A Nice and Busy Wednesday with Some Good News Leading into Tomorrow (1/29/2020)

You know, today was a solid day; nothing too crazy going on, but after getting some good news, I can’t help but get excited, looking at tomorrow. The biggest issue I had was that, even though I found a cover for my Tuesday shift, it seemed very unlikely I’d be able to find someone to cover my shift coming into tomorrow; Despite that, I tried to stay positive as I headed to work today. Now I woke up today around 1:15, but of course like I always do, I ended up lazing about in my bed until 1:50, before finally getting in the shower and actually getting ready for the day. I don’t like doing that, but for some reason I really just have a LOT of trouble getting out of bed when I wake up. I mean, when I’m up, I’m up and I’m moving, but before that… it feels like I don’t have any motivation to do anything but lie in bed all day, relaxing. By the time I was done showering, washing up, and getting dressed, the time was already 2:30, so I needed to rush out of the apartment in fear of missing the 2:41 4 to Manhattan- if I miss that train, I’m fucked. Hurrying out of the apartment, I started down the stairs, airpods in hand when I realized… they were Andrew’s. Mine were in my jacket pocket. Thankfully I was still heading down the stairs, so I turned around and hurried back up the stairs, dropped Andrew’s airpods off on the table, and hurried back out and towards the train. By the time I made it to the subway, I had just enough time to hurry onto the 4 and grab a seat before the train finally began moving.

Now normally while I’m on the train I just, listen to music with my eyes closes, but this morning I had gotten an email with a pdf of the play I’ll be doing a scene from, and just in case I got my shift covered, I wanted to have at least… read it, you know? I am a slow reader, which is a bit of an issue, but it at least gave me something to do on my way to work, which I’m not complaining about. Like I said in yesterday’s blog, the scene begins with me in swim trunks, so I definitely want to start hitting the gym more and more, so I can be in shape for the scene. I know it’s not really a necessity, but it’s more of a side goal I’m gonna set for myself, as I go through learning and developing the scene. Arriving at Fulton St. at 2:59, I hurried off the train, jogging down the sidewalk towards the World Trade Center, pushing through the door, up the stairs, and clocking in at 3:01; not too shabby. Heading onto the floor, I saw that I was actually in section 4 today, which meant for the next 30 minutes I just focused on restocking the lowboys- and when I say restocking lowboys, I mean doing what I could because being frank with you, they were all pretty full to begin with. Soon enough it was 3:27, so I headed on over to Homebase to clock out for my break… only problem is, I accidentally completely clocked out instead of just taking the 45 minute break- shit. I headed over and let Joe know before heading off on my break, grabbing some water in the break room before heading over to Pret. I grabbed a chicken and mozzarella sandwich, along with a cup of goodness and a cookie, before grabbing a seat and relaxing for the 20 minutes I had. You know I’ve been really meaning to contact Fed Loans, to update my payment plan when it comes to my loan. It just built up more and more in 2019, but I can’t let that happen anymore; I need to start paying it off. Now if someone wants to send me a good 30k so I can pay off my loans in their entirety, that would be greatly appreciated, but I digress.

I headed on back to Eataly, taking a quick pit-stop before… well not clocking in because I needed a manager’s pin, so I just let one of the managers know and headed over to pre-shift. Emily was back talking to us about one of our wine producers today; she mentioned that she’s begun running out of ideas on what to teach us, and so we ended up deciding next week we’re going to learn about WATER. (How exciting) After her little lesson, along with a quick pre-shift, we hit the floor and the day began. Now since there were only eight sections today, four was definitely one of the smaller ones- consisting of one large round table, a larger booth, and a couple two tops. Simple and easy. During the beginning of the shift, I chatted with Sergio, who said that he’d try and make sure that I went to the class if possible; whether it be through me finding a cover, or me getting cut early tomorrow if it was slow, so I could still make it on time for the class. Honestly him being so accommodating was really great, and it meant a lot to me. But I did tell him that I let the teacher know I might not be able to make the class, just so at the end of the day, if I needed to be at work tomorrow, I would be. With that settled, I headed back to my section, and around 6:30 we finally got our pop. My section went from having NO one, to every table getting filled at the same time- real fun. I was running around for a good while, but I had two large tables with some big tabs that stayed a while, and thankfully both tipped well so I was happy. Around 8:30 Claudia talked to me about being cut, and when I mentioned that I was looking for a cover tomorrow, she mentioned that another server, Fabiola, was looking to work tomorrow anyways, so I quickly headed over and asked Fab if she wanted to work my shift. Thankfully she said yes, and just like that I found my cover and was good to go tomorrow! God what a relief. I made sure to text Jayd and let him know I’d be at class, and he definitely seemed happy to hear that; I mean I know I am. Now I was originally supposed to be cut, but with my section getting a larger table right after 9, I gave it up and Liz, who was the section next to me, left instead; fine by me, I don’t mind making a bit more money. My main issue with my final large table- eight Indian businessmen… is that they didn’t tip that great. Now it seems, at least from what I’ve found as a server these past seven and a half months, is that there are just some groups of people who tip less. Like, Asians will more likely than not tip 15%, Indians will tip 10%, and Italians… fingers crossed they tip even 10%. I will say, I’ve found that people from African countries tend to leave 5%, which feels absolutely awful. Now I will preface this with the fact that not everyone’s the same, and of course I’ve gotten better tips from some people, and worse from others, but unfortunately this stereotype about Indians I’ve built as a server came true tonight. I mean it’d be one thing if I didn’t give them good service, but I literally recommended all the pizzas they got, the bottle of wine they drank, the dessert they ate- I made sure they had a good time, and they all definitely enjoyed the food. As they left, the guy who ended up paying said “Thank you for the recommendations”. Despite that, despite having the money to spend $360 on food, they somehow or another didn’t have the money to tip properly, leaving me $35. Now not the worst tip by any means, but when I should’ve gotten at least $60, or even $70… now $35 becomes a lot worse. Honestly I would’ve been much more annoyed if it had not been for Alexandria coming up to me and telling me about a story of guests she just had, who asked for pickles when their pasta arrived… because they wanted to put pickles on their pasta. Who in their RIGHT mind puts PICKLES on pasta?? I mean just the audacity of the situation broke my brain a bit.

By the time my final tables left and all the silverware was polished, it was past 10:30 and I wanted to be HOME. Putting in my numbers, I headed out around 10:45, texting Sergio since I couldn’t actually clock out, and called Mags as I headed to the train; she wasn’t feeling very well today, so I just wanted to check in on her, and see how she was fairing. The next 4 arrived at 10:52, and just like that I was on my way back to Brooklyn, arriving at Utica Ave around 11:20, and walking home through the cold- thank god I brought my gloves, it was FRIGID out- and getting into my building and up to my apartment around 11:30. Andrew and Julian had made tortellini for dinner, so once I got in I immediately heated some up for myself before sitting down with Andrew to watch an episode of My Hero; I love how hooked he is at this point. Julian headed to bed pretty quickly, but after Andrew finished the episode he had to make a phone call, so I just headed into my room to play League for the rest of the night. It’s now already 3AM, which would normally be much earlier than I’d normally be going to bed, but tomorrow I actually have a voice lesson at 12:30, so I need to leave the apartment by 11:30; honestly I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, from the voice lesson, to maybe going to the gym, to the second class I’m having that night; should be a lot of fun!

Until next time,


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