A Day Beginning at the Doctors, Losing Steam, and then Adrenaline Kicks In (1/10/2020)

Now listen, I’ll be straight with you… I feel like shit right now. I’m actually writing this late into the night on the 12th, because last night I was so exhausted that I just played a game of League and passed out, but I can’t put off writing a blog post any longer, but yeah. I’m congested, my nose is stuffed… it’s getting to my head and I am NOT a fan. Now going into yesterday, frankly I didn’t get much sleep coming into the day. I had a doctor’s appointment before work, (just so I could at least find out what was going on with me), at 11:40, so the plan was to wake up at 9:30 and get ready. Unfortunately for me, despite going to bed at like, 4AM the night before, my body still decided to get me up at like, 8:30, and have me just feel exhausted. I mean I laid in bed for a little while before checking my appointment, to find that though it was approved, it did get moved up to 11:20- great. After continuing to lay in my bed for far too long, I eventually got up, threw on a shirt and jeans, brushed my teeth, and headed off to catch the C;  could’ve showered, btu frankly I was planning on just doing that when I got back before work, so I decided not to worry about it. Leaving at 10:50, I headed over to the C stop at Ralph’s St., and after riding it a couple stops, I got off and made my way into the doctor’s office, which just so happened to be in the basement of a building.

I signed into the office, ready for my appointment at 11:16AM, but like most doctor’s offices, I ended up waiting a good hour before I was called up by the receptionist. By the time I had gotten all my information in and was seen by the doctor, it was reaching 12:30. The doc gave my throat a quick check, said it looked pretty red but should be okay, prescribed me some antibiotics just to be safe, and then sent me to get my blood drawn. Once that was done and over with, I was finished and headed on out, ready to be home and showered. Frankly, though the doctor’s office took FAR too long, I’m really glad I went because it at least confirmed I was not INSANELY ill. To be frank with you, I still haven’t been able to pick up my antibiotics but my throat IS feeling much better, in comparison to the past couple of days. Anyways, I took the C back to Ralph St., walked back to my apartment, made it inside, chatted with Andrew for a bit, and then showered. Once washed up and dressed, I headed on back out, catching my normal 2:33PM train uptown to Manhattan. The 4 was still running at this point, so I just caught that train and was good to go, making it to Eataly on time, heading onto the floor and starting my day. Now today I was actually in section 6, so I got to it stocking lowboys before clocking out and heading over to the break room to see what was in store for us today in the way of food. Now normally I’d say forget about the staff meal and just go on over to Pret, but they actually had pasta today, so I grabbed myself a large plate and sat down to enjoy a good, free meal. Works for me!

With 4PM arriving, I headed off to quickly use the bathroom before clocking in and going over for pre-shift; nothing new today, so we got to it and hit the floor. Now it was Thursday, but frankly I wasn’t expecting a busy shift. I was also hoping that, if it was slow, I’d be able to leave early today; Though my throat had actually stopped hurting nearly as much, I was feeling MUCH more congested, and overall really groggy and a bit foggy in my head. Despite that I tried to push through but before too long I noticed that my section was actually getting full and I was behind. Now for some it would lead to panic, but for me… I honestly don’t know how or why but it felt like I had just taken a shot of adrenaline. I went from feeling really groggy, unsure of how much longer I could keep this up, to focused and on my shit, running around taking care of all my guests- EASY. Seriously though, thank god for adrenaline because I have zero idea how I’d make it out of that night at all otherwise. I think my favorite interaction of that night was this group of older ladies towards the end of the night- four of them- who ordered some food from me. It was fairly straight forward so I didn’t write any of the order down, just trusting that I had it memorized, (I generally don’t really write things down anymore unless I’m talking to multiple tables at once, or it’s a very large party; I don’t want my brain to break), so when I repeated everything back to them, one of the ladies goes “do you have a tape recorder with you?” Nope, somehow the order stays in my brain for maybe two minutes before it goes away. I also had this other table who were all probably mid-20’s; they were also impressed by my selling of dishes, and me remembering the orders, (I absolutely cheated on theirs and wrote things down; Eight people is a bit much to remember), which is always fun. They told me that it was one of their friends’ birthdays, so at the end of their meal, even though they were my last table of the night, I made sure to bring them three cannolis on the house, because why not, right? ALSO one of the runners came up to me and said “So I’m looking to try and become a server, and you’re one of the best servers here, so do you have any tips for me?” If I had water I would’ve spit it out. Genuinely I’m really flattered, but I think there are a ton of servers at Eataly who are MUCH better than me; like by far. And that’s what I told him! I mean I am more than happy to help, but I think there are other servers who’d be able to give you MUCH better advice than me. Still something really kind to say though.

Finally, aftering polishing and rolling all the silverware, we left just before 11PM, which meant I had to catch the 3 downtown towards Brooklyn. Honestly by the time I finally got home, I was feeling so exhausted from the long day that I stopped by the bodega- “Same time!”- got a turkey and cheese sandwich, and headed on back to my apartment. I also picked up a cosmic brownie and some cookies, just cause, and when I stepped in the apartment, I wanted to give Julian, and Andrew, it, just because you know? Stepping in “Hiya boyos!” No responses, but I see lights on with closed doors. “Hey Julian come out here, I got something for ya!” Right as Julian answered, saying he’d be out in a couple minutes, I realized…. Andrew had mentioned early today that Julian was having a girl over tonight. Oh god. I quickly just headed into my room, leaving the cosmic brownie on the table and texting Julian, telling him that it was there for him. When the girl finally left, Julian, Andrew, and I hung out for a bit, chatting. Besides the turkey and cheese, I also had a slice of pizza, and when Julian finally went to bed, I played some games of Smash Bros with Andrew- getting my ass handed to me- before heading into my room for the night. After playing one game of League, I finally passed out, exhausted from such a long day. Tomorrow I’m finally off and Andrew, Julian, and I are going to be going to Brunch, er… lunch? Either way it’s gonna be a blast.

Until next time,



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