Leaving Work Early to Finally Get Some Much Needed Medicine; Can I Just… Stop Being Sick? Thanks (1/13/2020)

Damn, you know I thought I’d start writing these blog posts a bit earlier in the night, because sleep is important I guess, but here we are, the time hitting 4:04AM, and I’m just now getting around to writing this blog post; at least I’m not writing this the next day… Now as for the day itself, it’s been a pretty relaxing day surprisingly enough. I woke up earlier on in the morning to Julian and Andrew talking- it sounded like Julian had been running late to work- but I quickly fell back asleep, waking up once more around 1PM. I laid in bed for a good while, ending up playing some more Pokemon before noticing that it was already 1:45 and I REALLY needed to shower. After getting dressed, I grabbed my things and got prepped to head out, before having a quick conversation with Andrew. I asked him to keep an eye out in case my packages ever arrived, and then left the apartment in a hurry; I knew I wasn’t catching the 2:33 4 to Manhattan today unfortunately, it was already way too late for that, but hopefully I’d at least be able to make it to the 4 at 2:41. By the time I got to the train station, it was already 2:38, so I grabbed a seat in one of the cars and called up the doctor’s office, curious about why I had another appointment scheduled for tomorrow at 11:20AM. (I never scheduled it) The receptionist on the phone couldn’t really find a reason why the appointment was scheduled, so she just cancelled the appointment for me, and that was that. Now I was worried that the call would be cut off, since the 4 was supposed to leave at 2:41, but with it actually leaving at around 2:43 or 2:45, I was good to go. With the call that is, I was DEFINITELY going to be late to work today. To make matters worse, the train ran slower than normal, and even paused between stations for a good couple of minutes, so by the time I made it to Fulton St. it was already 3:09; thankfully I had the foresight to text Sergio and let him know I was running late to work, but I still hate not arriving on time; doesn’t look good. Once I got off the train, I sprinted to Eataly, actually managing to clock in at 3:11, heading onto the floor, putting on my work shirt, and getting started on my side-work. Today I was in section 3, which meant I was on wine and ice duty; I went around stocking a couple whites in Stag and the middle section, but with Gia worrying about the reds, and Olesya working on the wine at the other end, I figured I should just go and do ice. By the time I had topped all the wine buckets off with ice, it was already nearing 3:30, so I grabbed my things, clocked out, and headed over to the break room.

I had assumed, coming into today, that it was tuna fish Monday, but nevertheless I poked my head in, just to at least get some water. After drinking about half a cup of some H2O, I made my exit and headed towards Pret, grabbing a chicken and mozz. sandwich, along with a cup of goodness and a chocolate chip cookie. I enjoyed my quick meal and relaxed for a good 20 minutes before heading back to Eataly, taking a quick bathroom break, clocking back in, and heading over to pre-shift; the usual routine. Now one of the things Nicolette talked about in pre-shift today was the training that would be taking place once a week for a couple servers, to teach them how to do proper fine dining service, since there was going to be a private event on February 6th. When we were told this yesterday, but immediate response was “I don’t want to do this”, however I come to find out today that I of course am going to be one of the poor schmucks working this event. Great. I can’t wait to train for a good hour once a week about how to properly serve rich snobs. Gonna be a blast! Putting that aside, there really wasn’t much else to go over, so we hit the floor pretty quickly. Before heading over to my section, I asked Nicolette if I could be the first cut tonight, mostly because I wanted to go to my pharmacy and actually pick up some antibiotics- I could feel my voice vanishing the more I talked. I also quickly chatted with HR, and they told me to reach out to Benefits and maybe get a temporary insurance card, since mine is expired. Now today I was taking over for Gina, who was actually going to be eating at La Pizza La Pasta right after her shift, since she was going to see a Raiders hockey game at 7PM, and it didn’t make any sense to go to Madison Square Garden and spend obnoxious amounts of money on shitty food. I told her just to sit in my section, and we chatted for a bit as I took care of a small number of tables. At 6:20, as Gina was leaving for the game- after I took some pictures of her in her jersey for her- I actually got cut, which was really great news. I closed out one or two of my tables before handing them off to Olesya, grabbing my things, and heading out. Now as I was heading out, shit seemed to hit the fan because apparently a guy who was allergic to pork had eaten some pork and was now sick in the bathroom, and then as I was putting in my numbers I overheard that a woman with a gluten allergy was given the wrong pizza, and so had a pizza with gluten. Jesus Christ.

Either way I was cut, so I clocked out and made my way to the train station, calling Maggie as I waited, just to fill her in. After riding the packed 4 back to Utica, I got off and made my way home, trying to figure out how to get a temporary insurance card. After a couple of minutes of trying to figure it out, I gave up and headed over to Walgreens, picking up my prescription and paying $66.17, before heading back home. Thankfully, though that was of course expensive, Eataly’s gonna reimburse me, so we good. When I got back inside, I took one of the pills, played  two games of League, and headed back out to get some dinner. It was only 10PM, so I figured I’d go by the Subway-which says it closes at 11PM- to grab a sandwich. However when I got there, the door was locked and they were cleaning up inside, so I guess… they closed an hour early? Whatever. With that option off the table I just headed on over to the bodega, grabbing a turkey and cheese along with some cookies, and brought my dinner back to my apartment. By the time I got back inside Julian was actually home, so the two of us chatted for a little while until Andrew got home, and the three of us just hung out for a bit, talking about the Oscar nominations. Julian eventually went to bed, after some pushing from Andrew and me, and around 1AM I headed into my room to play some more League; Lost a couple games, two of which being with Eddie, but it is what it is. Tomorrow I head back to work, and hopefully I’ll be feeling a bit better. For now, I have to wash up and get some sleep.

Until next time,


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