There’s Nothing Like Coming Home from Work and Having Dinner and a Show with the Boys (1/17/2020)

Today honestly ended better than I really could’ve hoped for, to be honest with you. Coming home after a long day at work, to spend some quality time with my roommates and finish season 1 of High School Musical the Musical the Series? I mean… not the best show, but absolutely some of the best company around. Now the day itself started in a bit of a rush; I mean, I woke up earlier on in the day, hearing Andrew and Julian in the living room, being a bit confused because Julian should be at work, but decided not to think about it and passed back out. When I came to- around 1PM- I laid in bed for a good while before getting up and heading to the living room to take my antibiotics and to see what was going on. Turns out Julian got sick, probably from me, and was working from home today- sorry Julian!- and Andrew was just chilling today as well; now I wish I could’ve just hung out with them for the day and relaxed, but unfortunately I had to get to work- fun fun fun. Quickly showering around 1:50, I really didn’t have much time to spare, getting ready and running out of the apartment at 1:25; I really had to get bundled up today, with my heavy jacket and gloves, because goddamn was it cold outside. I mean like last week it was in the 60’s, and today the high was maybe 35, probably less.

After running to the subway, I hurried onto the 4 and soon enough I was on my way to Manhattan. Taking a quick power nap, we arrived at Fulton St. and before long I was in Eataly, clocking in and heading onto the floor. Now today I was in section 1- pasta bar, greaaaat- so I focused on wine and ice, mostly worrying about all of the whites, while Jay and Campillo worked on the reds and ice; simple and easy. As we finished everything up, I headed over to where everyone was rolling and put away some of the rollups before I definitely had to head on break. Now for some reason or another, yesterday and today a lot of the iPads that we clock in and out with have been down, so I like, wandered around for a minute or two before FINALLY finding the one that works, clocking out for break, and heading to Pret. I got my usual meal today, and one of the ladies who always works there said “and the cookie?” to which I responded… of course! Honestly she was really nice and gave me an extra cookie on the house, which made me smile. I spent the next twenty minutes really doing nothing all that important, before heading on back to Eataly, taking a quick pit-stop, and heading over to pre-shift. After a bit more wandering, I learned pre-shift was gonna be in 491, so I headed over and things got started; nothing crazy going on today, but we did have a new pasta special, which was a seafood linguini with U20 scallops- U20 scallops are like, much bigger than normal scallops. We tried a test run of it yesterday, and even though there was a bit more of a garnish and the sauce was a bit different, it still was quite tasty. Nicolette decided to have a competition for them, and so it was on; and when I say it was on, I mean I was going to try my best, but working in section 1 meant that I was not really going to have too many opportunities to sell the special.

Now as for the shift itself, I mean it was pretty slow for most of the night. It did pick up at one point, and I did end up selling four of the special, but after talking smack with Chernin, she ended up pulling ahead and selling five; I almost sold a fifth, but two ladies kind of pulled the rug out from under me. Whatever it’s fine I’m not bitter or anything don’t @ me. Genuinely though I love those competitions because it keeps me focused and it gives me another reason to have fun at work; I mean for the past week, because it’s been so slow I’ve felt like I’ve had less motivation, but I am a competitive motherfucker, so challenges like this really give me a strong drive to give it all I got. Now the night ended for us just after 10:30, with me making half decent cash ($80), but unsurprisingly under $200 in cc tips. I was gonna catch the 3, but with that not arriving for a good 10+ minutes I just ended up catching the next C and taking that to Brooklyn. Now before I left, I made sure to pick up some patties for the burger me and the boys were gonna have tonight; we had discussed it yesterday and before I left today, and honestly I was stoked to be able to eat some burgers and hang out for a bit tonight. More than anything I was just grateful Andrew and Julian were willing to wait up to eat dinner when I got home.

Getting off at Ralph St., I quickly walked home, burgers in hand, and finally made it back into my apartment just before 11:30. As I stepped into the apartment, my glasses immediately fogged up, right as Andrew said “just in time!” They had just finished making the mac ‘n’ cheese, and handing off the patties to Andrew, he got to it making the burgers. However, we realized quite quickly that, well… we didn’t have burger buns. Sighing, I headed back out to the bodega, and talking with Andrew, I ended up picking up buns, cheese, lettuce, and a tomato, so we could have PROPER burgers; honestly thank god I went, because Andrew was planning on just using potato bread, and I was not having that. When I got back, I started chopping up the tomato and lettuce, prepping it all to be used as toppings, and soon enough, as the timer went off from the microwave, having just cooked the green beans, we were in business. The three of us grabbed ourselves a plate, poured the last of the rum- mixing it with coke of course- and sat down to finish the final three episodes of High School Musical the Musical the Series. Now listen- it is not a very good show. The writing is… rough at points, and the last three or four episodes feel like the shifted into quite a different direction, and fell from a realistic high school theater- cringy but relatable- to more of just a musical; I dunno, it just felt like something didn’t work, you know? What I will say is that the acting, especially by the kids- who by the way, are all between 16 and 21- was really solid. The final moments in the last episode between Ricky and Nini got me invested as hell, and I definitely felt that shit. It also made me really miss being in love, and having that person; ugh being single sucks. Also it got pointed out hanging out with the girls last night that Valentine’s Day is approaching REALLY fast, and I am definitely going to be single; actually single for the first time on Valentine’s Day in like, three years, so that’s fun. Real fun…

Now I’m not sure if I’m gonna watch the second season when it comes out, but I’ll at least check out the first episode, because I’m at least sort of invested in these characters at this point. My biggest question- when did Big Red learn to tap dance?? Anyways, the show ended, Julian headed off to bed, and Andrew spent a little bit cleaning up before I headed off into my room to play some League. It’s now 4:55AM, because of course it is, and tomorrow… well tomorrow I actually have training, which I am not looking forward to. God that’s gonna suck. It also means that I’m probably gonna work section 1 or 5, because I’m gonna need to be given a break, but I guess we’ll see. Also! I forgot to mention at the beginning but Chernin texted me this morning, telling me that she had emailed her acting teacher, so it’s a possibility I’ll be starting up acting classes in two weeks! God I can’t wait.

Until next time,



**I mean just LOOK at this meal- Delicious~

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