Exciting News for a Coworker Pushes Me to Look Ahead with Anticipation (1/6/2020)

Listen, today was slow; not as slow as yesterday, but frankly… yeah slower. I mean I felt busier for a hot second, but it died down damn quickly and I made a lot less money, so that’s where we are. Frankly for me, nothing exciting happened, and that’s okay. The big thing though, was that another server got insanely exciting news, and it puts things a bit into perspective, while also sending me into a quick little spiral about me being a background character in my life, questioning my innocence and how young and naive I am, all in the span of about 30 minutes to an hour, before getting back into a better headspace and moving forward. So yeah, an average Monday I guess. Now first things first, today began with me waking up at 1:15PM, actually feeling incredibly refreshed, for once getting a solid eight hours, laying in bed for a good while relaxing before it was actually time to get up and shower. After stepping out of the shower, I started getting ready for work when I heard Andrew step into the bathroom, and begin warming up; honestly him doing that made me think about my routines, and how I should work to improve them if I’m looking to see any actual long-term improvements to my singing ability. Now by the time I finished getting ready it was already 2:23, so I desperately needed to leave the apartment or I would be late to work. As I stepped out, I asked Andrew to keep an eye out for my closet, which is apparently going to be arriving today; exciting!

By the time I got out of the apartment it was already 2:26, meaning the only option I had to make it to work on time would be to run; and that’s what I did. I sprinted to the train station, and thankfully made it by about 3:30, meaning I had a minute or two to sit down and relax on the 4 train before it left the station. Instead of napping like I normally do, I actually got out my Switch and started playing some Pokemon: Sword on my way to work, helping the time pass pretty quickly. I made it to Fulton St. around 2:52, and by the time I headed out and made it over to Eataly, I only had to wait around a minute or so before clocking in and heading onto the floor. I was on lowboys duty with David today, so I got to it stocking whatever I could for those 30 minutes. Seriously, walking around and not having there be 1000 people in the store is so fucking weird. Like I’m used to dodging past a giant crowd of people, and now it feels almost… empty, you know? Since it’s this empty, honestly there really wasn’t much to stock. I made sure we had as much water in the lowboys as we could, and David focused on Mole and the sparkling drinks, but other than that… nothin’. I ended the 30 minutes just putting away some roll-ups before grabbing my things and heading to Pret for lunch. After I clocked out, I of course took a peak to see what we had in the break room, but unsurprisingly it was tuna fish Monday, so… no thanks. I headed over to Pret, grabbing my usual meal, sitting down, and watching a couple videos about meatballs as I ate. Now the reason I’m watching these videos is because since I’m off on Wednesday, I want to cook an actual meal for Andrew, Julian, and myself. I figured since I work at Eataly, I should make something simple, like Lo Spaghetto Pomodoro. The issue with that is that I know that I should add meatballs into the mix, if I really want to bring the dish to the next level. However, if I’m going to do meatballs, I can’t have frozen meatballs in an otherwise really solid dish; I need to make my own. Fuck. Now I’ve never made my own meatballs before, so to be frank with you I have zero idea how this is going to turn out. All I know is that, though ambitious, if I can pull it off it’ll be delicious. Or it’ll taste awful. Guess we’ll just have to do it and find out!

Watching those videos, 4PM came along quite fast, and before I knew it I was already heading on back to Eataly, taking a quick pit-stop before heading over to pre-shift. With nothing to report, we headed on the floor and my day began. I was taking over for section 4, which just so happened to be Gina’s section, and we ended up chatting for a little while as she closed out her final tables. She was actually going to be eating here with her family tonight in David’s section, like right after her shift ended, so she wanted to finish up and get changed. I asked for her opinion on sauces for pasta, and she recommended one using cherry tomatoes to create a nice, light sauce. Normally I’d be down to try it, but unfortunately I’m definitely going to need a richer sauce if I’m going to be making meatballs, so here we are. With her heading out, I took over the section and well… things went fine. I mean it got busy for a good hour, sure, but after that… well it was dead. Gina seemed to have a great time with her family, chatting with David and seeming happy; I didn’t really chat with her at all, but just noticed it as I passed by. Then, as things slowed down, David got some news that he got an acting gig, putting him in Brazil for a feature. Like he has to leave on Saturday for Brazil. He had auditioned and it seemed likely that he was going to get it when he came into work, but soon enough it was confirmed and that was that. He was excited, and frankly I’m really excited for the guy. But with all of this happening, with him saying goodbye to everyone, since he was quitting today so he could pack and get ready for the giant change, it definitely put things in perspective for me; like I don’t know how long David’s been doing this, but I feel like I’m just so new to the whole professional acting thing. I don’t have much of any credits under my belt, and even though I have an Agent, I haven’t booked anything. I’m not at square one per-say, but I’m not anywhere near where I want to be. I know I’m still young, but time moves by fast, you know? It’s already January 7th, which side note means it’s my brother Jake’s birthday- just sent him a happy birthday message- and that’s where we are. But yeah, I’m really happy for David, and wish him all the best on this incredible adventure; frankly I can’t wait for the movie to come out, so we can all have a viewing party and watch it. But of course with this happening I have to ask myself- when is it my turn, right? When will I be given the opportunity to do something like this? I don’t want to be waiting until I’m in my 30’s for something to happen; I know that that’s naive and something will come around for me, but still… Anyways, I went through that existential crisis, along with questioning if I was charming in any way, or maybe I’m just too innocent and naive, but after pushing through for a good half hour to an hour, I was fine and kept moving.

The night ended for me just before 10:30, with me finally closing out my last table, putting in my numbers, and heading home for the night. I caught the next 4 train back to Brooklyn, got off at the Utica stop, and headed on over to the bodega; getting a chicken sandwich, some chips, and oreos, before heading on back to the apartment. Once I stepped inside, I saw that my closet did arrive, but in a quite heavy box, so I’m just gonna have to deal with that tomorrow. Andrew, Julian, and I ended up chatting for a good little while before Julian went to bed, and Andrew and I played Smash Bros for a bit before it was time to call it a night. It’s now 4:31 in the morning, and tomorrow I’m working again. Can’t wait. Hopefully I can get off of work early tomorrow so I can buy the meat I need for the meatballs, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. For now, all I can really do is sleep.

Until next time,



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