Nothing to Report Here, Just a Slow Sunday in the New Year (1/5/2020)

Alright everyone, let’s see how fast I can type this blog post out. I’ve been lying in my bed playing Pokemon: Sword for the past like… hour or two now, along with just mindlessly going through social media, instead of doing anything productive. It is now 4:10AM and I have work tomorrow, so let’s actually jump into today and get some SLEEP. Now as for the day… to be honest with you it was really slow at Eataly. I mean we’ve talked about this coming into the new year, how things are going to die down quite a bit, now that the busy season has finally fallen off, but goddamn I mean it was slow tonight. Starting from the beginning, today I woke up around 12:30, and hearing Julian and Andrew chatting I finally got myself up out of bed, threw on some pants, and opened my door to see what was going down. Andrew’s dad seemed to finally be gone, and Andrew and Julian were in Julian’s room, as he was playing the new Star Wars game. The three of us ended up chatting for a little while before I noticed the time and realized that I actually had to get up and get ready for work. Greaat. The bigger issue was the fact that the 4 was still not running- it hasn’t been running all weekend- which meant I should probably leave earlier so I can get to work on time; However, you and I both know that shit isn’t happening. By the time I got out of the shower it was already past 2PM, so I had to quickly wash up, get dressed, and speed out of the apartment, working to catch the 2:30 3 to Manhattan. Leaving the apartment around 2:24, I had to sprint to just be able to get to the train station on time; if I didn’t catch this train, I would probably have to wait a good 10-15 minutes for the next 3, and by that point I would absolutely be late to work. Thankfully, despite being quite worn out by the time I made it to the train station, I did make it, and finally was on my way to work.

Now I do want to add a trigger warning here, because I’m about to get into something incredibly serious. I am not going to use names, as to protect identities, but when I was home for New Years, I learned that one of my male friends from home had raped a female friend of mine from home. I’m just going to use the letters M for the guy, and G for the girl. Not their actual initials, I just want to make this easier. Now I’ve known both of these people since high school, with M being a grade lower than me, and M, G, another female friend, let’s call her W, and I all hanging out throughout all of high school. A core friend group if you will. Now when I found this information out, it was right when M had friend requested me, because I guess he deleted his Facebook account, and messaged me, asking if we could talk. I told him that I just couldn’t, and proceeded to unfriend him, and block him on Facebook and on my phone. For a couple days now, I’ve been kind of kept up, wondering if I should message G, to get her side of the story, or should I just leave it be. I decided the best action was to at least reach out, and if she was comfortable, I would hear what happened. Thankfully she was very open when I messaged her, and went into graphic detail about everything that happened that day. Again, I am not going to go into detail because this is not my story to share, but it’s not great. From what I could discern, it seemed like if you wanted to break it down, it would be sexual assault with attempted rape. Disgusting, appalling… words cannot describe how I felt, other than shock and sadness for G. I told her that I was here if she needed to talk, and that was that. Now again, I’ve known M for a good seven or eight years now; we were incredibly close for a long time, and I even debated if, when I eventually got married, he would be my best man. To find out he did something like this… broke my heart a bit. I mean we’ve drifted apart since going to college, but it didn’t make me any less sad to hear that someone I trusted could do such a horrendous act. Later on in the day, I messaged W, who had only heard M’s side of the story, (I had reached out to her after I found out, to see how she was doing), and asked her to reach out to G and listen to her side of the story. She was affected even more than I was when she heard the story, because M had lied to her about a couple of things, or at least held back some of the truths, probably as to not have her hate him. W is such a kind-hearted person, and she truly looks for the best in people. To have her trust used as a way to manipulate her in a way… must hurt. I may reach out to M, just as a courtesy to hear his side of the story, but then again I might not. But I really needed to get that out there. I had a thought that day when I found out, which was this- if I chose to react differently because the perpetrator is a friend; if I choose to react any less harshly because this person was close to me… I don’t think I could live that down. You can’t pick and choose which victims you stand with. You stand with the victims because that is what is right. No matter what. That’s just what I think at least.

Sorry to get heavy there, but other than that… sad conversation, the day itself was quite tame. I got off at the Park Place stop, realized I got off at the wrong end of the station, and had to run to work because I was a good couple blocks away. I made it to work a couple of minutes late, but still got onto the floor after clocking in with no delay, and seeing that I was on wine and ice, I got to it. 3:30 rolled around quite quickly, and after a brief check in the break room, I just made my way over to Pret to eat my usual meal before heading back for pre-shift. As pre-shift ended I headed to my section, section 2, and the day finally began. Because it was section 2 I stayed relatively busy throughout the day, but I swear by 9PM there were literally 3 servers on the floor, including me. We had one server that had a couple random tables but had been rolling all night, and he ended up putting away a lot of wine, so by the time I closed out my final tables, I mostly had to do some roll-ups. I ended up putting in my numbers and getting out of there at like… 9:45 or something crazy, catching the next 3 downtown to Brooklyn and heading home. I mean most of the servers made basically no money, but I at least ended up making $448 in cc tips, which is definitely pretty solid. Sections 1, 2, and 3 definitely got all the action tonight. Now on my way to the train, I shared the story with Maggie, mostly because I just needed to talk to someone about it, and she was just as shocked, because of course. I chose to not go to the bodega tonight, instead heading straight home, getting back to the apartment before 11PM, heating up a porkchop Andrew’s dad had made last night, and enjoying a dinner at home as I hung out with Julian and Andrew. The three of us chatted for a while before Julian headed to bed, and eventually Andrew followed suit. It’s 4:36, I’m exhausted, and I’m working tomorrow. Slow days are nice and all, but so’s money; hopefully things pick up again at some point. I’m really glad I reached out to G today though. No matter how painful, I had to know the truth. Be kind to other people. Please.

Until next time,


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