Holiday Days Mean Giant Parties Here at Eataly (12/26/19)

Christmas is now over and we all know what that means- time to get on back to work! I will say, I never mind work days, mostly because of the people I work with. Well, also because I like making money, but the people are definitely a good perk. Even with Christmas being over, it’s still the holiday season which means Eataly is as busy as ever. Today started a bit later, which is due mostly to the fact that I did go to bed right at 5AM last night; I really need to get into the habit of going to bed earlier. Honestly one of my goals for 2020, that I’m going to push myself to keep, is to get a trainer and actually begin seriously working out. I don’t plan on getting incredibly buffed- wouldn’t happen unless I truly spent every day working out- but I hope it will at least help me tone out and build some solid muscle. Frankly it’s been a goal of mine for a long time now, and why not 2020, right? Of course January 1st will be used as a marker of what I want to do with the year, so let’s not get into that now, but yeah. Today I woke up around 1:10, and after relaxing in bed for a good while, I finally got up to shower. I was running a bit late, never a surprise, and by the time I was fully showered, washed up, and dressed, it was already 2:25- ack! With very little time to spare before the train was scheduled to leave at 2:33, I rushed out of the apartment and to the subway, jogging most of the way there and making it- I’ll be it a bit breathless- by 2:31.

I don’t know why, but every time I rush to get to the train, it just so happens to be the one time where it gets delayed, and I could’ve just walked and made it there fine; Today was one of those days. I mean I make it to the train early enough and all, with the train being full I of course am standing up, but despite all of this, the 4 train sits in the station until 2:38, where we thankfully start moving and I’m at last on my way to work. A couple of stops in and quite of a few people get off, meaning that I can actually grab myself a seat, breathing in my music as we fly through the dark subway tunnels. Before too long we arrive at Fulton St., and I need to quickly get off and hurry to work; it’s already 2:57! By the time I make it through the doors and up the escalators, snaking my way through the crowd of people and into Eataly, it’s already 3PM. Quickly clocking in, I head onto the floor, and finding that I’m in section 6 today I get started on restocking the lowboys. After dropping off my things at Stag and putting on my work shirt, I get started only to find out quite quickly… we’re out of basically everything. Merry Christmas to us! I stocked what I could, but with the fact that we didn’t have any other boxes of large sparking, large still, small sparkling, ginger ale, limonata, mole cola and diet mole cola… things were a bit scarce. I mean mole and diet mole are easy because we just get some out from the back but other than that… not a great time. I was on lowboys with JR, and we got done what we could before it was already time to clock out for break. Oh, also! When I was opening up boxes and getting what water we did have out to stock the lowboys, I the back of my left pointer finger on cardboard box. Still hurts! Lucky me. After bandaging my bleeding finger up, I clocked out and headed off to break, hungry and ready for some food.

After a brief stop in the break room, I just made my way over to Pret, bringing a bit of chicken that was for lunch with me, just to kind of test it out. You know when you’re eating something, and it just seems a bit… off? Not like rotten or anything, but whether it’s the taste or the texture, it just isn’t working for you? Needless to say after a couple of bites that chicken went straight into the trash. Oh well. Making my way outside, I sprinted across the street to avoid getting hit by a car, and soon enough I was inside Pret. Grabbing my usual meal, I made my way over to the cashier, who ended up giving me my cookie on the house- god bless them- and after thanking her I made my way to a seat, settling down before digging in. By the time I had finished eating it was already just past 4PM, so I got up, tossed my trash, and made my way back over to Eataly; making a quick pit-stop before clocking in and heading over to pre-shift. As for pre-shift, there really wasn’t anything special going on today- no pasta special, no pizza special. Just a new beer called “Double Negative” that was replacing our Porter. Wow, it tastes like beer! I hate it. Joking aside- well not joking because I really don’t like beer- if you like coffee you’d definitely be a fan of this beer. Even though it sits at 10% ABV, it doesn’t drink like there’s that much alcohol in it. Definitely gives off strong hints of coffee though, even though coffee beans aren’t used when making the beer. Interesting and all, but just not my cup of tea… er, beer?

All of this being said, I headed onto the floor and my day at last began. What I will say is that after working in the busier sections over and over again, it felt almost weird working in 6. It’s a more conserved area, and frankly all I had tonight were large parties; which is great! I made decent money and never felt stressed, getting to give quality service to a good amount of people. I mean the day began on a sour note, when Patricia- the server working section 6 in the morning- transferred me a table that ended up tipping $10 on a $130 bill. I mean I kind of expected that from them, (some people you can just kind of tell), but it still is never fun to get that. However, things began to look up with my next big tables. After that first rough tip, I ended up getting mostly 18-20% tips throughout the rest of the night. I did have one table tip me like 10%, and then this family from the midwest, who had a great time- I gave them good service, they got their food quickly with no problems- tipped me MAYBE 10%. It frustrates me the most when Americans tip 10% because you KNOW what how tipping works. You KNOW you should tip 18-20%, and yet you still choose to be an asshole. Go back to Kansas and just, never come back, k? ALSO they mocked my bussers accent, because she was British! She asked if they wanted tap or bottled water, and the woman at the table said “I have no idea what you just said”, and scoffed. Like bitch? It’s called proper English; but I guess you wouldn’t have any idea what in the fuck that is, you uncultured shrew. Despite these Scrooges, my other tables were generally very kind. Probably the best two tables of the night was one of my final tables, who ended up having a $230+ bill and the guy tipped me $50, along with them leaving me $20 in cash, which is just wonderful. I ALSO had a group of girls, frankly I don’t think any of them were even 18 but who knows, who had a great time. Towards the end of the meal, one of the girls came up and told me that it was one of their friends birthdays, and was curious if we did anything special for birthdays. However when I asked if they wanted dessert, no one seemed about it and the girl said “Never mind”. I dunno, I wasn’t having it. My mind made up, I headed over to our gelato stand and got them a scoop of vanilla and a scoop of pistachio, putting a candle in there and bringing it over to the table. They were delighted. At the end of the meal, which came up to $173.10, they ended up tipping me $42 in cash, which really warmed my heart.

As things started to wrap up, I worked to dump the ice and put away all the wine, which ended with me getting my shirt a bit drenched, but whatever, and then I moved on to polishing and rolling whatever silverware was left. It was also another server Liz’s birthday today! We had wished her a happy birthday at the beginning of service, but after she had jokingly asked one of the runners, Partha, where her birthday ice cream was, he actually ended up bringing some over to her, candles and all. We all sang “Happy Birthday” to her, before digging in on the treat before us; goddamn we have some good gelato at Eataly. By the time 11PM hit, we finished up, put in our numbers, and got out of there. I ended up making a good $120 or $130 in cash, and $380 in cc tips; definitely not a terrible night, for how slow it felt. I rushed and caught the 11:03 4 downtown, and before I knew it I was off and headed home. Once I got off the train, I walked over to my local bodega, where I got a turkey and cheese sandwich for dinner. While I was waiting for my food, this guy comes in and starts going “Yo!” trying to get the chef’s attention. First off, be polite. Like come on, this chef is my man here. He’s very kind, so show him some common decency. Then the man goes “How much for a tuna fish sandwich?” $4. “$4?? That’s so expensive. It should be $3”. First off, that’s not expensive for a sandwich. Second, if you don’t like the price, leave. THEN the man just suddenly goes “I need a microwave. How do y’all not sell microwaves here?” Sir this is a BODEGA, not a Target or a Walmart. Jesus Christ. I paid for my sandwich, getting a Reese’s cup as well, before thanking the guys working and heading out. I made it back to my apartment to find Julian still awake, though getting ready for bed. We chatted for a couple minutes, with me absentmindedly putting together the shelf for our living room that had arrived today, (Exciting!), before he turned in. I decided against drilling holes in the wall and hanging the shelf up, since that would obviously keep Julian up, and instead just finished my sandwich before surfing the web for a bit and then turning my attention towards League. With the time now being 4:26, it’s finally time for sleep. Tomorrow it’s back to another day at Eataly, and then it’s the weekend. Once I get through Sunday, it’ll finally be time to make my way at last to Maryland, so I can celebrate the new year with my family. Man I can’t wait.

Until next time,


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