Back to the Grind with My Second Personal Training Session (1/26/2020)

Now we’re caught up; man oh man last night took a lot out of me. I mean sometimes I feel tired, but staying up until 6:30AM took a lot out of me. I planned on sleeping in until like, 2PM today, but of course my body wouldn’t allow that, and I ended up finding myself waking up at 1PM, hearing Julian and Andrew chatting. I laid in bed for a bit, seeing a text from my friend, having responded to my message last night, which I’m grateful for. I still feel awful about doing that to them, but all I can do is try and right my wrongs and move forward, having learned and grown from my mistakes. Finally getting up, I threw on some pants and a shirt, heading into Julian’s room to find him playing Kingdom Hearts 3; we chatted for a little bit before I headed back into my room, laying down and looking at my phone. Right as I debated taking a nap before my personal training session at 4PM, Andrew asked me if I could help him shoot a self-tape real quick, before Julian had a girl over. Getting back up, I headed over to Andrew’s room, where we quickly shot the self-tape a couple of times, finally getting a good take right before Julian had come back with the girl. Now as those two chatted and hung out, Andrew and I ended up continuing to watch My Hero Academia, binging through a good eight or nine episodes. Honestly I’m really happy Andrew’s enjoying My Hero; it has really great writing, and the story and characters are just absolutely fantastic. Before I knew it, the time was already reaching 3:45, so I grabbed my things and left Andrew to keep binging as I headed off towards the gym. I didn’t have too much time to get there, since my session started at 4, but thankfully I got to Blink right around 3:55, telling my trainer that I was just going to get changed real quick and I’d be out.

After using the bathroom and changing into some shorts in the men’s bathroom, I headed back onto the floor, meeting up with my trainer and getting started with the work-out for the day. I know it’s only a 30 minute session, but wow my body is feeling a bit sore after everything we did. I mean I feel like after the first session, I felt a bit more stretched out, but I wasn’t feeling sore by any means; today was a much different story. We focused on legs, upper arms/back, and core today, and let me tell you- I was definitely pushed today. I mean my trainer did give me more challenging workouts, but I also asked for extra weight when things were feeling a touch light, because I want to make progress. I know things won’t change overnight, that’s not how this works, but I want to start improving. I definitely need to improve my diet, but for now getting into a proper habit going to the gym is my top priority; everything else will follow as I get better at this. Honestly by the time we finished, I could really feel it, and that got me really pumped; like, I’m actually doing this! Me, Michael- I am ACTUALLY going to the gym. I mean I’ve literally gone to the gym more in the beginning of 2020 than I have in a good like, year and a half, almost two years. Thanking my trainer, we set up a session for this next Friday at 11AM, and I asked him to email me some sets I could do when I come to the gym on my own, so I’d know a bit more what to do.

With all that done, I headed out; making my way down the staircase and out of Blink, walking over to Subway and getting my usual meal, before hurrying home. It feels really weird, not having music playing in my ears, but hopefully I’ll be reunited with my jacket and headphones tomorrow, and I can begin listening to music once more. Finally making it back to my apartment, I sat down on the couch with Andrew, and ended up watching a couple more episodes of My Hero, finally finishing season 1. We did end up watching an episode, maybe two, of season 2, before his friend’s were supposed to arrive; see Andrew was throwing kind of a small, house-warming party, just with a couple of his friend’s from Grinch. They were supposed to be here at 5, but an hour passed and no one was here yet. Finally a bit after 6 the first guest arrived, and I decided to take a shower, just so I would look presentable when everyone was here; also I really wanted to take a shower after going to the gym. Finally all cleaned up, I headed on out to find Andrew and a girl he worked on Grinch with, chatting on the couch. After a brief introduction, we all sat back down and continued chatting, ordering some pizza for when the others got here. The other two people showed up a bit later, and soon enough the party was in full swing. We all chatted for a while, but ended up playing Jackbox.TV games as the night was in its climax. Here’s the thing I learned REAL quick- I am GARBAGE at those games; I mean I got some good laughs a couple of times, but for the most part? Nope. I’m just not good at that on the spot kind of humor. I mean I can be funny, but having a prompt and needing to come up with something on the spot? Can’t do it. I still had fun though, and we were all laughing quite a bit as the night continued; maybe a bit too loudly I should say, since 3B texted our group chat, asking us to keep it down- she was trying to get some sleep. Yikes. Finally, around like, 10:40, everyone made their exit, and I headed into my room to play some League with Maggie. We ended up playing for a good hour and a half to two hours, before she had to get off and go to sleep, and I’ve spent the last couple of hours playing ranked and… losing; which is fun. But anyways, I definitely need to get some sleep; it’s already 4:25 AM and I have work tomorrow.

Until next time,



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