Home at Last; Man I Missed My Family (12/30/19)

Man what a day it’s been. After a busy weekend working, it truly felt amazing knowing today I’d be back home spending some time with family; I love New York and I actually don’t hate working, but of course I miss my family. The fact that I had to miss Christmas this year because I was working was definitely saddening, but at least I’m here now, right? I mean right now it’s 4:06AM, and I am sitting in my dad’s bed, which he’s letting me use because he’s over at his wife Susan’s house for the night. Now today has just been a wild ride of travel, food, and family, and I am so grateful for that. The day began with me waking up to my first alarm at 8:10, and laying in bed for a little while relaxing for just a little bit before I knew I had to be up. I heard Julian getting up and leaving around 8:30, so I wished him a happy new year through the wall before he left, and soon enough I knew it was time to get up and get moving myself.

Hopping in the shower around 8:45, I ended up finishing up washing up and getting dressed by 9:20, where I quickly left my apartment, backpack and umbrella prepped and ready, and headed off towards the subway. Thankfully I was actually doing well on time this morning, so I grabbed a seat on the 4 train and soon enough we got moving. I rode the 4 all the way to Fulton, where I then ended up transferring to the A, which took me all the way up to Penn Station. I was worried I was going to be cutting it close, but by the time I made it to Penn and up to Amtrak, it was still barely 10:20; now the Amtrak train I was catching was originally supposed to leave at 10:35, but of course the one time I’m early the train ends up getting delayed a good 20 minutes. With this extra time to spare, I headed over to a nearby Pret to get a cup of goodness and a bottle of water- complimenting one of the cashiers on her Wonder Woman laniard- before heading on back to wait for my train to at last be announced. As I waited, headphones in of course, there was this woman just pacing back and forth, yell preaching about god knows what to deaf ears. Ah yes, only in New York can someone be shouting and attempting to create a scene, and not only do police not feel the need to kick her out, but truly no one was even paying attention in the first place. Only in New York.

Finally, just after 10:55 my train was called on, I believe track’s 13 and 14. I made my way through the crowd, and before too long I was on the escalator down to the tracks, heading inside one of the nearest cars, grabbing a seat, and quickly storing my umbrella up above, with my backpack at my feet. I did listen to music and watch videos for a bit, but as soon as the conductor came around and checked my ticket, I promptly passed out for most of the trip to Baltimore. Finally, after a good two and a half hours, (maybe longer) on the train, I arrived at Baltimore Penn Station, quickly heading outside to greet Maggie and Devon, who were kindly treating me for lunch. Getting in the car, we headed on over to their apartment, just so I could see the new place they got, along with my nephew and niece- their cats. As we were there, I did take a quick bathroom break before we loaded back up in their car, this time with the presents they got me for Christmas next to me in the backseat, and heading to BonChon for lunch. Now BonChon is a Korean fried chicken place, and it definitely is some pretty damn tasty food.

When we arrived, we actually ended up getting a table almost immediately, and after a bit of discussing the three of us ordered a large thing of chicken tenders- 30 pieces- along with some loaded fries, some fried rice, and these fried shrimp from the Happy Hour Menu. Maggie ended up getting a Pepsi, Devon ordered a Shirley Temple, and well I couldn’t resist so I got a StrongBow cider. We chatted for a while, enjoying the delicious food before getting it packed up, paying, and heading out. We needed two separate boxes for the chicken, because Devon ordered 5 spicy wings, and after trying one oh my god it’s hot. Like that’s not “oh it’s hot with some nice flavor”, this is heat making the statement- imma make you cry”. I took ONE bite and my tongue was just on fucking fire. After they paid- I was still prepped to split the bill but I guess not- we headed on back to North Beach; everyone was there but us! Oh, before we truly got on our way, we did stop off at Tous Les Jours, which is like a delicious bakery. We got a couple of things to go before beginning the trek that would be our journey down to southern Maryland.

It definitely took a bit to get home due to traffic, but about an hour, hour and 20 minutes, I was at last- home. We headed on inside and greeted Jake, along with our cat Gus, as we set our things down and relaxed. After a bit dad came down and I finally opened my present. Honestly my heart is so warm and I am so grateful for the gifts everyone got me. I got stuff for my apartment, more fun socks, a scarf, gift cards, a switch- I’ve actually been up playing that for a good while- and Maggie and Devon even got me a super cool figurine of Jinx from League. I genuinely don’t know where I’m gonna put it when I get back to New York, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that my family is the best and I love them so much.

To truly end the night, Jake ended up creating a DnD quest for Maggie, Devon, and I, where we could all actually play in person, instead of online. Honestly, I had a bunch of fun. Also found out that those chicken strips we packed up from BonChon’s? Great cold. As for the DnD game, it lasted a decent while, but after Maggie began getting tired, Jake fast-forwarded through a bit of the story, but we finished it all the same, and frankly I had a lot of fun. Once we ended the game, I grabbed my switch and headed on up, and have been playing Pokémon Sword for the past couple hours. It’s now 4:41, and my body is just shutting down faster and faster. Tomorrow is New Years Eve, and then the decade will be over and 2020 will begin. God that’s terrifying, but I can’t wait.

Until next time,


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