The Three Amigos Back Together Again, at Least for One Night (12/22/19)

Since beginning this crazy new venture with Andrew and Julian, I’ve definitely been curious what exactly our dynamic would be. I mean I of course knew these two since college, and we’re all friends; definitely a breath of fresh air in comparison to the randos I lived with in my last apartment. Not to say that they were bad people or anything- they weren’t- but the vibe was just incredibly different. I mean my room felt like my home of course, but the rest of the apartment just… didn’t, you know? Sure I kept my things in the bathroom and the kitchen, but that didn’t really make it feel like it was my bathroom and my kitchen. It just felt like I was staying over at someone else place for a REALLY long time, and I’m glad I finally moved on… even if I was forced to. After being here a month, this place truly feels so much more like a home. Instead of just keeping to my room and never leaving it, I often find myself hanging out in the living room, chatting with my roommate, which I never did in my last apartment, and just leaving my door open in case someone wants to chat. Over this past month, Julian who moved in first, and I built a really good vibe; sure it’s a bit messy, but it’s our apartment, and it feels great. So when Andrew texted the group chat a day or two ago, saying that he would be crashing on the couch for the night, I was pretty excited. Not only to see a friend again who I hadn’t seen in over a month, but also to get a first impression of what the dynamic was going to look like, now that the three of us were together. Now he did say he would be coming in around 1:30, and asked if either of us would be up, to which I had to laugh because of course I’m up at 1:30 in the morning; c’mon now. Julian and I also knew that Andrew would definitely be much more anal retentive about keeping the apartment clean, and gripe a bit about it was messy here. We been knew, so we did try to at least clean up some of the boxes scattered around the apartment.

Alright, that’s what was going to happen at the end of the day today, but what exactly happened during the rest of my day? Well thank you for asking imaginary person, today was… well it was another busy holiday season day at Eataly. It did feel weird, not working yesterday, since it’s such a busy season and it’s a Saturday, but you and I both know I wasn’t going to complain about it; Also yesterday was such a busy and productive day that it felt really refreshing in all honesty. Being able to have brunch, see a movie, AND go watch a coworker’s show? Amazing way to spend my day, and I’m so grateful. However, it was time to jump back into reality, which meant I had to wake up and go to work- so that’s exactly what I did. I ended up waking up today around 12:50, getting out of bed at around 1:45 to shower and get ready for the day. I left later than I would have wanted, (1:25), after washing up and getting dressed, but as I rushed outside, prepped to sprint to the subway station, I checked and found that the next train wasn’t actually arriving until 1:36 today. Thank GOD. I still rushed of course, in fear that the train would leave early or something, but I made it onto the platform and onto the train right as the doors opened, getting a good seat and closing my eyes at last to listen to some music on my ride to work.

Arriving at 2:55, I hurried off the train, through the street, and into the mall, up the familiar escalators and into Eataly; clocking in at 2:58 and heading onto the floor. Now today I was working in a section that I just… was not crazy about- section 5 aka the Pizza Bar. I truly consider the bars to have the potential to be the worst sections to work; incredibly busy, uncontrolled chaos with 1000 people coming in at one time to get a table. Especially during the busy season, I know how bad these sections could get. However, when I was looking at the floor plan, I saw something interesting; my busser today was going to be Alexandria, aka a server at Eataly. I assumed she was just picking up a shift, after the managers asked people to help out with us just losing a busser and not having hired someone new yet. Today was definitely going to be interesting. Being in section 5, it meant that I was on service stations duty, so I got to it; stocking sugars and bags and the like. Once that was done I turned to bringing some wine glasses onto the floor, before heading over and helping roll for the final 5-10 minutes. Once I ran out of silverware, the time now hitting 3:29, I quickly grabbed my things, clocked out, and headed off for my break. Unsurprisingly after finding that it was indeed hot dog Sunday, I just headed over to Pret to grab my usual meal. As I was paying, one of the usual people was working the register, and he even ended up giving me the cookie I normally get on the house. “You’re like a regular here”. Even still, thank you; I really appreciated it. After taking a seat, I enjoyed my meal, along with 20 minutes of quiet and relaxation before it was finally time to head back onto the floor and clock back in.

After a quick pit-stop, I clocked in at 4:13 and headed over to pre-shift. Frankly there wasn’t too much to discuss, with the main thing being communication and keeping the transition from morning crew to night crew as seamless as possible, despite it being such a hectic time of year- also Sergio asked everyone working the first to PLEASE not call out; thankfully I will not be working then so I am GOOD. After we finished up I headed onto the floor, and my day began. I relieved Lily from her post, as she was going on break before taking over pasta bar, and oh boy. I mean I will say that having Alexandria, who is in my opinion just really good at being a server, meant that I knew I had a leg up today. I mean she was on point, constantly asking if I needed anything, and even took a couple of orders for me. Despite the help, it was absolutely incredibly busy for the first 2.5 hours. All I could do was keep my head down and focus, making sure to get to every table, and making sure that everyone got what they needed and didn’t have an awful time; nevertheless it still confirmed that I just truly don’t like the working the bar. Uncontrollable chaos. Thankfully as 7PM hit, things actually slowed down a bit. I mean they did pick back up again some, but nowhere near as bad as it had earlier on. Alexandria ended up leaving me towards 8PM to start rolling, but by that point things had calmed and I was definitely fine. When 9PM hit and Sergio was trying to figure out who to cut- Alexandria was basically a double today, and Lily was a swing- I told him to just cut both, I’d be fine at the bar. And that’s what he did. I thanked Alexandria for all her help today, and ended up closing out my final tables at the bar, along with Lily’s final three tables which had been transferred to me. Once everything was closed out, I got to it polishing. I did roll some, but unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for us, but not great for the morning crew, we were out of linens. I still ended up rolling around 60, but that’s nowhere near enough for a restaurant of this size. Sorry morning peeps. After polishing everything, the silverware got wrapped in plastic wrap and that was that; I got my numbers and headed home.

A good $350 in cc tips, maybe a bit less, and $75 in cash? Not a bad night at all. I ended up clocking out around 10:40, catching the next 4 home, making it to the bodega just before 11:30. After ordering a turkey and cheese, I grabbed a Naked and a pack of double stuff oreos, paid, and headed on home. When I got inside, Julian was wide awake and building his death star, so the two of us got to chatting for a while. Before we knew it it was already 1AM, and Andrew was just arriving. After seeing him get out of what I assumed to be a cast-member’s car with his bags, I came down to greet him and help get all his shit up the stairs. Once inside the apartment, right after his hugs, his first words? “This needs to be cleaned up”. Bingo! I mean Julian called it for sure. We knew that’s what he would say, but having Andrew actually say it? Hilarious. He was right though; we did need to clean things up, and tidy up the apartment. Honestly, despite Julian and I relaxing and having a very chill vibe, we definitely needed this anal retentive nature to even us out and keep us a bit more in check, you know? Also Andrew appreciated the name I picked out for the WiFi- “TwoandaHalfMen”. (It’s because Julian and I are 5’10”, 5’11”, and Andrew is like 5’2″) The three of us ended up chatting for a good while, with there being some great banter throughout and it made me excited to have the three of us together come the end of December. Andrew officially moves in on the 28th, and once I get back from my little vacation from the 30th to the 1st, I dunno, I think the fun’s gonna begin. Julian finally headed off to bed, and with Andrew FaceTiming our friend Anthe, I quickly said hello before heading off to my room to play some League, after throwing Andrew one of my spare pillows, along with my extra towel so he could shower in the morning. With the Andrew and Julian now being asleep and the time hitting 4:28AM, I definitely need to go to bed. I mean, I am off tomorrow, but I want to wake up at a half decent time so I can go and get my hair cut. I’ve been needing that shit done for a good month now, but just haven’t found that time to do it… because I’m lazy and a procrastinator. But we’ll see; maybe tomorrow I’ll actually be productive. Maybe.

Until next time,


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