Potentially Passing the Torch Off to a Friend; Can’t Tell if I’m Sick or It’s Just Allergies, But I HATE It (1/11/2020)

Here we are again; another night being behind on blog posts, so I’m writing the one from the day before and backlog it so I keep the streak going. The plan tonight is to write two blog posts as my laundry is going, so I’m caught back up and don’t have to keep doing this. Seriously, trying to remember what happened yesterday and today is a pain, I can barely remember what happened like two hours ago! Anyways let’s actually get into exactly what went down yesterday.

Okay so today was my day off, but that did not mean by any means I got to sleep in and do nothing all day. Today Andrew, Julian, and I were actually all going for brunch at Emma’s Torch at 1PM, and I was excited to see Andrew’s reaction to trying their chicken sandwich for the first time. Now I woke up around noon, but after relaxing in bed for a little while, I texted the boys and asked if they thought it’d be best to move our reservation to 1:30PM; I wanted time to shower. With their agreement, I went ahead and pushed back our reservation, quickly taking a shower and working to get ready to go. Originally I was only gonna wear a normal t-shirt or whatever, but when I stepped out and saw Julian wearing a button-up and Andrew dressed a tad nicer, I figured I needed to step up my game a bit. I headed on back into my room, put on one of my button-ups before heading back into the living room. The three of us chatted for a minute before making our way outside; I decided not to bring a jacket because it was supposed to be pretty warm outside, but HOLY moly. Like it was in the 60’s! In JANUARY. But yeah, global warming doesn’t exist lmao. Anyways, despite the worrying implications, I was not going to miss out on a gorgeous day, and as we walked towards the train station, I soaked in all the sunshine and warmth I could. Man I miss spring and summer… Now by the time we had made it to the train station, the next 3 wouldn’t be arriving for another good 10 minutes, and I started getting worried about us making the reservation. Just to be safe, I changed it once more to 2:15, figuring we may arrive a couple of minutes early, which is much better than getting there late as all hell. We rode the 3 up to Hoyt St., walked over to the Hoyt- Schermerhorn St., and waited for the next G; honestly thank god I pushed back the reservation because it was already like 1:40 and we had to wait 10 minutes for the next G, so….

By the time we got the G and made it to Carroll St., it was already almost 2PM. We headed over to Emma’s Torch, walking inside to check in when I saw Damon, who was one of the server assistants when I worked there. Honestly after he had reached out to me a bit back I was glad to see him again, as happy and positive as ever. We checked in and, after being told a table inside would be ready in about 15 minutes, we decided to wait outside. Before I headed out though, Damon did introduce me to the new GM of Emma’s Torch, who I unfortunately am blanking on the name of at the moment- sorry! She was really kind though, and we chatted for a minute before I made my way outside- Emma’s Torch is not a large restaurant by any means, so us standing inside was just… extra unneeded space. As the three of us waited outside for our table to be ready, Julian showed us the song he’s been working on for his BMI class, and we gave him some advice on what to improve; the guy’s been stressing out about it, but it genuinely sounds pretty good- needs a couple tweaks, but nothing major by any means. Side note, there was this super cute dog sitting outside with its owner, and God I just wanted to go over and pet it. I love animals. From the window I could tell that they were just wiping off the table inside and setting it up for us, so I got Andrew and Julian to come inside, and sure enough, soon enough we were sitting down, menus in hand. (Not that we really needed menus, since I knew what we were all getting, but all the same) Damon actually came over, asking what we’d like to drink, and when I told him that we were just ready to order, he jotted it all down and put it in for us- Three mimosas, one black-eyed pea hummus, and three chicken sandwiches. Easy peasy no problem!

First round of mimosas came, and so did the delicious hummus; seriously, Emma’s Torch’s food is so fucking good, it boggles my mind. After we had all practically cleaned the entire bowl of any bit of hummus, it was taken away and Chef Alex actually came to chat with me for a bit. Such a kind dude, and it was really wonderful hearing what was headed Emma’s Torch’s way this year; new menu in a week, resident chef’s with special menus, and their even deciding to start delivering food! All really exciting prospects. As the chicken sandwiches arrived Alex let us go so we could eat, and the three of us dug in. I mean… there’s a reason that I always bring people in to try the chicken sandwiches; they are just that damn good. After we had finished the sandwiches, I ordered a pistachio bread pudding for Andrew and me to share, with Julian not being allowed a taste because he’s, well he’s allergic to nuts. As we were enjoying our food, along with a second round of mimosas for Julian and me, the check was dropped and Andrew and I paid the bill. (The pistachio bread pudding really didn’t last very long to tell you the truth; gone in a matter of minutes) Now as we were getting up, Damon came up to me, telling me that the GM had actually offered me my job back at Emma’s Torch, if I wanted it. It was kind of surreal to me, having one of my old coworkers offer me my job back, but frankly… I’m happy where I am now. Emma’s Torch was amazing, but Eataly is in a different league when it comes to the money I can make; However, it did spark an idea. Andrew has actually been looking for a job since he got back from tour, and hasn’t really found much of anything yet. Hm…

Would you like to work here again? “No, but actually my friend Andrew has been looking for a job, and I think he would be a GREAT fit here!” Seriously, I immediately through Andrew in there, and tried to hype him up as much as I could. He’s an actor, was just on tour, great with people, etc. etc. I mean I know Andrew has been wanting to get into being a server, but since he’s never actually worked as one, finding a job that would suit him is a tad harder. However, Emma’s Torch is a great place to start when you’re learning the ropes! Kind staff, small restaurant, and still decent money. I really became a much better server in definite part to Emma’s Torch; that’s probably the main reason I got my job at Eataly! Now don’t get me wrong, I messed up a ton at Emma’s Torch in the eight months I worked there, and that’s one of the reasons I got demoted and ended up quitting. My hope is that I can help Andrew out so the same thing doesn’t happen to him. Good news? Brand new crew, besides Damon and Chef Alex; new energy, and hopefully a very good working environment. As Andrew and Damon chatted, Damon offered to give Andrew the GM’s email so they could chat, right as the GM walked into the door. Even better! She walked over, and I introduced Andrew again, and said that he was actually looking for a server job. As we talked, she also told me that she had only started a week ago, and honestly she seemed very willing to hire some new people. Exchanging numbers with Andrew, the GM said that she’d set up a time to have a meeting with him this week, and that was that. I knew that Andrew was excited, and frankly I was too. It feels like, again IF Andrew gets a server job there, it feels like I’m passing the torch over to him, and I love it.

Andrew, Julian, and I stepped outside and immediately started getting hyped. The excitement was there, and we headed off to catch the G so we could transfer to the 3. Now before heading home, we did take a quick pit-stop at a nearby Target, where the three of us picked up some essentials. Two liters of coke for some liquor (Andrew), some veggie straws and a bag of orange Milanos (me), and four lego sets (Julian). You know, the essentials. After paying for everything, we headed on out, catching the 3 to Utica, getting off and making our way home. Now before I headed home, I had to stop by the Walgreens that was nearby, hoping to finally be able to pick up my antibiotics; My throat was feeling less sore today, but my sinuses were all backed up and I still felt a bit foggy. Andrew headed home, carrying the groceries and telling him to text us when we were almost home so he could help carry the box containing my closet up to our apartment, and Julian came with me to get my medicine. Waiting in line for a good 20 minutes, I just watched as a woman bitched about the price of some medicine she was picking up, and then used the pharmacy counter as a register, buying like, 10 different items of junk food along with the medicine. Like I get it, there’s a giant line up front, but god; I just want to see if they have my medicine and now I have to wait for a long ass time because you decided medicine is too expensive, but a couple bags of chips, drinks, and sweets is okay. Whatever priorities I guess. FINALLY I got to the front, handed the pharmacist my health insurance card, and am promptly told “This card expired in September. You can either pay $65 or wait to get a new card”. Yeah I’m gonna have to go with the latter. But honestly by that point I’m going to be over this illness by the time I’m able to take the antibiotics, so… what’s the point? Anywho, I got Julian and we headed on out, with Julian calling Andrew as we neared the apartment so he could meet us downstairs and help us get this box up to our apartment.

Now this box containing my new closet has been sitting in the hallway on the first floor of my apartment building for probably a week now, mostly because I haven’t found the time to get it up the stairs, but also because I cannot lift the thing by myself. I mean it is a longer box with 70 pounds of wood inside, so I was definitely going to need some help. With Andrew arriving at the door to spot us, Julian and I heaved and hoed and started the trek up all those flights of stairs. It took a good little bit, just because of how heavy it was, but eventually, after much effort, the box was in our room. I’m a bit surprised that our downstairs neighbor Danielle didn’t poke her head out of her apartment to see what was going on; that girl always manages to catch me as I’m lugging up heavy boxes. With the box now sitting in the living room, we put that aside and started playing some Smash on Andrew’s Switch, doing SmashDown where you play all of the characters. Honestly it was a lot of fun, and adding in the fact that we were drinking, what else could you ask for, am I right? After we had finished the games, I heated up some spaghetti and the three of us watched another episode of High School Musical the Musical the Series. Listen, I hate the show, but at this point I’m hooked and I’m not sure how to feel about it. I hate all of the characters, besides maybe like two people, because fuck the ex-boyfriend, fuck the new boyfriend, and absolutely fuck the theater teacher. Once we had finished the episode we were originally planning on switching over to the Mandalorian, but it was starting to get a tad late so Julian started getting ready to get some sleep. I in turn started building my closet, realizing after putting half of it together I did it wrong and had to start over, but after a good 2+ hours the thing was built. I had to hammer in a couple small nails at one point, and Danielle literally texted Julian asking what was going on up here. Sorry Danielle! But at last the closet was built and I was happy to finally have a proper closet that fits in my room. The main thing is that it doesn’t hold my unhung shirts, pants, underwear, and socks all too well, so I probably am going to have to buy a cubby or something to hold them, but I’ll look into all of that at a later date. I called Maggie to chat for a bit and show off the closet, and ended up relaxing in bed for a good while before writing the previous night’s blog and going to bed. A long but satisfying day off, but I gotta head to work tomorrow and I need my sleep!

Until next time,



**Enjoy a screenshot I took while FaceTiming my twin, because when Saunders FaceTime, we’re all legs**

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