Just Ride Out Those Chaotic Waves and Get Through the Day (12/29/19)

You know sometimes when your day begins and everything just seems to have this… chaotic energy to it? Like you can’t tell if it’s a bad chaotic or a good chaotic, it’s just… there; And all you really can do is ride that wave and hope to God you don’t drown. That basically sums up today. I day full of busyness and chaos, but somehow, someway, I didn’t drown and reached the shore. The day began chaotic enough, not really for me, but definitely for Andrew and his parents. I was in my bedroom, having woken up earlier on in the morning due to Andrew and his parents continuing to build pieces for his room, but thankfully I was at least able to fall asleep and get an hour or two more of sleep, before my body of course woke me up again. Man I have not gotten a proper night’s rest in a couple days now, and frankly I don’t see that happening tonight at all, either. I mean tomorrow I leave for Maryland, and with my train leaving at 10:30 I’m gonna have to be up early; And it’s already 2AM- Fuck. Now I heard Andrew and his parents’ voices again, but I wasn’t really in the mood to do much socializing, so I instead just stayed in my room watching YouTube videos until I had to get up and shower at 1:45. I actually ended up doing pretty well on time, and by time I was fully washed up and ready, it was only 2:18! I grabbed my things and headed out, giving a quick “Hello, goodbye” to Andrew and his parents before hurrying down the stairs and to the subway.

I made pretty solid time today getting to the train, which is good because the 4 was actually running local like yesterday, and the next train was arriving at 2:30, instead of 2:33. As the train pulled into the station, I grabbed a seat and closed my eyes, with the train lurching forward once more and moving us closer and closer to Manhattan. After a good 25 minutes, we arrived at Fulton, and knowing I still didn’t have a ton of time, I rushed off the train and quickly walked up the escalator steps and into Eataly. Clocking in at 2:56, I headed onto the floor to find that I was going to be in Section 1 today; good news- I was on wine and ice, which works for me. Bad news? It’s Section 1- the pasta bar. This meant I would be dealing with people at the bar seating themselves, along with a couple of tables in the actual restaurant, and could get pretty damn swamped, depending on how busy it would be this afternoon. And it already looked plenty busy, let me tell you. Now as I was getting wine together, Gina came up to me and gave me one of Pret’s little fudge brownies, basically saying that she was repaying me for getting her one last week; the funny thing about that is, I did that mostly because she had left me some fruit the day before, and I wanted to say thank you to her. I mean now I’m gonna have to buy her a little something else, so that’s where we are. Honestly it’s fun and I’m happy to do it; no harm no fowl, right? With the floor actually being pretty well stocked with wine already, the three of us doing wine tonight finished with time to spare, and I ended up helping roll a bit silverware before it was time for me to head on out for some food.

As I clocked out for break, I took a quick peek into the breakroom before deciding to just go to Pret like I always do. Getting my usual food, I sat down and relaxed, watching some YouTube for the 20 minutes I had to breathe, before it was time to head on back to Eataly. A quick stop by the bathroom later and I was all clocked in and over to pre-shift, where the day truly began. I mean, nothing crazy in pre-shift, mostly Sergio congratulating us on breaking the record of sales for Downtown Eataly, which is pretty cool, and then warning us that it could be busy tonight; Here’s where I started feeling the chaotic energy in the restaurant. Pretty early on I had this person at the bar order a Bloody Mary, and when I went over to get it, Tina- our bartender today- ended up spilling some of the mix all over the glass; things seemed hectic at the bar. Later on in the night, Michele set a wine glass down only for it to just straight up shatter. That, added onto the fact of how busy our pop was right during the change from the morning crew to the night crew just really fueled the fire of chaos. The strangest bit though, was like right during the chaos, where I had a full bar and a couple large parties to take care of. I had just worked to fix a problem where I had forgotten to put in a tables orders, and with one of the people ordering a Cacio e Pepe, which takes 20 minutes to make at least, they were not getting their food any time soon. After approval from one of the managers, I sent them a Grande Piatto and all was well. Anywho, I fixed that problem and was pouring some beer for another table where it felt like all the noise quieted down and I found this weird tranquility with all this chaos. I found the center of the storm. After that I honestly had a blast, and it felt like I was just riding the wave through to the end of the day, keeping positive and helping others when I could. After that initial pop things actually did slow down a decent bit, and by 9PM the bar was closed and I only had to focus on a table or two on the floor. Also! Adding in to the chaos earlier in the day that I forgot to mention- I had this older couple sitting at my bar probably around 6PM; nice people, looked like tourists. At the end of their meal they asked for their check, and then said to me “You know, we were just saying how you kind of stick out here, with the Mexican cartel”. Not sure if they said I was sticking out, or if I looked like I didn’t belong, but I promise you that they described my coworkers, many of whom just happen to be Hispanic, as the “Mexican cartel”. I just tried to laugh and move past it, and get them out of there as soon as possible, because wow. I truly haven’t seen that level of ignorance and racism in a minute. Also they were from Texas, and come on that literally borders Mexico man. Also this is New York; what were you expecting? I mean I guess if you go to like, the M&M store in Time Square, MAYBE you’ll only see white tourists, but come on! New York is such a giant melting pot of so many different cultures. My god.

Anyways, I ended up closing my final table out, right around 10:15, and before I knew it I was jotting my numbers down, clocking out, and heading home! I did have to run through the rain to catch the next 4 train arriving at 10:33, but I made it! On my way home I also listened to a coworker’s music; I knew he was a singer, but after seeing some other coworkers post him singing on Instagram, I decided to check him out on Spotify. Honestly give it a listen, “Boy Brooks” on Spotify. Talented man right there. Soon enough I was in Brooklyn and out of the subway, quickly walking over to the bodega and getting myself a cheeseburger and fries, before heading on over to my apartment. And I made really solid time tonight, too! I was in my apartment eating food like just after 11PM. Now Julian was in his room when I got home, and with him saying that he was going to try and get some sleep, I finished my sandwich and moved to my room, playing one game of League before beginning to write this blog. However, I also paused to watch the newest episode of My Hero Academia when Julian knocked on my door; my man could not sleep, and the two of us ended up chatting for a good little while before we headed off into our separate rooms- him binging Shameless, and me finishing the episode of My Hero Academia. Episode 11 of season 4 man, what in the actual fuck; My emotions were not prepared for that. Anyways, tomorrow I head on down to Maryland, so I should definitely try and get some much needed sleep. God I can’t wait to see my family! (Also Maggie showed me the presents that were waiting for me at home, and obviously I’m curious what’s in them. I’m not a robot)

Until next time,


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