sandwich and a cookie, since I hadn’t eaten anything today, and devoured it all; I was hungry!

We finally ended things around 4:30, maybe a touch later, heading over to Columbus Circle, where she was going uptown and I was headed of course, back to Brooklyn. We passed by these on the ground fundraisers, but thankfully none of them tried to stop us, most likely because we don’t look old enough- which is amAZing. Finally saying our goodbyes, I caught the next D all the way back to Atlantic Barclays, transferring to the 4 and finally getting back home around 5:30PM. Andrew was home by this point, and the two of us ended up chatting for a good while before Julian finally arrived home; Andrew made some pasta for dinner, Julian invited a friend over, and it was just a really nice, relaxed evening! I also found out that the TV mount that I bought only works for concrete and wood- not drywall- so that was a wonderful realization. The girls in 3B ended up asking for my razor, because they needed a trimmer for Margarita’s hair, so when I brought it down I ended up chatting with them for a while; they even gave me a brownie and some ice-cream! With Andrew and Julian finally making their ways down, the six of us all hung out for a good while, just watching old YouTube videos and chatting before it was finally time to call it quits; I also gave Caitlin and Margarita back massages, because why not, right? Finally going back to 4B, I chatted with Andrew and Julian for a bit before Julian passed out as Andrew and I watched an episode or two of My Hero Academia. I ended the night in my room, playing a couple games of League, and now I definitely need some sleep; like I said in the beginning, Andrew’s making breakfast and I want to be up for it! Also I have to get up and do laundry, because I have literally no clean clothes left- it’s bad.

Until next time,



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