The Three Amigos, Back At It Again! (Yet Somehow STILL Only For One Night)(12/28/19)

Today was finally the day; the day where our third roommate Andrew officially moved into the apartment. He’s been on tour with the Grinch for a good month and a half now, but when we were searching for an apartment during the final weeks of October, he was actually the one I looked with. It’s been a long two months, but I’m glad to have all the lads together. Well I’d say that, but Andrew and I are both heading back to our respective homes to spend New Years with family, so we’re nearly there! Now as for today, Andrew said he’d be arriving around 3PM, which means I would just miss him as I headed off to work, and I would come home to him being moved in; exciting stuff! After going to bed exceptionally late, I ended up still waking up around 12:40, and after not being able to reach Eddie to try and get someone to come by and look at our oven, I just relaxed until I desperately had to get ready for work. After showering, washing up and getting dressed, I ended up chatting with Julian for a couple minutes, who remarked that it looked even cleaner; I mean after we tidied up last night, I went back over and wiped down most of the surfaces, so before I headed to my room our apartment looked pristine. After we chatted for a couple minutes I realized I was definitely running a bit late, so I hurried off to the train just as Andrew said he was closing in on arriving at the apartment. As I was walking to the subway, I checked the MTA app to find that the next 4 would be arriving at 2:37, which is solid because I definitely wasn’t going to catch the earlier one. Making it to the subway by 2:34, the 4 ended up arriving on the local track, which meant even despite catching a train before 2:40, I was still going to get to work a couple of minutes late.

After going stop after stop after stop, we finally arrived at Fulton, where I had to rush out of the subway and over to Eataly, knowing that I was behind on time and late. Clocking in at 3:05, I headed onto the floor, and after finding that I was in section 3 today, I started on wine and ice to begin my day. I mostly stocked all the white wines, along with putting some wine in the vikings to chill, while Rue and Lily stocked the others wines along with the ice. Easy stuff! By the time 3:30 rolled around we had just finished up, so I grabbed my things, clocked out, and headed off for my break. I did check to see what was for the staff meal, but of course I chose to just go over to Pret for my usual meal. One of the main people that kind of knows me at this point was working the register, and she ended up taking off like half of my meal, which was god so kind. I truly am grateful for these Pret workers, man. After enjoying my 20 minutes of relaxation, I grabbed my things and headed back to Pret, taking a quick pit-stop before clocking back in and heading over to pre-shift. Now there wasn’t any crazy new news for pre-shift, but they told us that they were hoping we’d break the store record and pass 100k as the entirety of Eataly Downtown by the end of the day. With that goal in mind, we headed onto the floor and the day began.

Now even though I was in one of the busier sections, section 3 is actually fairly small, so for the most part I had quite the easy day. No real crazy tables to point out, but there was this one table, which happened to be the Lily’s- the server next to me- who were seated right next to our computers. I was a bit overwhelmed at one point, having to make a bunch of different desserts, and was looking at the computer when I said “Jesus Christ!” The kid sitting at that table looked at me and said “You can’t say that!” Now I’ve never been told off by a child before, but damn. Of course I responded with my usual sarcasm, putting my hands together, looking towards the heavens, and saying “Oh, Jesus Christ”. “You can’t say that!” His parents said that I was using it differently, and that I was saying a prayer. Yeah kid! Don’t be assuming that I’m just cursing; god new generations amiright? Seriously though, shit definitely lightened the mood quite a bit. Things stayed busy throughout the day, and towards the very end of the shift, Sergio came by and showed us that we had actually broken the 100k record as an entire store, and we had even beaten our last record sale at La Pizza La Pasta, hitting over like 55k by ourselves in profits on the day. That’s kind of wild, right? With things slowing down to a stop, we spent the next hour polishing and rolling a good 5+ buckets of silverware, before jotting down our numbers and getting the hell out of there. My numbers weren’t anything special tonight, like $350 or something in cc tips, but I did walk away with $160 in cash, so I’ll take that. Unfortunately I did clock out right after 11PM, and ended up having to wait a good 10-12 minutes for the next downtown 4 to show up.

As I waited for the train, I called Maggie to pass the time, and she ended up going into a bit more detail about dad’s retelling of me surprising him with dinner and tickets for To Kill a Mockingbird, and even got a bit teary eyed. Wow I love my dad so much, and I really am so happy how much he loved his gift. Honestly it makes me so happy to bring joy like that to someone I care for so deeply. As the 4 arrived, I headed onto the train and rode it all the way home to Utica, getting off and hurrying on over to the bodega. At this point it was past 11:40, but thankfully they were still open and I was able to get a turkey and cheese before heading to my apartment to end the night. Andrew and Julian had texted me earlier on, letting me know that Andrew and his parents were still building furniture, but I came home to what can only be described as the aftermath of a tornado ripping through our living room. Bags and boxes and other random items just everywhere. All the same I greeted everyone and honestly Julian, Andrew and his parents, and I all hung out and chatted for a good couple hours; drinking, laughing, and listening to music, which was really wonderful. Andrew’s parents were commandeering Andrew’s bed for the night, so Andrew was once more on the couch. Also! Andrew’s dad figured out why the oven wasn’t working. Breaker wasn’t on. Yikes. So at least that works! By 2AM Andrew’s parents had to go to bed, but frankly Julian, Andrew, and I didn’t disperse until 3AM. it’s now just after 5, and I should’ve written this post earlier but I got distracted playing League. Tomorrow I’m back to work, and then on Monday I leave for Maryland until the new year! God I can’t wait to see the fam again.

Until next time,



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