Some Days You Just Gotta Keep Your Head Down and Try Not to Drown (12/15/19)

Oh boy today was a day and half, let me tell you. You know, I normally expect Sundays to be slower than say… Friday or Saturday; well at least Sunday nights. I mean Sunday morning and brunch out at a restaurant is definitely expected, and as such I am definitely glad I don’t work mornings at Eataly. I’d probably die. However, if you can’t tell from the title of this blog post, that was not the case. Well, maybe it was the case for other servers working tonight, but not ME. Alright but to get things started, today began with me waking up around 1PM, after having just… very strange dreams- nothing unusual for me at this point, I always have weird dreams- and then just lying in bed until 1:40, where I finally got my ass up to get ready for the day. After showering, I hopped out and proceeded to trim my nails because hygiene is important, before washing up, getting dressed, and getting the fuck outta the house. Now the MTA app told me that the next 4 would be arriving at 2:36, so I believed it. I shouldn’t have. Upon arriving at the station and renewing my monthly metrocard- wow we love dropping $127 it’s so much FUN- I hurried down the stairs to find… no train in sight. Despite my efforts to get to work on time for the first time in three days, the 4 ended up arriving at 2:41, and by the time I arrived at Fulton St. it was already 3:01. What I will say though is that I’ve been on a kick of re-listening to Sister Act, and god that soundtrack slaps. Also to be fair I did that show my senior year, just as ensemble because obviously who would cast this man as a lead in any show, amiright, (just kidding if you’re a casting director please for the love of God I promise I’m talented give me a chance I am begging you), but that’s besides the point.

Rushing to Eataly, I clocked in at 3:03 and hurried onto the floor to get my day started. I was on wine and ice, so after setting my bag down and putting on my work shirt, I got to work stocking the sections with whatever wine we needed- that we had. Seriously, we’re out of Primitivo at the moment and it makes me sad because it’s probably one of my favorite wines we have at the moment. My old favorite was our old I Perazzi because OH man it was good, but anyways. The next 20 some odd minutes were spent quickly moving around, stocking wine, re-checking, and that was that. As I headed to clock out for break, Olesya came up to me and asked if I had received her message on Homebase, asking if I could cover a shift. I hadn’t, but after reading the message I told her I would be more than happy to help out, even though she ended up finding someone else to cover the shift. The funny part was that the first message she sent was at like, 2AM, and it said “I’m not going to apologize for texting you this late because I know you’re still up”; I mean, she was not wrong. Last night I was up until almost 5AM, and you and I both know with me writing this blog post I’m gonna be up until 5AM again tonight. Woooooo! After seeing it was hot dog Sunday in the break room, I headed off to Pret, getting my usual meal before sitting down and relaxing for my 20 minutes of peace. Once that time was up however, I got up, tossed my trash, and headed on back to Eataly, making a quick pit-stop before clocking in and heading on over for pre-shift. Nothing really new to discuss today, besides Nicolette saying that she was expecting a decently slow night, handing out floor plans and sending us on our way. As I looked at my floor plan, it finally sank in that I was section 1 today. Normally that’s pasta bar, but pasta bar was closed today, so at first glance I was relieved. Then I saw the behemoth that was my section. Normally sections get 10-12 tables to deal with; I had 15. To add onto that, Gina, who was at the pasta bar, had a few tables in the 490’s, so when they left those tables were reset. I had to RUSH over to the host stand to inform them that the 90’s were in fact closed, so hopefully I wouldn’t fucking die. Spoiler- I just about did.

With a couple tables being transferred to me, my day began extremely quickly. I mean I was able to relax for maybe the first 20 minutes, but as tables started sitting down one after another…. things got real. Now I think I would have been better off until I see the new host, who I found out later on’s name is Kent, started setting up 491. “Nicolette approved it, and she’s gonna take care of it.” As Nicolette walked over, I told her I would handle the table, just give me four minutes. And then they sat me again. And again. And again. After the hosts gave me an extra table, they quadruple sat me. I was on life support. I ended up screwing up a couple of small things throughout my scramble to get to all these damn tables, like not putting in a dessert order, or putting some coffees under the wrong table, but overall no one got too pissy with me. I did have a woman who like… I guess got annoyed because things took a bit and tipped me like absolute ass, but bitch I truly did not give a shit. I mean for God’s sake, I am literally SPRINTING around this damn restaurant, trying to talk to my 500 tables, so you can wait a damn minute, alright? Thankfully, even though Nicolette really wasn’t able to get over to me and help, Jay, who was my neighbor tonight, got me out of the weeds, grabbing a couple of drinks for me as I continued to weather the storm. Before I knew it, it was already 8:30 and I just had no idea where in the hell the day went. Just kidding of course I know where the time went. It’s called me getting fucked in the ass raw, without them even buying me dinner or asking for consent. That’s fucked. Despite all of that hell I weathered, I made it out in one piece, more or less. The most important thing was that I didn’t die. As we started reaching 9:20 or 9:30, Nicolette asked me if I wanted to just transfer my tables to Jay and get started on rolling. I told her to see if Jay wanted to start rolling; I’ll stay on the floor and keep pace until the end. Jay happily accepted after we briefly chatted about it, and so I got his final table and he headed off to roll as I watched both our sections. Now this would’ve been fine except the final table of the night came in at like, 9:43, and sat in my section. Normally this would be fine, but it took them so long to order and eat; I mean they got a cocktail and a glass of Prosecco, and then took five or six minutes before deciding to order one margherita verace pizza. Then they took like 20 minutes to eat, and then another 10-15 before they actually paid. So as everyone was leaving by like, 10:20, 10:25, I ended up hanging around past 10:30, with them finally paying and me clocking out at 10:39. Now I did make like, 80 in cash tonight, along with a good $430 or $450 in cc tips, so definitely not a bad night, but goddamn was it hectic.

Saying goodnight to the few people left, aka our bartender Tina and the manager Nicolette, I hurried down the stairs and rushed to catch the next 4, which was arriving in four minutes. Thankfully I made it to the station a minute or two early, which is good because if I had missed that train I would’ve have to wait about 20 minutes for the next one to arrive- no thank you. Now as the train pushed forward, there was a man asking for donations, as people do on the train, and normally I just ignore; well today I did try and ignore it. I know it’s fucked up, but you just get desensitized to the pain of others when you hear stories from so many people day in and day out. But despite that, after he had finished his speech and was standing to one end of the car, I pulled out a $5 and walked over to him, handing him the bill and saying “Happy Holidays” before walking back to where I had been standing previously. Maybe the sentiment was a little late, but I’m still glad I actually chose to give him something, instead of ignore the pain right in front of me. I mean I do that quite a bit, but you should at least find a place in your heart to give when you can, right? Arriving at Crown Heights at around 11:10, I walked over to my local Bodega where I got a chicken sandwich, along with two Ice’s, before heading back to my apartment to relax for the rest of the night. Now I bought two Ice’s because I figured Julian would want one, and why not, right? Now when I got inside, Julian told me he had actually gotten me a Christmas present, which baffled me because that’s so kind like what, and after he told me to close my eyes and put out my hands, I found that he got me a Funko Pop! figure of All Might, along with some All Might socks from My Hero Academia, which damn I love that a lot. But now this means I’m gonna have to get him a nice present, and that I will. I know he doesn’t read my blog, thank god so I don’t ruin the surprise, but I know he’s trying to expand his fun sock collection, so I wanna get him something that has to do with Legos, which is a big hobby of his, and maybe something else. I’ll let y’all know if I find anything solid. After he headed off to bed, I headed into my room and got on League, and having been playing that for the past few hours. With the time now reaching 4:30, I think it is time at last to get some much needed rest. Tomorrow is a new day, isn’t it?

Until next time,



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