Who’d Of Guessed Less Servers Working Would Mean a Seemingly Busier Day? (1/7/2020)

So to be frank with you, when David quit yesterday, after getting some really incredible news, I probably should’ve thought that it was going to be interesting around La Pizza La Pasta until we hired a new server; I should’ve thought about that. I… did not. Not saying that I’m complaining of course. Less servers in the tip pool every shift just means that the ones working are making better money. However, I was expecting maybe seven servers to be working nowadays, not…. four. Well, five, but one of the servers ended up being cut around 8:30 for, well for personal reasons. Anyways, last night I ended up going to bed after 5AM- more like 5:15AM or so, after actually signing up for the Blink gym down a couple blocks from me, and then emailing my talent agency before I passed out. I hadn’t talked with anyone from there in a good while, mostly because I assume it was the holiday season and everything had already been cast; but it’s a brand new year, and I wanted them to know I am as committed as ever on getting booked and start being a working actor. Seriously, I miss it so much. Anyways, I ended up waking up around like, 11:30 or so, hearing Andrew and Julian in the common area- Julian was most definitely taking a sick day- and I checked my email to find a response from Mike, who I’m actually signed with, basically saying they’re excited to get me in the room. Honestly it did feel good to have that confirmation that they’re still in this with me, and I’m not left out to dry, you know? After lying in bed for a good 30-45 minutes, I finally got up, put some pants on, and headed out of my room to hang out with Julian and Andrew for a bit. Honestly it’s really nice to have roommates that I know, so that my room doesn’t feel more like a jail cell instead of a home, you know? I mean my room in my last apartment felt enough like a home of course, but leaving it… felt like a strangers house that I just happened to be visiting. It was never, home, you know?

Anyway enough rambling; it’s way too late for these kinds of blog posts. Noticing the time was reaching 1:45, I quickly headed back into my room, showering and leaving for work at the last possible second. I mean seriously, the train leaves at 2:33, and I’m out here leaving my apartment at 2:25; not a great idea to tell you the truth. I quickly jogged most of the way to the subway station, making it there by 2:30; grabbing a seat. I laid back and closed my eyes, taking a much needed nap after frankly not getting much sleep last night. (5:20-11AM? Not the best to be honest with ya) Getting to Fulton St. at 2:51, I walked over to Eataly and waited until 2:55 before clocking in. However as I headed onto the floor, there didn’t actually seem to be a floor plan so we’d know what to do! How curious… I headed over to Stag to change my shirt, and the night crew started bugging Joe about where the floor plan was. I mean normally I wouldn’t think twice, but then I heard Nicolette mention how a floor plan wasn’t made because they had no idea what they were going to do tonight. Huh. Without really knowing what side-work to do, I just started doing lowboys, because I mean we couldn’t just sit around doing nothing, right? As I began restocking what I could, Nicolette came out with the floor plans and… oh boy. I mean I knew we may be understaffed, but normally that means seven to eight servers on the floor. Tonight? Five. Five servers to deal with everything going on tonight. Jesus. The biggest thing of note was the fact that Stag was closed, thankfully. Before we left for break, Nicolette mentioned that there was a 100 person party taking place- “You all will be making your own drinks tonight. We’ll talk about it at pre-shift” …what? Confused but not wishing to sweat the small things, I clocked out and took my break, heading over to Pret as per usual to get some food. There was this chicken and mozzarella sandwich that caught my eye and I decided to absolutely give a try, and along with a yogurt cup and a cookie, I was good to go. I spent the 30 minutes I had mostly watching a couple meatballs videos, mostly because I’m really trying to nail down how in the hell I’m going to pull this off tomorrow. I also planned on having a voice lesson, but my throat kinda feels like shit, so… here we are.

With 4PM arriving damn quickly, I headed on back to Eataly, where after a quick bathroom break I clocked back in and headed over to pre-shift; and that’s where we got the skinny of what in the hell is happening tonight. A big 100 person party is taking place at Stag. All standing, but the bar is going to be used for the private event, so we’re going to be making our drinks. 4 servers on the floor, one working pizza bar, and that’s it. I was section 3, which was right in front of the host stand, and after a we finished up pre-shift I headed over to get things started. I was taking over for Gina today, and I had hoped as things began that it would be slow enough for me to get cut early and head into the store area to buy the ingredients I need for dinner tomorrow night. I mean at this point, I think the plan is to make meatballs by hand, maybe make my own sauce simple and quick, and then buy some fresh pasta so we can get a real nice taste with the dish. Frankly I hadn’t really thought much about the vegetable I want to bring to the table, but it’s way too late to be thinking about that now; Aka I’m gonna write this blog post and look things up after this. Despite my original thinking that it would be slow tonight, I was happily surprised when we had a really solid push starting around 5:30 or 6PM. My favorite table of the night was actually one of my first tables, who happened to be these two black guys with a bunch of questions. I joked back and forth with the two of them, and they really enjoyed the food and wine I got them to go with- Primitivo and some Lasagna. The main awkward part in the end was when I had set the check down and the went to pay, looking at each other and going “How much should we tip him?” Ack. I really don’t like being put in that situation, because I don’t know? 20% I’d HOPE. All in all, the actually ended up leaving me $30 cash on just over a $100 meal, which is so damn nice. I always love having those customers who I’m able to joke around with; it makes the evening more fun and enjoyable for everyone. Now I know we were supposed to make our own drinks, but somehow the only drinks I put in tonight just so happened to not be the presets laid out for us, and I had to have Olesya make the drinks for me, because I have ZERO idea what I’m doing. The night still managed to end around 10:30, and frankly I was ready to get home. I had made okay money tonight, but with the $120 in cash sitting in my pocket, I knew that I had actually made it to over $1k in cash, including everything in my room. I don’t want this to sound like a brag or anything like that; I think I’m more baffled than anything, and grateful to have some of this kind of money. I still have student loans and everything to pay, but for now, having some money to make me feel secure in my finances is really nice.

I clocked out and headed to the subway station, chatting with my friend Zoe before making my way home on the 4. I would usually get off the train and stop for food, but with the party having leftovers, I made sure to grab some for my dinner, and that was that. I chatted with Zoe for a bit longer before making it back to my apartment, and actually playing the Two and a Half Men theme song right before stepping inside. Julian was just falling asleep, and Andrew ended up following suit soon enough, yet here I am still up hours later. I mean for God sake it’s already almost 5AM AGAIN. I need to get better at going to bed sooner. Tomorrow I may try and go to the gym to start my day, but more than anything else, I gotta go shopping for ingredients for my dinner. God I hope this turns out well; I’m stressing.

Until next time,


1 thought on “Who’d Of Guessed Less Servers Working Would Mean a Seemingly Busier Day? (1/7/2020)

  1. Always so awkward when customers ask about tipping. I usually joke and say $100 haha


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