Just Because We Close Early Doesn’t Mean It’s Gonna Be Dead I Guess (1/12/2020)

Finally we’re basically caught up. I really need to just write this blog post and get the fuck to sleep because it’s already 4:43AM and I need to put the sheets back on my bed, but I want to actually finally be back up to date with my blog posts, so here I am. Now today I was back to work for another day at Eataly, and damn did it feel good to get a good eight hours of sleep in. By the time I got up and started getting ready, I had relaxed in bed for a good while, and was running late, of course. I was slightly worried and panicking, mostly because the 4 wasn’t running today so I had to catch the 3, and since that runs local… I couldn’t miss the one I normally catch. As I was finishing up getting ready, I saw that the train I was looking to catch would be leaving at 2:30, and by the time I left my apartment, guess what time it was? 2:25. God fucking dammit. I hauled ass, sprinting the couple of avenues over to the train station, just making it into one of the cars before the 3 took off towards Manhattan. I was exhausted from the running, but all that truly matters is that I made it and would not be late to work… hopefully. By the time the 3 got to Park Pl. it was already 2:54, so I had to hurry out of the subway to make it to work on time. Unlucky for me, I actually exited out of the wrong end of the station, which meant I was a couple blocks extra away from the World Trade Center; god damn it. Again I ran, actually making it to Eataly and clocking in RIGHT on time, panting as I walked onto the floor to figure out what I would be doing today. I was in section 4 today which meant I was on lowboys duty, so I spent the next 25 minutes restocking whatever I could before helping put away roll-ups. The time his 3:28 and I clocked out for break, heading over to Pret for my usual meal. As I got there and grabbed my usual things, I headed over to pay and greeted the cashier; frankly I think almost all of them know me by this point. As he got my a cup of water he said “whenever you come here, we’ll take care of you”. Kind words, and I definitely appreciate it. I mean for goodness sake I’ve eaten there like, 4-5 times a week for the past 6.5 months now, I feel like it’s just, my spot now you know?

After relaxing for a good 20 minutes, I headed on back to Eataly, taking a quick pit-stop before clocking back in and heading over to pre-shift. As pre-shift began, Claudia- the new manager- offered one person an out, so they could just go home. It was definitely not going to be crazy busy tonight. Lily was supposed to work a swing shift, but seeing how slow it was going to be, the manager actually just said for her to leave with the morning crew. JR ended up volunteering, and after some discussion he headed on home and the rest of our days began. I headed over to section 4, chatting with one of my new tables and getting there order before heading over to the bar where I saw Lily chatting with Olesya, just so I could at least say goodbye. I think I mentioned this, but today was Lily’s last day at Eataly, and I’m definitely gonna miss her; she was definitely one of the people I’m closer with at Eataly, and I like to think we became sort of work friends by the end of it. I gave her a hug and wished her the best before heading back to my section to continue my day. Now as for the shift itself, I mean the exciting part was that we closed at 9PM, but even better was the fact that I actually stayed steady and busy the entire night. I wasn’t feeling 100% by any means, but at this point I can do this shit in my sleep, and I handled all my tables like a pro. Seriously, I still gave good service, and I even made some decent tips. I took the three of the final tables of the night, all coming in within the last like, 20 minutes we were open, and still managed to get all of their food in in like, under 10 minutes; Easy. One two top did stay a good while, like over 30 minutes after we closed, but with them finally paying I was able to do my numbers and actually head home at a decent time! And listen, for a Sunday? $345 in cc tips and like, $120 in cash is a really solid night in my opinion.

At last I headed on home, catching the next 3 and making it back to Utica Ave just after 10PM. I headed over to the bodega, getting a cheeseburger and fries, along with a Naked drink, and headed back to the apartment to wind down for the night. Julian was around when I got home, and about a half hour later Andrew got back from visiting his brother for his birthday. We chatted for a little while before Julian went to bed, and I winded down my night finally prepping to do laundry around 12:30. I’ve been running really low on everything, so today was basically the last possible day to do it, and here we are. It’s now 5:02AM, all my laundry is done, nothing is folded, and I still need to put the sheets back on my mattress; I’ll worry about folding all my clothes tomorrow when I have time. As for tomorrow, it’s Monday so I’m back to work for another day; My packages should hopefully be arriving tomorrow as well, so I can finally have my TV hanging in my room, and I’m also having either UPS or FedEx pick up a box containing my old closet; now, broken down, just a ton of poles. Oh boy I’m rambling at this point, my bad. Damn I’m tired.

Until next time,


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