It’s Monday, We’re Working, and It’s the Busy Season; What Else is There to Say? (12/16/19)

It’s so crazy to me that Christmas is in nine days; like where in the hell has this year gone? I still remember where I was last year… which to be fair I was in a happy place because I had a girlfriend and was home for the holidays, but that’s besides the point. And I can’t say that I’m not happy, or at least content, with where I am now, right? Like earlier this year? God awful. I mean Spring 2019 was probably one of the hardest times of my life, in a really long time. I wasn’t in a good place, and all I could do was keep moving and focusing on the day ahead of me, just so I wouldn’t drown. But despite those hard times, I’m still here, aren’t I? And frankly, I truly believe that because of those hard times, I’ve become a much more resilient person, and can deal with tough times better than before. Like I’m not sure that I’d be as good at handling the pressure of the busy season at Eataly if I hadn’t gone through the pain of this Spring; if I hadn’t panicked as I watched my bank account bleed more and more money every month. If I hadn’t worked at DialogueDirect and faced constant pressure to perform, while simultaneously being hated by the public every waking moment I was out on the streets asking for someone to save a child. And now here I am; it’s officially been over six months since I started working at Eataly, and I think, at least in some senses, I’ve been doing really well. I still have things I need to work on, and I definitely mess up sometimes, but I’m at a job I enjoy, with a group of people I genuinely get along with quite well. Also I am making some pretty solid money, so I can’t complain about that. And yeah I know I keep re-hashing things I’m grateful for over and over, and I also know that I’m going to do that again on the last day of 2019, but I also think it’s good to keep in mind what you’re grateful for in life, so even when things look a dark, you can still find light; no matter how dim it may seem. Also if we’re talking about things to be grateful for, of course I’m going to bring up my new apartment. It’s taken quite a bit to get it where it is now, but that’s okay. I’m so grateful not only for my new living space, but also the two great guys I get to live in it with. Don’t get me wrong, #BSMT 1 in Washington Heights has so many memories for me, but besides my bedroom the space just never quite felt like a home. This place does, and I am so thankful for that.

Alright, enough mushy shit for one night; I’ve been rambling on and on for a good 20 minutes, talking about fuck all, so let’s dive straight into the day, shall we? So today started with me actually waking up around, 11AM or so, to some damn construction going on around the apartment complex. Annoying as it may be, I dealt with it, but it was still hard to fall back asleep. Determined, I turned on my AC, not only to cool me down a bit, but also to create a bit of white noise to drown out all the noises coming outside my door. As I finally got up around 1:20, I laid in bed for a little while before deciding it was time to get myself up and start my day properly. I took a really nice, hot shower, stepping out just before 2PM, before drying off, washing up, and getting dressed for the day. I was running a bit late, but nevertheless I bundled up- it was like 36 outside today- grabbed my umbrella because it was calling for rain, and hurried outside; jogging most of the way to the subway station. By the time I got down to the platform it was 2:31, and soon enough the train arrived and I grabbed myself a seat. Unfortunately for me, the one time I actually manage to catch the 4 at 2:33, it’s delayed; By the time we were off and moving, it was already 2:38. Despite that delay, I still managed to make it to Fulton by 2:55, quickly jogging to the doors of the World Trade Center, up the two flights of escalators, and into Eataly; clocking in at 2:58 and heading onto the floor. Checking the floor plan, I saw that I was on lowboys today, but as I went to put my things in Stag, Nikki stopped me, and asked me to put them in a cupboard right next to the host(ess) stand, just so we could keep Stag a bit cleaner. Works for me! Grabbing my shirt, I headed over to Stag all the same, through it on, and started checking lowboys, getting things stocked for the day. As I went along doing that, I joked with Gina, who was working the morning shift, about the fruit she had left me last night. To provide some context, she had told me as she left yesterday afternoon that she had left a gift for me, but with me getting slammed all day, I didn’t know what she was talking about until the very end of the night, where I saw some fruit sitting in a cupboard at the far end of the restaurant. Now I would’ve taken them, but I wasn’t sure if that was her gift, so I ended up just leaving them there. But yeah, still a kind gesture.

By the time it hit 3:27, I grabbed my jacket- leaving my bag in the cupboard- and headed onto break; hungry and ready for food. After briefly checking the break room only to find it was hot dog Sunday, I headed off to Pret, where I got my usual meal before sitting down. Well, I got my usual meal plus a little chocolate brownie for Gina. She mentioned yesterday that she was obsessed with them- which to be fair is understandable because they are like… disgustingly good; I could eat 10 of them easy- and I figured why not. After enjoying my meal and my 20 minutes of freedom, I placed the brownie in my pocket and headed back to Eataly, stopping quickly in the bathroom before clocking back in and heading over to pre-shift. I passed by Gina on my way over, so I casually gave it to her, saying “Merry Christmas” and sat down for pre-shift. In other news- Sergio’s back! He’s been gone for two weeks, which is crazy because I could’ve sworn he just left, which proves just how busy it’s been lately. He briefly went over the special and other notes before bringing up our displeasure of having the host(ess)s fucking us all the time. I mean that’s exactly what happened to me yesterday, and it took a long time to actually be able to catch back up to a manageable pace. Again, I did it and I got through the busyness- I’m alive aren’t I?- but damn. After airing all our grievances, it was time to at last hit the floor and start the day.

Now today I was in section 4, which is just as fun as section 1- well maybe a bit less- because it’s located right behind the host(ess) stand, so when people want to sit down… they come to me first. So yeah, it was a busy day to be sure, but it never felt insane to me honestly. There were points where I felt a bit behind, but I handled that in strides and got through it. I had like… one table who wasn’t happy because they had been sitting and waiting to look at a dessert menu for a while, and no one brought it even though I’m sure they mentioned it to a busser in passing and… well saying it to a busser isn’t the same as saying it to me, but whatever. Now there was a point in the night where I had this family of three, two of which had been here before, and been my table. Last time it was the mother and daughter, with the daughter being a fashion person and the mom was helping her move into New York. Side note, the girl was pretty cute, but also I don’t hit on customers because that it inSANEly unprofessional. The other big thing was that the GM of the Eataly in London, which is apparently opening up in like two months, was dining with us this evening, and ended up going in my section. Some real tea- they were planning on putting her in a section next to me, but the server was not really trusted to get things done properly and efficiently; heavy shade, but I cannot blame someone for thinking that. All the same, I was happy to do it, and once the GM arrived, I worked to give her a good experience. Now her and her friend didn’t end up eating all that much, but I think they had a good time in the end, so I was happy.

Before I knew it it was already closing in on 10PM, so I started putting away wines and began helping roll up whatever silverware we had. Thankfully, despite me having two tables come in within the final 20-30 minutes of us being open, I still managed to close them out and leave by 10:36. I also managed to still make some solid money, breaking like… just over $430 in cc tips, and around $40 in cash, which is not terrible for a Monday dinner shift. Catching the next 4, I made my way home, stopping by the Bodega, grabbing a cheeseburger and fries, and heading into my apartment to end my night. Julian was exhausted by the time I got in, so we exchanged a couple words before he headed off to sleep and I headed to my room, where I’ve been playing League for the last couple of hours. Now despite me working tomorrow, what I am excited about is the fact that I’m going to be grabbing drinks with a friend on Wednesday, and then on Thursday I’ll be heading for drinks after work to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and then one of my friends Rach is gonna crash, probably on my couch, for the night. I also plan on depositing my cash, and maybe getting a haircut and taking a voice lesson, but I’m still figuring the minute details; nevertheless, I am excited. Here’s to another day of working~

Until next time,



**Side note- this just made me chuckle a bit to myself, and wonder exactly who thought it would be a good idea to place an outlet all the way up there; like that is in the middle of the wall… why? I dunno, made me smile

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