Late Night Procrastinating When I Should Be Memorizing Monologues, After a Busy Day at Work (1/21/2020)

You know tomorrow, well technically today, I will be going to audition for an acting class at 4PM; an acting class recommended by a server at Eataly, Chernin, and something that I am genuinely excited for. The biggest thing is that I was informed when I received the email about the audition two days ago, that I needed to prepare two monologues. I decided pretty quickly that I would use my monologue from TAP NYC’s showcase, but the second one… well I knew which one I was gonna use, the issue is that I’ve never completely memorized it, so it’s nowhere NEAR as polished. And instead of memorizing it these past couple of hours, I’ve been dicking around, playing League and watching random YouTube videos. Honestly that’s an issue of mine, that I desperately need to break; when I know there’s something important that has to get done, I do everything I can to procrastinate and avoid doing said thing. It’s now 4:40AM, but I want to at least get this blog post written, because at least then I’ll have accomplished one thing today. Skipping over my faults and getting into what actually happened, today, it was a pretty normal day at Eataly. I got up and moving for work much later than I would have preferred, finally showering around 1:55, getting ready, and leaving for the train at 2:30 so I could catch the 2:41PM 4 going to Manhattan. The biggest change of the day was that I decided to actually not put bobby pins in my hair. I did make sure to bring my pomade with me, so I could reapply it right before heading to pre-shift, but after yesterday going well and my hair staying up the entire day, I decided to give it another shot.

Getting on the train, I sat down and and began scrolling through Twitter when I saw something trending- “‘Nobody likes him,’ Hillary Clinton shares her thoughts on Bernie Sanders in interview”. Oh goodie I can’t wait to read this. Basically in an interview, Hillary Clinton confirmed that she didn’t like Bernie I guess, thought he hadn’t gotten anything done when he was the Vermont Senator, yadah yadah yadah. I think the biggest thing I took away from reading through the thread was when the interviewer asked “If he gets the nomination, will you endorse and campaign for him?” to which Hillary’s response was “Let’s not go there yet”. Let’s make this INCREDIBLY clear- WHICHEVER Democrat gets nominated to go against Trump, everyone will need to rally behind them so we can beat this loon in office; the very fact that Hillary is not willing to immediately say that, if Bernie got the nomination, she would campaign for him, is incredibly telling. And yeah she backpedalled on Twitter, acting like the victim because she spoke how she really felt, and said that she would of course support Bernie if he got the nomination, but the interview says it all. Unfortunately Hillary, you need to accept the facts that you are as much to blame for the 2016 election as it was the American people. The fact that you are the embodiment of the establishment Democrats, the elitists, who did everything they could to make sure you got the Primary win over Bernie, rubbed so many progressives the wrong way, and kept them home instead of out and voting. You lost to Trump; don’t blame Bernie supporters, don’t blame Bernie. All you should be doing is taking some time for self reflection and retire in peace in Florida with all the other rich old white people; maybe mourn the loss of your good friend, Jeffrey Epstein, who by the way didnotkillhimself. Anyways, politics aside, that shit got my HEATED and it wasn’t even 3PM yet.

Once arriving at Fulton St., I rushed to get to work ontime, clocking into Homebase at 3PM on the dot and heading onto the floor to start the day. I was in section 6 today, with half of the restaurant actually being closed for a private event, and I got to it restocking the lowboys as best I could for those 30 minutes. At 3:28 I grabbed my things and headed on out, clocking out for my break and heading to Pret; I got their steak sandwich thing, along with a yogurt cup, a chocolate chip cookie, and a water, because I am a creature of comfort, and relaxed for the 20 minutes I had, enjoying the food and watching some videos on YouTube. At 4PM I headed on back to Eataly, using the bathroom, putting a bit more pomade in my hair, clocking in, and heading over to pre-shift, which was being held in the 490’s today. Nothing new to report, other than the fact that of course half the restaurant was in fact closed for a private event, and a reminder about the upcoming meeting on Friday at 8:30AM; wow I am going to fucking die then, it is going to be awful. With that done and out of the way, we headed onto the floor to relieve the morning crew, and so the day began at last. Now to be completely honest with you, a good portion of the beginning of the day was spent dicking around and relaxing, because of just how dead it was. I mean it did pick up around 6:30 or so, and kept a steady pace for a good hour and a half to two hours, but before I knew it it was already 9:30 and I needed to close out tables and start putting away wine on the floor. Before any of that though, I definitely needed to go over to Stag, which was where the party was, and pack myself away some of the leftovers. GOD I love private parties; it means free food for me aka my dinner for the night.

Now although I closed out all my tables before 10PM, we actually had a SHIT TON of silverware to roll, so the couple of us that were left- everyone working the private event had gone home and two servers were already cut earlier on in the night- ended up rolling all the silverware that was around, before I put in my numbers and headed home. Really side note that I forgot to mention- when I came in today, I reminded Sergio about the pizza class and we actually had the same reaction of just having the thought and going “…PIZZA CLASS”. His was when he had just woken up, mine was yesterday as I was writing my blog before going to bed; big yikes. Heading on home, I ended up arriving at Utica Ave. around 11:15, getting back to my apartment before 11:30, setting down my things, and relaxing for the rest of the night. Andrew was still up, so I offered him some of the bounty of food I had brought home, which he happily took part in; he particularly loved the truffle ravioli, which was definitely bomb as hell. ALSO- Emma’s Torch FINALLY got back to him, and he’s going to have an “observation” on Saturday! I assume that’s going to be his day of training before hitting the floor, but god I’m happy for him. I mean he had his interview last week, so I’m surprised it took them this long, but it’s okay; hopefully this means he finally has a job, and I know that’s definitely reassuring for him. I’ve spent the majority of the rest of my night playing League and watching YouTube videos, along with going over my two monologues. The monologue I did at the showcase I was a bit rusty on, but definitely have it down, the other one… not so much. Big yikes. I mean I’ll have it down and all, but damn… I hate not having it ready beforehand. I could have, if I wasn’t wasting the past couple hours, but here we are. Stay tuned, tomorrow should be a lot of fun!

Until next time,



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