Keeping Busy in Section 2 on a Monday; Man I Get Better About Asking for Help (1/20/2020)

I gotta be honest with you, even though today was definitely not an insanely busy day for most everyone else working, for me it was busy as all hell. I mean working section 2 today, dealing with the pizza class, and then getting table after table definitely took its toll on me. But let’s back up a minute and actually start from the beginning of the day, because that’s how we do it here. So the day started today around 11AM, going back to sleep, and waking back up around 1PM to my alarm. As I laid in bed checking my emails, I immediately noticed that I had received an email back from Jayd, the acting teacher that Chernin recommended, asking if I could come in to audition for the class this Wednesday, at either 11:30 or 4PM. Thankfully 4PM works better for him- and me of course- so now I have that to look forward to on my day off. The bigger thing would be that for the audition, I’d be going in with 1-2 monologues… crap. I mean I figured that would be the case, but I haven’t needed to find a monologue for a good while, so needing to find one after so long… gotta get on that; Well, I actually found one of the two, but I’ll get to that later on. Finally getting up to take my medicine around 1:35, I took my final antibiotic, finally feeling basically completely better, and heading towards the shower. By the time I had finished, it was already past 2PM, so I had to rush to finish up getting ready, and hurry out the apartment. Before I left, I chatted with Andrew for a couple minutes, who was looking to go searching for a job today, but it’s actually Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so that’s not really gonna work. I mean, I’M working, but let’s be hones- most places will not be open on a holiday; just restaurants.

Jogging to the train, I actually made it to the subway at 2:31, with the app saying that the 4 would be leaving at 2:33 as per usual. Unfortunately for me, today was not one of those days, and by the time I got down there, the train was long gone. I waited around for the next 4 to show up, and by 2:41 we were on our way and moving towards Manhattan. I got to Fulton St. around 2:57, jogging to Eataly and clocking in right on time, before heading to the floor to see what I’d be doing today. I was in section 2 today, so I headed over to Stag, threw on my work shirt, and got to it, restocking the whites. By the time I was done with all of that, it was actually already around 3:30, so I quickly grabbed my things and made my way to the only working iPad at the moment, clocking out for break and heading to Pret. One of the guys that knows me at this point came up to me to bring me water, after I had bought my food, and said “next time you come in, soda on me”. Really nice guy, but as I sat down I mean I realized… I don’t really need soda. I don’t drink it anymore, except with alcohol really, and I think that’s a good rule to follow. I’ve been chatting with Julian about it, since he’s been really trying to cut back on how much soda he drinks, and we decided on the rule that the only time he should drink soda is either with alcohol or if he’s watching a movie. Now for me that’s kind of been an unspoken rule for the most part; I break it occasionally of course, but I actually don’t crave sodas anymore. I mean in highschool and especially part of college, I used to drink sodas ALL the time- at least once a day- and when a family friend suggested that Maggie and I cut back and not drink sodas for an entire month, and see how we feel, I felt like it was this… impossible task. Give up sodas? How can I do that? Yet here I am, 23 years old, and I frankly drink sodas on very few occasions. I mean I’ll drink a mole cola every once and awhile, but for the most part I’ve managed to completely faze the fizzy sugar drinks out of my diet, and goddamn am I- and my skin- grateful for that. Genuinely looking back on photos of me in highschool and even the beginning of college, (before I properly washed my face; thanks Mags), I would break out SO much more than I do now. Don’t get me wrong, my neck and upper chest like to break out here and there, but overall my skin looks 1000x clearer and healthier than it did all those years ago.

Now after watching some YouTube videos until just past 4PM, I headed on back to Eataly, taking a quick bathroom break before heading on towards pre-shift. Now there really wasn’t much to go over today in terms of specials- we still just had the linguini special with scallops- but then Sergio mentioned having to move around bussers, because one called out and one was terminated. I looked around, didn’t see Josh, one of the busser I’ve gotten to know pretty well over these past months. Unfortunately it was confirmed quite quickly that he was the one that was terminated today, and even though I know it’s just business at the end of it all, plus he’s only a kid- he’s 19- it still sucks. I loved that kid, even though he could be a fucking idiot sometimes; it was sad to hear that he got fired over some dumb shit. Basically he arrived late, clocked in, then headed downstairs to change before coming up to work. It wasn’t his first offense, and it’s considered stealing from the company, because you’re on the clock and instead of working you’re getting changed. Apparently it happened yesterday, and today he was terminated, and that was that. No goodbyes, no nothing. He’s just gone and out of there. With this somber notion over our heads, we headed onto the floor and the day began. Now things started slow, with me chatting with Gina for a bit before actually needing to crack-down and actually begin focusing on my section. Now my section was actually a bit bigger than usual today, and though I didn’t think that would overwhelm me, when I got quadruple sat, and then had to deal with the pizza class going on, I started getting really behind. I’ve also fallen into the habit of writing little to nothing down, mostly because I’m getting much better at remembering orders, but this fucked me when I had this table of three ladies, talking me up about how I remembered their order, and what a good server I was… next thing I know 15 minutes had passed and they hadn’t gotten their food. Why? Oh because I didn’t put it in. I immediately went up and apologized, admitting my mistake and sending them over a grande piatto. They were actually quite kind, and ended up tipping pretty well, despite my fuck-ups. Oh also- as we were heading onto the floor, Brian, one of the servers, asked why I put bobby-pins in my hair. I explained the story of how, at Emma’s Torch, a Yelp review was left about me touching my hair, and ever since then I just keep it in to be safe. Another server, Will, came up and gave me shit for it, offering me some hair gel so I wouldn’t have the bobby pins in. I rolled my eyes, took them out, put a bit more gel in my hair, and moved on with my day. Fun fact, despite some initial worrying, it actually has stayed the entire day, thank goodness.

Anyways, after dealing with those ladies, Nicolette, one of the managers, kind of chewed me out for not asking for help sooner, and ended up helping me regain traction until I was stable again. The rest of the night was busy, but I was fine, with things slowing down around 9PM and Sergio cutting all but three servers on the floor. We got out of there around 10:30, with me hitting about $350 in cc tips, and $136 or something in cash. Solid night for me to say the least. I also realized that I never put in the gratuity for the pizza class, so I need to message Sergio tomorrow about that, so it can be remedied. I headed home, catching the next 4 back to Brooklyn, headphones in and jamming to music on my way back. I managed to get a seat after a couple stops, but there were these three people sitting across from me, being obnoxiously loud for how late it was; one was a lady probably around my age, with the other two being younger, probably in high school. As we got closer to Utica, I guess a man got fed up with them, because he gave them shit and called the lady a bitch? Not sure because I was listening to music for the most part, but they kept being super obnoxious. Then this lady’s baby daddy, with the kid- probably 5 or 6- sitting between them, says that if she doesn’t shut up he’s gonna smack her, and then proceeded to say how he was never going to ride the train with her again. It definitely seemed to quiet her quite a bit, but talking a bit lower in volume, she mentioned how the two kids next to her had school tomorrow or something? Not sure, but the little girl sitting between this woman and her baby daddy goes “I don’t got school tomorrow”. Like, so confidently and defiantly, I gotta say it was pretty charming. I guess kids can be cute… sometimes, but in my line of work I normally just see the worst of the worst.

I got off at the Utica stop, heading outside into the freezing cold- it was like 26 degrees out- and walked over to the bodega, getting myself a turkey and cheese and some chocolate dessert before heading back to the apartment. Andrew and Julian were already in their respective rooms, so after I gave a quiet hello, trying not to wake the, I assumed, sleeping Julian, I sat down at the table and ate my dinner, before heading into my room to play some League. Julian poked his head in right as I was sitting down, basically saying that Andrew was going to bed soon because he was going to an open call audition tomorrow and had to be up at 5AM, and then headed off to bed himself. I chatted with Andrew a little while later, but then went back to my room and have been playing some League for the rest of the night, to mixed success. It’s now 4:22 in the morning, and I definitely need to get some sleep sooner rather than later. As I mentioned in the beginning, I did find at least one of the monologues I want to use, and it’s actually the “WIll you Go to Friendly’s With Me” monologue I did at the TAPNYC showcase which landed me my Agent. To be completely honest with you, it’s been almost a year since I’ve pulled out that monologue, but it’s really such a great monologue for me, so I’m just gonna run that and maybe something a bit more serious before Wednesday. Here’s to tomorrow, whatever it may bring.

Until next time,


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