Starting the Year Off Strong With an Unexpectedly Full Day of Plans (1/2/2020)

Alright, I genuinely did not expect today to be as busy of a day as it was; not that I’m complaining by any means- I had so much fun and was really glad with how the day worked out, but goddamn. The only thing I knew coming into today was that I had a voice lesson with Jason at 11AM, but after that? Who knows! Now the day started off a bit shaky, when I woke up to my alarm at 9:10, but didn’t account for how much time it would take me to get ready and actually leave; with the 4 train ending up getting delayed at the station, and me already running late, I knew I wouldn’t get a full hour lesson, which is on me, but it is what it is. I texted Jason, letting him know that I would be a good 15-20 minutes late at least, hearing the doors finally close and at last being on my way uptown. As the train began and I started listening to music, I realized something, well something not that great- one of my headphones had just… stopped working. I was thinking about getting Airpods anyways, after a conversation I had with Maggie and Devon a day or two ago, but this kind of solidified my decision; after the lesson I’d just go down to an Apple store and pick myself up a pair. Bite the bullet and get some decent headphones… er Airpods, you know?

By the time I made it to 181st on the A, having transferred from the 4 at Fulton St. of course, I hurried over to Jason’s apartment complex, knocking on his door around 12:25. After stepping in and apologizing for being late, the two of us ending up chatting for a couple of minutes, catching up, before we finally got down to it and started singing. Now I definitely can say my voice was rusty; not only that, but I can feel myself getting sick, which is not great either. Despite all of that though, I genuinely think today’s lesson went quite well. We got some solid work done, and even decided on having me look into the A1 Auditions, which are coming up in about two weeks. Having this now set goal in mind is really exciting to me, and as long as I can stay healthy, I’m looking forward to them. Jason had to run around 1:15, needing to get ready for Phantom tonight, so I thanked him and headed out, hopping back on the A and taking it to 59th. Once there, I decided to transfer to the 1, taking it one stop to 66th, getting out, and walking over to the Apple Store nearby. I was in and out in under 20 minutes, but damn I did not realize how expensive Airpods are. I mean with Apple Care, I ended up dropping $204 for them; don’t get me wrong, so far I am definitely a fan and have been enjoying them, but yikes. With my new Airpods in, feeling like a true New Yorker, I walked back to 59th, hopping on a downtown A, prepped to head home. However just as I got on the train, I made the split-second decision to buy a ticket for 34th St. AMC’s 1:25 showing of Knives Out. I’d been wanting to see the movie for a bit, so I just made my way there instead, arriving late of course, but thankfully just before the actual movie started, so I didn’t miss anything important, (just the credits). As for the movie itself, I mean the acting was fantastic, and even though you can kind of assume who the villain is, the build-up and climax is so well done. I mean Ana de Armas as Marta was just fantastic, along with the rest of the cast of course, and I’m so glad I was able to go and see it before it left theaters.


Now as the movie ended, I checked my phone to see a snap from my friend, Rachel K. As I left the theater and headed on outside, I opened the snap to find that she was actually in the city for an interview, and was wondering if I was working today. I quickly gave her a call, and headed off to 39th St. to go meet her; Apparently the interviews today did not… go too well. I ended up running into her right as I arrived at 39th, and with her being on the phone I gestured we just go to a nearby Starbucks to chat. After she finished her call, we found seats upstairs, and she filled me in on what was going on. Basically she had two interviews today, and unfortunately, though they were on LinkedIn, both were scams. The first one basically didn’t even actually exist, and the second one, despite saying it was a marketing company, was really an on the ground fundraising company, from how she described it. Except unlike DialogueDirect, which is kinda scummy but legit, these guys were definitely scummy and hella scammy. Rachel could tell pretty quickly that something was up, and after a quick interview just for the hell of it, she had met up with me. At least she was hanging out with a friend and hadn’t wasted a day in the city, but it still sucks when shit like that happens. Now as we chatted, I ended up spotting Cindy Thole, who is one of the heads of FDU’s theater department, having a coffee chat with some gentleman I didn’t recognize. As they were getting up to leave, I ended up getting up and heading over to say hello, just having a quick conversation with her before she left. I mean the conversation was fine, but I figured I should say hello because I obviously knew her and otherwise it would’ve just been weird. After she left, I sat back down and Rachel and I ended up making plans to get dinner. After some digging, we ended up deciding to go to this restaurant that we actually went to, right before she left for grad school in 2018, called Bea. There were no reservations available at 6PM, so we just walked in, getting put on the waitlist and heading over to a nearby Starbucks to wait it out. Now the host said it would be 30 minutes, so I was definitely happy when I got a text after maybe 15 or 20 minutes, saying to come on back. Stepping back inside, we were led to our seats and handed the menus.

**Not only do we stan a professional friend, but look at that FOOD

I ended up sticking with water, while Rach went for a Virgin Mojito, trying to stick with “Dry January”. As for food, we ended up ordering this cheese app which was absolutely delicious, and then she got a Aji Tuna Tartar and Mac ‘n’ cheese I believe, while I went with the green pasta with shrimp. As we were enjoying the appetizer, Spencer, who was one of my friends from college and who had also performed in The Nuclear Plays with me in 2018, came up and said hello! She was with her brother, whom she was taking to see Lightning Thief tonight. When I mentioned that I had seen it, she excitedly said “How was it!” Let me know what you think… Listen, she told me later than she didn’t think it was terrible, but I just… don’t think it’s a good show. The lead actor has a great voice but oh boy can that guy not act. Also lyrically? Big oof. All the same it was really wonderful to see Spenc again. With the appetizer being devoured- SO good- our entrees came and we dug in once more. Seriously, Bea has not disappointed me either time we’ve gone there. Great atmosphere, good food, we love. We ended up ordering a this brownie with ice cream and caramelized pecans, when I got another tap on my shoulder. This time it was actually David, who’s another server at Eataly! What are the ODDS. I mean I really loved seeing so many people today, but like for a city that is as large as New York, it sure is small, huh? Finally finishing up our meal, we paid and made our way to the PATH, where Rach and I parted ways- her back to New Jersey and me back to Brooklyn. Catching the A to the 4, I ended up napping a good bit of the ways back to Crown Heights, actually having a girl wake me as the doors opened; “This is the last stop”. Thanks! Whew that could’ve been bad my goodness. Before heading home I actually made a detour and headed over to my local Walgreens, where I picked up some toilet paper, tissues, and this sinus rinse my voice instructor Jason recommended called “NeilMed” before making my way back home. As I got to the door to my apartment, I was elated to see that the 55″ TV had at last arrived and was leaning against the door. By the time I got it out of the box and set up… goddamn is it big. I’m glad that it’s this big, but DAMN. I mean sure it’s almost twice the size of my TV, but you don’t really know what that looks like until you actually have it all set up. Just as I was finishing setting the thing up, Julian got home, and the two of us chatted for a little while before he headed off to bed. I’ve been writing yesterday and today’s blogs for a good two hours now, and need to go to bed. Tomorrow I’m actually working a swing shift, which means I’m working 12PM-9:30PM. Thank god I checked or I definitely would have slept in and that would be no good. Here’s to the new year, and getting back into the swing of things!

Until next time,



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