A Surprisingly Steady Thursday Full of Talk About Acting; In Other News, I Should Probably See a Doctor (1/9/2020)

Okay, so today was kind of full of some fun times, but also a… well an issue that I’ve been ignoring; my throat has been in just a bit of pain and strain for a good week now, and no matter what I do, it just won’t go away. I don’t seem to notice it unless I’m eating or drinking something, but the fact that it’s been a week and this feeling is still persisting… worrying to say the least. An hour or two ago I scheduled an appointment with a doctor about a 30 minute walk from me, so let’s see how this goes. I also scheduled the appointment for 11:40AM, just to make sure that I’d be able to go before work; I can’t put this off any longer. If I DO end up going to that audition thing on Wednesday, I need to make sure my voice is healthy enough to sustain me singing properly. With that rambling done and out of the way, let’s actually talk about what went on today. Since I went to bed so incredibly late last night, I ended up waking up today at 1PM, wasting a good 30-40 minutes just lying there and relaxing before finally getting up and showering- god it was getting late already. By the time I was done showering and getting ready, the time was already 2:23 and I HAD to hurry on out and catch the train. Bundling up with a long sleeved shirt, a heavier jacket, and some gloves, I said goodbye to Andrew, who was hanging out in our living room, and hurried to the train, catching the 4 at 2:33 and making my way to the World Trade Center for another day of work at Eataly.

Arriving at 2:53, I waited around until 2:55 before clocking in and heading onto the floor to get my day started. I was in section 8 today, which not only meant roll-up duty, but it also meant that if things were as slow as they have been Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday… I’d get to head on home early today! Frankly that was fine by me, because I actually desperately need to do some laundry; I’ve been putting it off for way too long at this point. Grabbing this large bucket of  silverware from the dish pit, I hauled it over to a counter, where I grabbed some hot water and started polishing. There was another server polishing with me, but I’m going to use the word “polishing” very loosely, because she mostly just chatted with the busser who was supposed to be rolling, and every once and a while would polish a couple pieces of silverware. Now don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy socializing, especially when doing such a mindless task like polishing and rolling silverware. HOWEVER- using that time to SOLELY chat, and leave others to do the work is incredibly disrespectful, and it definitely rubbed me the wrong way. Like I was sorting all of the silverware from the bucket into hot water AND polishing them, and I’m sure I polished a good two times as much silverware as she did; But whatever. With the time reaching 3:27, and me somehow working through almost all of the silverware in the bucket, I clocked out and headed off to Pret, in the mood for a much needed meal.

Picking up Pret’s new steak sandwich, along with a yogurt cup and a cookie, I grabbed a seat and enjoyed my food; relaxing while I could before I had to get back to work. Once 4PM hit, I headed on back to Eataly, taking a quick bathroom break before clocking back in and heading to pre-shift. With nothing crazy really being discussed, I headed onto the floor, taking over for Patricia. I expected tonight to be slow, and with me working next to Chernin’s section, I figured tonight would be fun; seriously, I love Chernin, she’s great. She was the one who trained me for two of my three training days, and helped me become a much better server. Now don’t get me wrong, I definitely expected tonight to be slow, but man was I wrong; I mean I didn’t get SLAMMED by any means, but it was definitely a very steady night. I had some really great tables, and the time passed by nice and fast. I dunno why, but I was just kind of feelin’ it tonight, you know? I felt like I was in my element. I did have this one table right at the beginning- this big Portuguese party of eight- where one of the ladies, I assume to be the grandmother, would like nonstop ask for cheese.  Like I would give her a shitton, and then come back maybe five minutes later with her asking for more; Frankly I didn’t care, but the kids at the table couldn’t stop laughing. I also had this table later on in the night where when they were paying- they both got under $20 worth of food but asked for separate bills- the girl wrote something along the lines of “Sorry for the bad tip but I’m broke; you were lovely though”. And they DEFINITELY wrote the word lovely, which I think is hysterical.

As time pushed onward and things slowed down, I had some time to just chat with Chernin for a little while. Basically we kind of ended up talking about how awesome it was for David to be doing this film in Brazil, and I even ended up asking for her opinion on acting classes to take, because I desperately need to get back into acting. We also found out today that another server, Will, is going to be moving to California in like, February or March, which means that that’s another person leaving Eataly. I mean I’m really glad he’s following his dreams, and he seems really excited about this new venture which is awesome, but it definitely won’t be the same, with all these people leaving. By the time 10PM rolled around, all my tables had been closed out, and I got down to polishing all the silverware we had to roll for the night. Thankfully Chernin and I had already put away all the wine and dumped the ice- “Are you sure you can carry all of that? It looks heavy”- so all that had to be done was roll roll roll! Originally I figured we’d get out of there by 10:30, but with more silverware arriving in from the back of the dishpit literally at 10:30, we didn’t end up actually getting out of there until 11PM. Clocking out, I finally headed to the train, calling Maggie and chatting for the 15 minutes I had to wait before the next 4 arrived. When the train DID arrive, it was pretty damn packed, so I was pretty squished in for the good 30 minute train ride ahead of me. Finally arriving at the Utica Station, I popped out of the train car and hurried on home; skipping the bodega because I knew, even if I wanted to be lazy, I did have food waiting for me back at the house. Stepping into the apartment right around 11:40, I walked in to Andrew watching some of the Star Wars animated shows, and after heating up some leftover pasta, I grabbed a seat and started watching a bit myself. While we sat and watched the show, I looked into some doctors, and even ended up scheduling an appointment for tomorrow at 11:40AM. So why am I up passed 4AM? God who knows, honestly. Around 1AM I headed into my room, playing a game of League before Eddie got on and I played another with him; by this point it was already past 2AM, and I desperately needed to get some sleep. I logged off and started writing this blog, but frankly I couldn’t resist playing some Pokemon, and two hours blew past me. I’ll probably still work to wake up at 10AM or so, just so I can get to the appointment on time, but damn I won’t be getting much sleep tonight, will I? Maybe if it ends fairly quickly I’ll be able to head back home and nap before work…

Until next time,


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