Taking a Real Step Forward Beginning My First Day of Personal Training (1/19/2020)

Today was finally the day; the day I finally began my first personal training session. Honestly I’ve already mentioned it here, but getting in shape has been something I’ve thought about for a good while now, but honestly I’ve never felt the motivation or confidence to really put my all into it; going to the gym multiple times a week, properly getting into shape. My senior year of college I tried it out for a semester, thanks to a class I was taking, but I really didn’t know what I was doing at all, so I didn’t manage to accomplish all too much. That’s why, when I found out about Blink’s personal training program, I figured I might as well give it a shot. Honestly I think something that actually got me amped about it was the fact that they’d give me a free training session, just for joining the gym. So when I actually went to the Blink gym near my apartment last Wednesday, and made sure to set up the appointment for this Sunday, I was excited, you know? Having someone who actually knows what they’re doing, helping me out so I get in a proper workout? I mean that’s amazing. Now the first available session wasn’t until 4PM, so coming into today I really didn’t have much to do before then. Before Andrew and Julian went to bed last night we all decided to have breakfast today, with Julian making pancakes, so I was actually awoken today just before noon today to Julian announcing that the pancakes were made and ready. I sat on my phone for a couple of minutes before Julian gave me shit- “The pancakes are gonna be cold”- so I got my lazy ass up and headed on into the living room. Julian had all of our plates prepared, so I put some butter on the pancakes, cut them up, poured on some syrup, and dug in. Now I was checking my phone, but unsurprisingly the girl who I had matched with on OkCupid had seemingly ghosted me; it’s now 3:23AM and still nothing, so yeah- ghosted. Honestly? Don’t really care. She and I didn’t really vibe, and the conversation was only meh, so it’s no skin off my back.

After the three of us had finished our pancakes, Julian and I ended up deciding to take naps, and I passed out for a good hour or so; waking up around 2:30 and lying in bed for a while. Around 3:20 I finally through on some pants and a shirt, putting my shorts in my backpack and heading off to the gym. Now when I got there it was still a couple of minutes before 4, so I headed into the bathroom and got changed before heading back to the lobby to meet up with the instructor. Now he was this, awkward white guy, but despite this he seemed like he knew what he was doing, so I didn’t really care. He asked at the start what my goals were, and how likely I was to stay with this out of 10- “to get fit; and probably a 6 or a 7”. After that, we headed to some equipment where we began working out. Honestly, I don’t remember a ton of the workout, but for 30 minutes I definitely got a good amount of different areas working. We did some push-ups, wall sits, crunches, lifted some weights, some squats; there was even an exercise where I was on one of those workout balls and lifted weights above my head. All in all, I ended the session not completely worn out, but my arms were shaking a bit. I even ended up paying for four more lessons, with the next session happening next Sunday at the same time. Honestly, I had a good time today; I was a bit nervous coming into it, because of course I am- it’s something different and scary. But I see the image of who I can become in my head; someone toned and fit who actually has muscles, and that’s exciting to me, you know? I’ve always been this tall lanky kid, and no matter what I am going to be tall and lean- that’s not going to change- but the idea of putting in the effort and having proper muscles? Now that’s an image I can work towards. Also I’ve been thinking about it as the day’s gone on today, and honestly I really like the idea of, once I start getting into the routine of going to the gym three times a week, I actually start switching it up; still go to my personal training session, but also once a week I take a dance class, or a boxing class. Something different to keep it all fresh. I really want to look back on this year and be proud of what I’ve managed to accomplish. Starting from where I am now, and building up and up and up.

Now as I left, I decided to just… not change back into my pants, so I headed home in shorts and a t-shirt, beginning to jog because FUCK was it cold out today. As I reached my apartment’s block, I actually saw Andrew and Julian, and ran up behind them to say hey. They were both a bit surprised, but we continued forward, walking to the building; Julian with a chicken sandwich in hand as a very late lunch. Walking into the apartment, we actually ended up putting on the Mandalorian, episode 2, and spent the rest of the day just binging all of the episodes in the season. God DAMN that was a fantastic show. The story itself was so much fun, but just… the costume design, the shots themselves… gorgeous! Now when we had reached episode eight, ready to watch it, Julian something he needed to attend to, so we held off on starting the episode for a little while. Oh, while we were watching the show, I helped Andrew make some pasta, which ended up being my dinner tonight; we have a TON of leftovers, too, because it was a LOT of pasta. During that time Julian was occupied, Andrew and I ended up playing the Wiki race game, where you choose two random words, you begin at the first word’s wiki page, and then you proceed to find your way all the way to the second word’s wiki page, only using keywords in the wiki pages. Andrew kicked my ASS, beating me every single time, but despite that… goddamn if it wasn’t fun. Finally coming out of his room, Julian joined us at last, and we watched the final episode of the Mandalorian, finishing the season for us. With that done, and the time already reaching 11PM, Julian headed off to bed, and I headed into my room to play some League with Maggie. We haven’t played in a good while, and it was a lot of fun, honestly. Eddie ended up getting on and joining us for the final couple of games, with us finally ending on a win and getting off to end the night. With League closes, I made sure to take the trash and recycling out, and am now, at last, writing this blog post. It’s actually not even 4AM yet, but I dumped all my clean clothes on my bed earlier today and I really need to get that all folded. Also! Chernin gave me a call today, telling me that the acting teacher emailed her back, and she told me to reach out to him, in order to set up an audition. Apparently classes start like… next week, so yeah- fuck! If I audition for him, it seems like I’m gonna need a monologue, so I’m gonna have to go searching for one I guess. For now, I gotta fold these clothes and get to bed; here’s hoping my arms aren’t too sore tomorrow!

Until next time,



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