Still A Bit Sick, But That Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Work (1/14/2020)

You know, I really wish whatever I had would go away at this point; like I’ve been sick for nearly two weeks now, and I just want it to go away. I can’t sing all that well, I’m dry coughing. Just… kill me. I left early from work yesterday- well got cut first- to pick up some antibiotics, so at least now I’m properly fighting whatever I have, but it ain’t gone yet. No matter what’s going on with me, I am absolutely not calling out of work, especially not for a measly dry cough and a bit of a sore throat; However that meant it was business as usual at Eataly coming into today. To be honest with you, the biggest thing I was curious about going into work today was what in the actual fuck happened after I left; because it really seemed like shit hit the fan RIGHT when I got cut. Now the day actually started MUCH earlier than I would’ve wanted, with me being RUDELY awoken at 9:30 in the morning by some fucking jackhammers right outside my window. Like literally it was so fucking loud, and all I was trying to do was fall back asleep. Instead I was forced to stay awake for a good 30 minutes until the noise calmed enough or my brain managed to tune it all out and I fell back asleep. I woke up again around 1PM, feeling a bit more rested, and relaxed in bed until I actually had to get up and shower for work. I mainly got up because I needed to take my antibiotics, but by the time 1:50 hit I was in the shower and getting ready.

After finishing up washing up and getting dressed, I hurried off, jogging most of the way to the train because I was of course running late. Thankfully today I managed to catch the 4 at 2:33 before it left, and so I was on my way to work on time; thank god. I quick 20 minutes later and I had arrived at Fulton St., hurrying through across the avenue as the rain lightly began falling around me, up the escalators, and into Eataly; clocking in at 2:55 I headed onto the floor and started my day. The first thing I noticed coming onto the floor was the fact that I was once again in section 3. Now to be honest with you, I really don’t mind section 3 because it is literally right in front of the host(ess) stand, so I stay busier all night, but damn; guess that’s my spot now. Putting that aside I got to starting on the wine, stocking what I could before going over to Nicolette and asking her to fill me in on what exactly happened yesterday. She gave me a brief explanation, but told me that we’d go into more detail about what went down in pre-shift, so I let it rest for the time being. The biggest thing she said was that shit definitely hit the fan and it got pretty damn busy right after I left yesterday- rip. After putting away some rollups, I clocked out, grabbed a bit of water from the break room, and headed off to Pret to get my usual meal. Today I went with the steak sandwich that I’ve gotten a couple of times now, definitely a good addition, along with a yogurt cup thing, and a cookie, and grabbed a seat; relaxing for the 20 minutes I had before I needed to head on back to work.

I left at my usual time, and after a quick pit-stop I clocked in and headed over for pre-shift. Today we ended up having it at 491, and let me tell you, yesterday was wild. So the first thing was the pizza- so apparently it was a delivery, and the person got the wrong order; whether the runner gave him the wrong pizza, the delivery person asked for the wrong pizza, no one knows. What we do know is that the woman called from the hospital, having eaten gluten with a gluten allergy. The bigger dilemma was the man who ate pork. Now what I thought had happened yesterday was that a man with a pork allergy ate pork and was sick in the bathroom. What had actually happened was that a 50 year old muslim man, whose religion prohibits the consumption of pork and alcohol, ate pork for the first time in his life, breaking the customs of a religion he held so dear. Honestly I didn’t think about it too much at first, but when one of the other servers pointed out the fact that he had gone his entire life not eating pork, and it’s our fault that he consumed that meat… Jesus. Apparently when he ate the meat and learned it was pork, he threatened to call the cops, sue Eataly… it was a HUGE fucking issue. Now I know who the server was, but I’m not going to call them out, nor I guess I’ll reveal their gender; probably the smartest move. But what we do know is that one of the other people that was eating at the table actually work for Eataly Flatiron, and told the server that there was a pork and wine allergy. The server assumed that the allergy was only for him and not the entire table, so when the other gentleman ordered our Bucatini, which has pork in it, the server thought nothing of it. This is the EXACT reason why, whenever someone orders Bucatini, I always, ALWAYS say “There’s pork in here, is that alright?” God that’s horrifying. Honestly I’m a bit surprised that the server only got a final warning, and wasn’t immediately let go, but here we are.

With all of this in mind, we headed onto the floor and my day officially started. Now things started off pretty slow, but around 7PM all of a sudden we got a really solid rush and my section just… completely filled up. Frankly if it wasn’t for Kat taking one of my tables, I would’ve been in much worse shape. Also, earlier in the night Olesya and I talked with Arturo about the training we’re gonna go through, so that’ll be… interesting. I’ll talk more about it after I go through it on Saturday, but oh boy. What I will say is that I mentioned it to Joe, and he told me I was the first name he wrote down; whether he was joking or not, I’m not sure, but I guess if he wasn’t that’s a compliment; Cool. I mean listen, Imma work the event, but I will bitch about how much of a pain it’s gonna be coming up to the event. But like I said, it got pretty busy for a while so I can only tell you that I just focused and worked to take care of all my tables, but what I can tell you is that towards the end of the night, I walk up to check on one of my tables, an older pair- man and woman- right as the man goes “has an orgasm. (Notices me) Sorry”. What??? After talking with Olesya about it for a brief moment, my curiosity got the best of me, so I went back over to the couple and very politely ask what they were talking about. Now they couldn’t really recall, which means it was a very organic conversation, but then the guy goes “Everyone deserves a good orgasm; we’re really good friends. We just had great sex a couple of hours ago”. OH. OkAY. I played it off cool, but wowzers okay I see you two. Good for you honestly, no judgement from me. The night ended with me rolling only a bit of silverware, and actually managing to leave by 10:30. It was also the last night of one of the servers, Chris, who I definitely looked up to a lot when I first started working here. The guy was always nice to me when I first started at Eataly, and helped me out whenever I was having trouble, which definitely meant a lot. He’s now trying to follow his passion in animation and that area, and I really respect that a lot to be honest with you.

Catching the next 4 to Brooklyn, I made it to Utica Ave, and over to the bodega just after 11PM, getting a turkey and cheese after learning the grill was off for the night, before heading back to my apartment. Julian had one of his friends from BMI and the guys girlfriend over to hang out, so that was a fun time. We all ended up just chatting for a good while, partly how Ben Platt looks simultaneously 20 and 35, before the couple had to head home for the night. Andrew, Julian, and I ended up chatting for a while longer, before we had Andrew try and start watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, then just Fullmetal Alchemist, before saying fuck it and showing him My Hero Academia. That one hooked him and we watched two more episodes before calling it a night. It’s now 5:10 in the morning, which is much later than I would’ve preferred to be writing this, but League hooked me in for a while. Tomorrow I’m off, but I may wake up around 11AM for pancakes, and then go to the gym? Who knows. Andrew does have his interview with Emma’s Torch at 1:30 though, and Julian is going to be working from home for the first time, so exciting day all around. For now, I gotta sleep.

Until next time,



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