With 2019 Over, Time to Set Some Resolutions for the New Decade (1/1/2020)

So I’m actually writing this blog post at the end of the day on January 2nd, mostly because I actually had a busy day today, and needed to get some sleep; moreover, I wanted to be able to properly write out my thoughts, so here we are. With that out of the way…

Happy New Year everyone! 2019 has reached its conclusion, and at last a new decade has arrived- hello 2020! Frankly, as I went through in detail in my last post, 2019 was nothing if not a rollercoaster of a year. It was one of the hardest years of my life, but somehow, some way, I made it through and have grown so much because of it. There were a lot of things that I generally wanted to get done throughout 2019, but for the majority of the year I was so focused on just making money and surviving that I wasn’t really able to focus on much of anything else. However, it is a new year, and a new decade altogether, so now that I feel like I’m at a stable point in my life for now, I want to really lay down what I want to do this year. First and foremost, I want to get back into acting; like 2019 I got an agent sure, and I of course went on auditions here and there, but I wasn’t actually booking and acting, and damn do I miss it. This year, whether it’s straight plays, musicals, films, whatever- I need to act. It’s what I want to do with my life, and I’ve been putting it off for far too long. Adding onto this, I also want to get back into voice lessons, and really crack down on making actual progress on my singing ability. I really believe I have some talent when it comes to singing, but after months of just putting it off and putting it off, my voice is at the very least… rusty. I really enjoy singing, and I can’t wait to actually improve my voice, and get it to a place where I feel proud and not embarrassed when I’m at auditions; have that confidence to show off what I can do. Maybe I’ll even take a couple classes- whether it be acting or even dancing- but I’m going to leave that one for now.


**Quiet Waters Park- such a gorgeous and serene place

Besides resolutions focused on my career, there is definitely a lot more I want to get done this year. I’d love to say something like “get a girlfriend”, but at this point I’m in no rush to get one; sure I’d like one, and sure it’d be great to have that type of person in my life again, but at the same time that’s not something I think should take my full attention, (at least for the time being). I mean last year, since I felt so shaky and unstable in most the rest of my life, especially when it came to my financial situation as I switched job to job, I leaned all the way in on my last relationship, and that pressure put an incredible strain on my ex, which was one of the reasons she ended things; it took me a while to see that, but I understand. I can’t be like that person again, and if that means I need to spend time by myself working on who I am so I don’t fall back into old patterns and lean so heavily on another person, I am honestly and truly okay with that. What I do want to focus on this year is bettering myself, not only by getting back into cooking and actually prepping myself meals, instead of just going to the bodega every night, but also by going to the gym, becoming a healthier and overall more fit person. I’ve always had this fantasy of just, taking off my shirt one day and having people be in awe; it sounds a bit conceited sure, but as a person who is not embarrassed by his figure, but has always been tall lanky kid, being able to show off a very toned body, with proper muscles, would be a huge confidence booster. I want to be someone that people find sexy and attractive, not just “cute”. the 10’s Michael was “cute”, the 20’s Michael? Nah he’s gonna be one that girls should keep an eye on. My biggest issue whenever it comes to going to the gym is that I feel like I’ve never had any motivation, and when I do, I have no idea what I’m doing and feel like I get nothing productive done. Thankfully Blink Fitness, which is a good 10 minute walk from my apartment, (right close by to the subway station), has pretty cheap personal trainers, who I hope could really kick my ass and get me in the proper mindset when it comes to working out and my overall health.

Now those are my main resolutions for this year, but I of course will have more as the months unfold; whether it be going on dates, to spending more time with friends and family, we’ll have to see what happens. But for now, I am genuinely so excited for this year, and the 365 days of possibilities and wonder set before me, and I can’t wait for whatever’s to come my way this year. Now as for the day itself, now that I have these resolutions written out and out of the way, frankly it was definitely a really wonderful final day in Maryland. We started the day off decently early, with Mags waking me up at 10AM- to be honest with you, I don’t know if I was in a deep sleep or what, but when she opened the door I almost had a panic attack- and I spent the next… well half hour with me getting up around 10:30, finishing up packing up and cleaning up the room, along with getting dressed, and heading downstairs ready to go. Dad had said that we were going to leave around 11, but as he arrived and said that Susan and the boys were not ready to go yet, (the boys being Susan’s sister’s kids, who were with us for New Years), we took the extra time to call my dad’s brother, Doug, to thank him for his gifts. After a quick panic about what he had gotten me- I truly couldn’t remember- Jake reminded me that Doug and his wife Wanda had gotten me a blue beanie; god bless you Jake. Now as Uncle Doug answered the phone and my dad passed the conversation to me, Doug goes “Michael, I hear congratulations are in order!” What? “Sorry right that’s for Maggie.” Ah yes right, I am incredibly single- thanks for the reminder! Seriously though, I was dying because goddamn; Me?! Engaged?! Never. With everyone thanking Doug for the presents, we said goodbye and soon enough got out of the house, taking two seperate cars to get to Grumps- my dad, Susan, and the boys in one car, and Jake, Maggie, Devon, and me in the other. With all my things piled in the trunk, I was set to go and away we went.


**Inside of Grumps; always busy on the first of the year

Now Grumps is this little cafe in Annapolis, with some really solid breakfast and brunch food; we ate there last year at New Years, and I’m really glad we were able to come back. As soon as everyone arrived we headed in, heading up to the front and ordering our food before sitting down at a makeshift eight top the employees got together for us, and waiting for our food. I ended up ordering chicken and biscuits, which came with gravy of course, and a yogurt that had granola and fruit in it; and let me tell you, the food did not disappoint. Sure it took a hot second for the food to arrive, but I mean it tasted so good that I was not complaining! Now by the time we had finished our food it was already reaching past 2PM, so we paid and left, heading towards Quiet Waters Park, another favorite spot of ours for New Years. It was really odd, as we walked down to the same area we were at last year, and looked off at the calm waters ahead of us; a full year had gone by in the blink of an eye, and even though it felt like it went by so quickly, it also felt like one of the longest years of my life. Despite all the ups and downs, I’m still alive, and I still have loved ones, and for that I will be eternally grateful. Taking a couple pictures, we finally started walking back, heading past the cars to the ice rink just to quickly take a bathroom break before we needed to get going. After giving a big hug to dad and Susan, along with a sincere goodbye to Jake, Maggie, Devon, and I headed out; with Jake riding with Dad, Susan, and the boys, since Maggie and Devon were just going to be heading back to their apartment after they dropped me off.

Now before we headed to the train station, (I had to change to my departure location to BWI this morning, because I had accidentally bought both my tickets for Baltimore Penn), the three of us made a quick pit-stop at a Super Walmart that was nearby. Now I know it was called a “Super Walmart” and all, but godDAMN was it huge. I mean I stepped into it and the building felt like it went on and on for MILES. To be fair we do have the Macy’s on 34th St, but still. Maggie and Devon parted ways with me, needing to do some shopping, with me making a pit-stop at the bathroom before heading over to the electronics department, meeting up with them as I went to get a case for my Switch- I went with the Legend of Zelda case because of course- along with a surge protector for my room. After we got those, we headed off so they could pick up a couple more things, before paying and heading on out. Once we made it to BWI, we hung out and chatted for a few minutes before I gave my final hugs, saying goodbye to two more people that I love so much, and headed into the waiting room, waiting for my train to arrive. At 6:34 an announcement came on and I made my way to the platform, and by 6:37 I was on the train and on my way to New York at last.


**Another picture at Grumps, this time in their bathroom

Finding a seat, I settled in for the long train ride and, after playing my switch for a couple minutes, closed my eyes and passed out for most of the ride back up to the big city. We pulled into Penn at 9:45, and with all my things in hand, I found my way over to the A, catching the next downtown train to Fulton Street, before transferring over to the 4 and finally taking the last leg of my journey. Julian had texted me, saying that he might be asleep by the time I got home, and I was impressed to find that by the time I stepped inside the apartment, glad to be home again, Julian’s door was closed. He wasn’t asleep, but definitely settling in, so I wished him a Happy New Years before settling down myself; unpacking my bags and putting everything I could away. Around 11PM I headed over to the local bodega and got myself a turkey and cheese, wishing them all a Happy New Year, before heading back home, enjoying the sandwich, and surprisingly, going to bed! I mean I have voice lessons at 11AM, which means even though it’s my day off, I will need to be up just after 9AM- the entire commute is going to take a solid hour. For now, Happy New Year everyone, and let me leave you with this cheesy yet true line as we enter the new decade- “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

Until next time,



**Picture I took of everyone at Quiet Waters Park; kinda looks like a band cover lol

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