Another Day of Last-Minute Plans Leaves Me Tired but Incredibly Happy and Fulfilled (1/4/2020)

You know, normally coming into my work days, my plans are usually the same- wake up close to 1PM, relax for a while, eventually shower, get dressed, and leave at 1:20 to get to work on time. However, today was different. Yesterday my friend Cassidy sent me a message asking if I would be around since her and Andy, her boyfriend, would be coming into the city. We ended up planning on meeting up at Penn Station around 11:30, which meant that today I had to be up around 9:30, so I could leave and make it on time; I am always late, and I’m working to be better about that. Now honestly I didn’t sleep to great last night. I feel like I didn’t even get the seven hours I set out to get when I fell asleep last night, but I decided to push through. I relaxed in bed for a good while when I finally woke up, before realizing I was going to be late, so I quickly showered, got ready, and grabbed my things, knowing I needed to catch the 11:07 3 uptown if I was even going to get close to making it to Penn on time. Right before I left, Julian called me into his room and the two of us chatted for a quick moment before I headed on out, ready to get my day started.

I will tell you, once I left the apartment I had to do some jogging, just to make sure that I would actually catch this train. I mean, it was FOGGY outside, holy crap. I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to rain or not today, but goddamn was this fog thick. Thankfully, after some much needed jogging, I made it to the train station with a minute or two to spare, and before I knew it the 3 train had arrived and I was on my way. Now normally I might take the 4 and transfer at Fulton, but the 4 isn’t running this weekend, so the 3 is the only option. Honestly it works for me though- the 3 may run local in Brooklyn, but it also goes directly to Penn Station, which is perfect. After eventually grabbing a seat, I decided to pull out my Switch and play some Pokemon for a little bit, before finally arriving at 34th St. and getting off, making my way out of the subway and over to New Jersey Transit. I hung around the open space, waiting for Cat (Cassidy) and Andy to arrive, and before I know it I get hugged tightly from the side. It’s Cat! The worry was that she hugged me so hard that my Airpod fell out, but thankfully it fell into her hair so I didn’t lose them; oh boy would that have been bad. After some hugs and hellos we started walking, with Cat talking about how much she wanted to go to Wok to Walk for lunch; I mean hey, I’m down. Honestly I went there a couple of times during rehearsals for The Nuclear Plays in 2018, and the food is pretty solid. We found our way over to the closest Wok to Walk near us, which was right around 36th St., stepping inside to figure out what we wanted.

They didn’t end up having the sweet and sour sauce, or the teriyaki sauce, so Cat and I had to figure out what we were gonna get; I got this peanut sauce, while she got this garlic and pepper sauce. Honestly, even though I wouldn’t have gotten either of these sauces previously, it’s time to take a risk, right? After we all sat down, food and lemonade in hand, we dug in, Andy using chopsticks while Cat and I used forks. I’ve definitely tried to use chopsticks but I’m just so bad at it, so I don’t even attempt to go for it anymore. After we finished the food, Cat was asking how to get to the American Museum of Natural History. Since it was only like 12:40, I figured I’d at least tag along to help them get there, since I didn’t have work until 3PM, so we all headed back to Penn to catch the next A uptown, transferring to the C at 59th so we could go up to 81st St. The biggest thing is that there was this random guy kind of yell preaching while we waited for the C, and with no where really to go, I just stood there kind of awkwardly, attempting to continue conversation with Cat and Andy to drown out the noise. Before too long the C arrived and we were on our way, (thank god), arriving at 81st St and heading outside to get inside the museum. We stood in line for a good 20-30 minutes, and by the time tickets were bought, I only had a good 25 minutes or less to look around.


**So this picture is super interesting to me, because the last time I saw this tree, and the last time I went to the Natural History museum in general was the second date I went on with my last ex. We walked around for a good 2+ hours, and somehow kept ended back up in parts of the museum that had to deal with space and the Earth and it’s crust, which neither of us were about. It really kind of became a joke, and was such a wonderful memory at the time. Now it’s still more bitter-sweet than anything else, but what’s more insane is that it’s been over a year since that happened- December 10th, 2018- and looking back it’s crazy how much I’ve changed during that time. Sorry for the long side bar but here we are. It’s so late kill me**

The original plan was to see the mummies, but after finding out that that was just an exhibit which isn’t great, Andy and I headed up with Cat to look at dinosaurs. Right as we stepped in, skeletons on every side of us, Cat was in awe. I mean I she had mentioned she loved dinosaurs, so I’m glad this kind of turned the trip around a bit. Soon enough, even after speeding through a couple of rooms, I said my goodbyes and headed out of the museum- catching the next 3 downtown to my work. Honestly I’m just so glad to have seen some more friends in New York; warms my damn heart. Riding the train to get to Eataly I was watching the time, realizing that I was gonna be late today; honestly sure it’s a bit of a pain in the ass, but this morning, meeting up with Andy and Cat? Completely worth it. After the train stopped, I quickly jogged over there to Eataly, clocking in at 3:01 and heading onto the floor to start my side-work of the day- wine and ice! I had two other people helping me out today, so the three of us got it done in no time and were good to go. Clocking out around 3:30 I just made my way to Pret, picking up a cup of goodness and a cookie, and thanking the Pret workers for everything. They definitely gave me one of the two things for free, and that really made me smile. The next 30 minutes were spent eating and relaxing before I headed off back to Eataly, taking a pit-stop before I clocked back in and headed over for pre-shift.

As for pre-shift, frankly there was nothing to report and that was a-okay with me! We hit the floor around 4:30 and thankfully my day at last began. Now to be honest with you, I’ve been falling asleep at my computer for a good 20 minutes now so I’ll be brief; today was really slow, and even though I made over $300 in cc tips and $126 in cash, I still felt like I was doing nothing for most of the day. I ended up getting cut before 9PM and, after putting away all the wine and ice I was free to go. Oh! I forgot to mention, early on in the shift Andrew- my second roommate- told me he had to come to my work to pick up my keys to the apartment; he had locked him and my dad out. He ended up appearing behind me, I gave him my keys, and he headed on back out. Anyways, I clocked out and caught the next 3 downtown and soon enough I was in Brooklyn, ready to finally be home. I took a quick stop by the bodega before heading inside my apartment complex, reaching the 4th floor and knocking. As I walk in the room is still cluttered, but Andrew and his dad are working away. Andrew’s dad also made some pork for the three of them for dinner, and I of course grabbed a plate with some pork, mac ‘n’ cheese, and green beans, eating that, and then eating my sandwich that I got from the bodega because- no waste! We stayed up for a good while, which Julian going to bed while I showed Andrew and his dad the Black Mirror episode “White Bear”. Honestly I am completely exhausted by this point. Today was so much fun, but with my eyes getting heavier and heavier I’m gonna go and pass out. Tomorrow I’m back at work at 3PM, so I guess we’ll see what happens, won’t we?

Until next time,



**Look at all this FOG

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