A Typical Busy Monday Night, with an Old Favorite Back in Action (1/27/2020)

To be honest with you, today really wasn’t too crazy of a day, which I guess is good after the stress I was facing with the whole “gotta edit every blog post” on Saturday. Even though the day is over, the main thing that’s still sticking in my head a bit is actually the important fact of- is someone actually covering my shift tomorrow. Rey offered to do a double tomorrow and cover my evening shift, but even though Sergio confirmed it at work today, I’m still a bit antsy about it, since it’s not showing up on Homebase. Now what actually went down today, I did want to mention that Andrew had to be up at like, 5AM today, because he was doing a stand-in gig, which meant that as I was going to bed, he was just getting up and moving for the day; brings back memories of when I was in Washington Heights, and Paul would get up and leave for work. Now by the time I woke up today, it was already 1:15, and I realized quite quickly that this was the first time in a while where I woke up and… no one was here. Julian was at work and Andrew was doing his acting gig, so it was quiet. Now this should’ve meant that I would actually get up out of my bed at a decent time, shower, and head off to work, but since it’s me, that of course didn’t happen. By the time I had showered, washed up, and got dressed, it was actually already 2:30, meaning that I had to run out of my apartment to catch the 2:41PM train to actually make it to work on time. I mean, missing the 2:33PM train is one thing, but if I missed this train? There was legitimately no way for me to make it to work on time. Thankfully- mostly because I ran of course- I made it onto the train with a couple of minutes to spare; now normally this would be the time when I would just close my eyes, play some music, and pass out… but unfortunately my airpods were still somewhere in Eataly, along with my jacket. Honestly, you don’t realize just how noisy the outside world is until you actually have to listen to it; I think my favorite conversation I overheard was this… I dunno, couple? having an argument, when the woman said “I cook for you, I do your feet!” Then the guy goes “I do your feet too!” Like, all offended or something. Now I know that they probably meant giving each other foot massages, which I don’t necessarily get but it’s whatever, but having them describe it that way, in an argument, was just fantastic.

I spent that time in the train riding to Manhattan just staring at my phone, the news still being completely consumed by the tragedy was the helicopter accident, killing Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gigi, and seven others. Honestly, I didn’t really pay attention to Kobe and his career, but this news is just so incredibly heartbreaking; having him and his daughter die, along with other mothers, fathers, children; having nine people taken away so suddenly… no words can express my sorrow for their families. All I can say, and this was said best when I watched Philip Defranco talk about it, is to just hold your loved ones close. You never know when they might be gone. Moving forward, I arrived at Fulton St. at 2:57, jogging across the street and into the World Trade Center; rushing up the escalators and clocking into Homebase right at 3PM. Heading onto the floor, I saw that I was in section 1 today, so I got to it restocking the wine we had on the floor. As I worked to restock all the whites, I looked at the reds to find an old favorite red of mine, now back in business- the Cabernet I Pirazzi. When I first started working at Eataly, this was the #1 wine I leaned on when someone asked what they should get. It is a Cabernet, so you get a nice dry pepperiness, but it’s much lighter than California Cabernets; Either way, it absolutely delighted me to see it back in stock here at Eataly. With everything stocked as best I could, it was time to head off for my break, so I clocked out and headed to the break room, just to grab some water. Now as I was stocking wines, Olesya told me that she thought I had been working at Eataly for a year now, so when I saw her in the break room, I decided to chat with her about it a bit; honestly I thought when she seemed surprised I’ve been at Eataly over seven months, it was more of a “didn’t you just get here?”, not a “you’ve definitely been here longer than that”, but I dunno, having her say that felt like a compliment. Nevertheless, it truly has already been just about 7.5 months since I started working at Eataly, which is absolutely crazy to me; I mean, these months have FLOWN by my goodness.

With tuna fish being the only option for lunch, I decided to make my way over to Pret, grabbing my usual meal taking a seat and relaxing for the time that I had; I couldn’t watch any videos because I still didn’t have my airpods, so I instead just browsed Twitter for the time that I had, before I needed to head on back to Eataly. After a quick pit-stop on my way back to the floor, I clocked in and headed over to pre-shift; nothing really to discuss today, besides the fact that we had an antipasti special- Carne Cruda… aka Beef Tartar aka raw beef. I am definitely not a fan, but with a contest being run for the week that we have this special, I figured I’d at least try and sell it. Now as I hit the floor, I ended up chatting with two people from Pace, and after mentioning that I was still missing my jacket, one of them actually ended up finding it in the manager’s office; thank GOD. Honestly throughout the night I actually had some Pace workers, asking me if I found my jacket, which was so kind of them. I mean the fact that a couple of them stayed behind to help me find my jacket on Saturday really warmed my heart, and to have them check back in? Wonderful people, the lot of ’em. With my jacket now finally back in my possession, I got down to it and focused on the day. To be frank with you though, it was a pretty slow day at Eataly; I mean, it was steady and I made decent money, but I never felt overwhelmed. I ended up selling five of the special, four of which coming from one table, go figure, but with the entry number to enter the competition being 10 today…. yeah that wasn’t happening. All in all, my guests had a good time, and the fact that I broke $400 in cc tips was a definite bonus. Around 9PM I had already closed out almost all my tables, so I got to it breaking down the wine and ice along with Fabiola, and after that was done I moved to silverware; polishing and by the end of it, rolling. I also mentioned to Sergio about getting Rey to cover my shift tomorrow, and with Sergio confirming it with Rey, I was good to go. I ended up getting out of work around 10:24, calling up Maggie- now that I had my airpods back-as I walked to the subway.

Catching the 10:31 4 downtown, I made it to Utica and over to my local bodega around 11PM, grabbing myself a burger and fries before heading home to enjoy my meal. Julian was already asleep by this point, and with Andrew heading into his room soon enough as well, I ended up spending a majority of the night just playing League; first with Mags and Devon, and then by myself. It’s already 4:32 in the morning, but with Rey presumably covering my PM shift tomorrow, the main thing I get to focus on is actually going to be the acting class, which finally begins! Man I’m excited. Stay tuned, because I have a feeling tomorrow is gonna be a lot of fun… I hope.

Until next time,



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