Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone! Who Knew a Bath Would Be Such an Arduous Task… (12/25/19)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I hope today was a magical day for all of you full of happiness, love, and wonder; spending time with the ones you love. Unfortunately this year I wasn’t able to come home for Christmas, since I worked late into Christmas Eve, and will be working tomorrow, the 26th, but honestly that’s going to make coming home for New Years all the sweeter. Now all I have to do is make it through the next four days… fun fun. Joking aside, today was really just a nice and relaxing day, which is exactly what Christmas should be right? Now today began pretty late into the day, with me waking up just after 1PM; great way to start the day, in my opinion. After relaxing in bed for a good hour, I figured it would be a good time to actually get up, maybe get something to eat. Before any of that though, I wanted to call up my family and wish them all a Merry Christmas. I may not be able to be there in person, but I still wanted to see their wonderful faces. Calling up Maggie, I chatted with her and Devon for a little while, until they started moving downstairs to see everyone. Switching over to FaceTime, I chatted with everyone in the house for a good little while before I needed to go eat; I mean it was already closing in on 3! Sure I didn’t have much of any plans today, but food was a priority. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and telling them all I loved them, I hung up, now fully dressed, and made my way out the door and towards food.

The original plan was to go to Subway; they hate their employees, right? I mean, they had them work Thanksgiving after all. However once I arrived at the corner, I was thankfully proven wrong when I found the Subway closed for the day. But guess what WAS open next door? McDonalds! I mean, we been knew they didn’t give a shit about their employees. I felt bad, coming in and supporting a business open on Christmas, but I desperately needed food, so I ordered a Big Mac meal along with some cookies, wished the workers “Happy Holidays!” and headed on home. Once inside, I quickly ate my late lunch before settling down and prepping to do the only thing on my to do list today- take a bath using that bath bomb I bought from Lush. You know, I had this vision in my head, right? Warm bath, eyes closed, maybe drinking some wine or liquor; listening to music or watching a movie as I enjoyed the peace and tranquility. Unfortunately for me, that was not the case. What should have taken 20 minutes of prep frankly turned into a good 2 hours of painstaking effort just to fill my tub up. First and foremost, the lever on my bathtub that’s supposed to halt the flow of water out of the tub just doesn’t work. In my first attempt, I tried to just cover up the drain with my bathmat, but after a good 30+ minutes of the water running and the tub not filling up, I needed to come up with a different plan. Another issue that I quickly ran into was the fact that the hot water didn’t stay around long enough to actually fill up the tub. After a good 10 minutes or so, the water started getting cold, which is NOT what we’re looking for when we’re taking a bath. The second time around, I had to figure something out, right? I mean I was not just going to give up; that’s not in my nature. What I did this time was first and foremost, I wrapped the drain filter, or whatever you call that thing that goes over the drain to catch like, hair and debri, with aluminum foil, before inserting it back into the drain; That actually worked like a charm. This time when I turned on the water, the bathtub immediately started filling up. Unfortunately just like last time, I ran into the same issue of the water giving up being hot after 10 minutes. This meant that I had to fill the tub with water in batches. Letting it go until the water started getting cold, turning off the water, and then waiting a good 15 minutes or so, so that the water could be warm enough to continue. This entire process took me, I dunno, maybe 45 minutes or more to get done, but at last the tub was full of… well I hoped to be warm enough water.

Now it was time for the most important step- placing the bath bomb into the tub. As I dropped the bomb in, it immediately started foaming, and my water turned from a clear, sort of tinted color to this gorgeous, deep blue. It felt like I was in the ocean, just staring into its beauty. I pushed the bath bomb around the tub a bit, helping it reach every inch of the water, and after it had finished and dissolved, I stepped in, prepped to finally relax. There was one issue with all of this though- the water wasn’t particularly…. hot. I mean it wasn’t cold by any means, just maybe a lukewarm, but that doesn’t make it any better. The best way I could describe the experience is like when you get into the pool in the summer, and though the water isn’t too particularly warm, your body gets used to it and you’re okay. However, the longer you sit in there, the colder you begin to get, until it’s unbearable. I started off chilly, cursing up a bit of a storm, laughing about how ridiculous this whole situation was, but still managed to get comfortable; as long as I didn’t move around too much, it didn’t feel all that cold. I put on some music, and just relaxed in my deep blue bath, enjoying the wonderful aroma created by the bathbomb. I closed my eyes and sank deeper into the tub, with only my head sticking out. I did have to laugh when I did this though, since to be frank with you, tubs really aren’t made for tall people to do something like that. As my upper body sank deeper into the water, my knees began poking out of the water; I mean it was one or the other. After relaxing in my bath for a good 30 minutes, I started to get chilly; this was great and all, but it was time to pull the plug- literally. I pulled out my makeshift drain stopper, and watched as all this water I took the better part of an hour getting to fill up the tub all get sucked down the drain in under five minutes. Just like that, the magic was over and the tub was left with just hints of what came before.

Now I’m sure when most are done with a wonderful bath like this, they just dry off, get dressed, and move on with their day. However, I was fucking chilly after this experience. I immediately turned back on the water, and after letting the water heat up again, I took a quick shower, not to really wash up but more just to warm up, you know? Once I felt better, I turned off the water, stepped out of the shower, dried off, and got dressed. Right as I was getting dressed, Julian called me, asking if I could come down and help him and his father bring some things up to the apartment. After putting on some clothes I quickly headed down, meeting them at the door. What did they have in their hands but Cheerwine of course! If any of you don’t know what Cheerwine is, basically think of it as a maraschino cherry in soda form; delicious. I helped them bring some things all the way up to our apartment, where Julian’s dad remarked at how it actually looks like an apartment! To be fair, the last time he saw it was probably when Julian first moved in, and that was pretty… depressing to say the least. When I moved in, I brought with me most things that we have in our living room now- a tv, a tv stand, a coffee table, some shelves. Adding in the couch and rug and it really is starting to feel like home!

Finally settling down for the night, Julian and I ended up spending the next couple of hours ordering pizza, watching some videos on the internet, and then at last starting John Mulaney’s new Netflix Special- John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch. Frankly after finishing it, I truly cannot describe what I had watched to you. It was so weird, and so wholesome, and frankly just a ton of fun. I mean I love John Mulaney to begin with, (and look like him at least a bit if we’re talking about my character type in theater), so I knew I was going to have fun buy holy moly. Also midway through the special the pizza arrived, so I headed on down to pick it up; I had a free pizza saved up, so the total ended up coming to just over $8. As I thanked the guy for the pizza, I handed him $20, said “Keep the change. Happy Holidays” and headed on back upstairs. Please be kind to people working during this time of the season, come on now. Be kind to your fellow man. Making it back upstairs with the food, I sat back down on the couch and we continued with this wacky story.

With the special ending and the pizza box being empty, Julian and I ended up just sitting around for the next hour or two chatting about life, before he needed to go to bed. I ended up continuing to play “The Happy Few” for a little while, before turning to League, which is exactly what I’ve been playing for the past few hours. I’ve also been listening to LoFi, which I really enjoy vibing to as I write these blogs; it’s just so relaxing honestly. Tomorrow I gotta go back to work, and then I’ll have to push through the weekend before I finally get my next day off. The good news is that once Sunday ends and I’m back at my apartment, I’ll actually be spending the night packing, because I go back to Maryland on Monday! I leave on the 30th and return well… next year! January 1st, 2020. Man, that’s a equally terrifying and exciting, isn’t it? I’ll go more into everything about 2019 in my December 31st post, so for now let me just end with this- Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. I hope you were all able to spread joy and love around, bringing happiness to everyone around you, which is what I truly believe Christmas to be about at its core. Never stop believing, and let that bell forever ring in your heart.

Until next time,



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