Swinging Back to Work With Another Busy Friday (1/3/2020)

So yesterday when I was hanging out with Rach, I decided I should check my work schedule for today, just to be sure I knew when I was coming in. Honestly thank god I did that, because holy shit; normally I work 3PM-10:30PM but today I was working as a swing from 12-9:30PM. Now mind you that I normally wake UP at 12:30 or even 1PM, so if I hadn’t checked, I would have DEFINITELY been quite late to work. Thankfully because I checked, I at least knew when to come in, and knew that I had to get at least, SOME sleep coming into today; a good seven hours, you know? Since I was coming in today at noon, I actually needed to be up around 10AM, and leave by 11:20 or so, and somehow, some way, I did it! I mean I woke up just after 10, got my shit together, took a shower, and left my apartment at 11:25, catching the 11:35 uptown towards Manhattan. By the time I got to work and clocked in, it was 11:57, so I headed over to Stag, put on my work shirt, and got to it. I did spend a couple of minutes chatting with Joe and Chernin, and as I walked over to the Pasta Bar, I did have a couple morning servers a TAD bit confused why I was working in the morning, but here we are. Now since New Years has now come and passed, I kind of expected things to slow down quite a bit, and by no means was it as insane as it has been these past few weeks. But working at the pasta bar from 12-4:30, I actually stayed pretty damn busy for most of the shift. I mean sure things started off slower, but by 1PM my bar was full and so was my entire section. Now I had this one family who was either from the midwest or the south, and we were having a decent conversation until like… halfway through me talking to them, I saw the dad was wearing a “Trump and Pence 2020” shirt, and the mom was wearing a “Women for Trump” shirt. I actually started immediately tripping over my words, mostly because of just how baffled I was. Just… you’re in New York, don’t wear that garbage here. Maybe you can get away with it in DC, but not here. Fuck off. The wildest thing is that at the end of the meal, the mother mentioned that the girl that was with them was her ex-husband’s daughter, and that the elderly couple were her ex-husband’s parents. And then the guy goes “My best friend!” So from what I’m gathering, the man and the woman are now married, and she is his best friend’s ex-wife, which means that he has married his best friend’s ex-WIFE, and is now travelling with the man’s daughter and parents. I just have… so many questions.

I was pretty stressed for a little while there, but soon enough 3PM arrived and the night crew rolled in. It threw me off, because the one time I’m working a swing, Gina’s working the night shift, which NEVER happens. Either way, they all got their shit done and headed out at 3:30, and I was left to close out the bar for another hour. Mind you, I had not eaten yet today, and was STARVING. What I will say though, is that by the time I clocked out just after 4:30 and jotted down my numbers, I had made some MAD cash. Like only $275 in cc tips- not terrible- but $166 in cash. At the PASTA bar. Like hoooly fuck. I will say, people were incredibly generous today, and a couple tipped me over 20%, but still; that’s insane. Finally Gia relieved my spot at the pasta bar, which meant I could finally clock out and head off for some food. Before I left, Gina asked if I could pick her up a drink from Starbucks- peach tea, no ice, no lemonade, no sugar- and she would give me money for it. “Sure, I gotchu”. I made my way over to Pret, quickly grabbing the mac ‘n’ cheese and a “cup of goodness”, along with a chocolate chip cookie and a cup of water of course, and sat down to eat for a bit, enjoying finally getting some sustenance in my body. I mean seriously, I’ve been up since 10AM and by this point I was SO goddamn hungry. There was one point where Pret actually played “Honeybody”, which came on my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist a while ago, and I think is SUCH a bop. Genuinely a really good song if you want a song to jam out to. I wanted to give myself a bit of time before I needed to clock back in, so I could swing by Starbucks and pick up Gina’s drink, so with a good 15 minutes left in my break, I headed out of Pret and back to the World Trade Center, taking the escalators down to the Starbucks and standing in line to order the drink. A couple minutes later and I was at the front of the line, with a good eight minutes before I had to clock in. I ordered Gina’s drink, paid, and headed over to wait. One of the baristas came up to me soon after, saying that unfortunately they were out of Peach tea, so I ended up getting this Guava tea- “Let’s see if she likes it”. I brought it back with me, and after clocking back in, headed back over to Stag to put my things away and get my apron on. Gina saw me and excitedly came over, and I told her what had happened. She still took it, though as I got set-up at the Pizza Bar, she walked over and asked what I thought of it; she had mixed feelings. I didn’t mind it, and got back to setting up menus at the bar, and began taking care of the couple of customers I did have. A bit later I walked back to the bar to find a note from Gina that said “Did not like, do you want? :(” Listen, I don’t mind drinking that and staying hydrated. Also I had already paid for the tea, so I might as well drink it, right?

As for the evening shift, it was definitely quite a bit slower than the morning shift; I stayed… sort of busy, but worked to do some roll-ups when I wasn’t taking care of the few tables I had. I ended up getting cut around 8:00, but after I put in my numbers, the manager working, don’t know her name but she is the newest manager that just started working a good week or two ago, asked if I thought I had done enough roll-ups. I said “…sure!” to which Gina, who was standing at the host(ess) stand chatting with the host, the hostesses, and the manager, said “No he hasn’t. He clocked out at 4PM and hasn’t done any”. ALRIGHT Gina damn, why you gotta call me out like that? The manager asked if I had done enough where I wouldn’t feel guilty when I got home, and I told her I’d do a couple more and then leave. I mean I wouldn’t feel guilty either way, but I figured I might as well do a couple more. 27 roll-ups later, I grabbed my things and clocked out, the time now hitting 8:30. I said goodbye to everyone and headed over to the train station, calling Mags to chat for a hot second before catching the next 4 downtown. Unfortunately for me this weekend- the 4 will not be running starting 9:45PM tonight until Monday at 5AM. Which means I’ll have to catch the 3… wonderful; Either way, the 4 arrived and I was on my way home at last. For some reason or another the train kept stopping over and over again, so it took me a good half hour to get to work, but I still made it to Crown Heights by 9PM, making it back to my apartment by 9:10. Julian was of course still up, and the two of us ended up watching the first and second episode of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and I HATE it. Wow it is so bad. Like, I feel almost invested, but I still can’t tell whether it’s like… so bad it’s good? There’s basically no likeable characters, and it’s all just so… predictable. God why.

After we had finished watching the episode, I decided to try and hang up the shelf that I bought a bit back and have sitting on a chair, but after drilling out the holes and working to put in the anchors… one of the anchors fell INTO the wall. Well, the space between the two walls. Just… 0/10 feels bad man would not recommend. I decided to leave it for now, and hopefully have Andrew and his dad take a look tomorrow, but I was done. At 11:30 Julian started getting ready for bed and I headed off to the bodega, knowing I needed to at least eat SOMETHING before I went to bed. I ended up getting a chicken sandwich, and headed back to my apartment to enjoy the sandwich and then start writing this blog. Now normally my Saturdays consist of me going to bed at like 5AM, waking up at 1PM, and heading off to work; but not tomorrow! Tomorrow my friends Cassidy and Andy are going to be in the city, and Cat asked if I wanted to come meet them; so now I am meeting up with them as they arrive at Penn at 11AM. Wooooo. Seriously it’ll be nice to see them, but that meant I needed to get sleep tonight. But hey, it’s only 1:26AM, which is not terrible! For now, I need to wash up and hopefully get SOME sleep.

Until next time,


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