A Steadily Busy Friday Attempting to Stay Dry From All This Rain (12/13/19)

Oh yeah today was Friday the 13th! I wonder if because we already had a Friday the 13th earlier this year, this second one cancels out the first one and so it was a fine day overall. Not sure if that’s actually correct, but it sounds right so I’m gonna go with it. Now I’m not sure if I had mentioned it in my blog post last night, but I took an edible last night. It was a gift from someone and I figured… why not! Honestly I think smoking is pretty great, and I’m kinda bummed I haven’t done it in a while; so since I had the opportunity to do it, I was curious what was going to happen. And to be fair, it was just a taste, but I was a bit surprised to find out that I didn’t get high. Honestly it made me more tired than anything else; which would have been great except I still stayed up until 4:30 so… what good did it really do for me? Well let me tell you; I slept like a goddamn rock last night. I mean I woke up to my first alarm at like, 12:30 or something, but fell right back asleep and ended up waking up at 2PM. Now let me tell you- I’m normally getting out of the SHOWER at 2PM. You know, getting ready to go to WORK, so I really didn’t have much time to play with here. Quickly getting up, I hopped in the shower, got ready, and ended up leaving my apartment at like, 2:30, catching the 2:41 4 to Manhattan; not bad if I do say so myself. Still feeling a bit groggy from my dead sleep, I hurried outside and to Eataly, clocking in at 3:03 and heading onto the floor; not great, but at least I made it.

Now normally there’s like a floor plan already out so we know who’s doing what, but today that was not the case. With nothing being out, apparently Ele just told people to do this or that. Since I wasn’t here when she did that, I kind of wandered around aimlessly for a good five minutes before deciding to help out with wine and ice, before helping with roll-ups. And when I say “help with roll-ups”, what I actually mean is that there was a ton of people there, so I kind of wandered around trying to seem like I was doing something, before polishing a couple forks and knives, and then headed on break. With the time now reaching 3:30 and me now clocking out, I made my way over to Pret to grab some food, since I really needed to just be by myself and get a clear head if I was going to make it through the day. I mean it’s a Friday and it’s supposed to rain all day, sounds like a busy day at Eataly to me. Finishing up my food, I tossed my trash and headed back to Eataly, making a pit-stop before clocking back in at 2:15 and heading over for pre-shift. Once I got there, I saw floor plans laid about, so I made sure to grab myself one so I could figure out where I actually was going to be today. Basically I was in section 6, which meant I was right next to the hostess stand- aka I was gonna be busy today for sure. After going through the specials, it was time to hit the floor and at last start my day. As for this rainy Friday dinner shift… I mean it was busy, don’t get me wrong. Here’s the thing though- it probably wouldn’t have been as busy except for the fact that quite a few tables sitting down just didn’t get up after they had finished their meals. This meant that the hostesses had to keep putting more and more people on the waitlist, so the line got pretty long and stayed that way for most of the night. I mean I ended up staying pretty busy, but there was a point at like 9:30 or something where I said, “Listen I have tables open. Seat me.” And that they did. I literally got a six top, a five top, a four top, and a three top- honestly I’m sure they threw in a two top in there as well for good measure- in the span of probably 15-20 minutes, and guess what? I was fine. It was paced out enough that I was able to get to all my tables and give them good service. What did stress me out today was that I had multiple tables that, when I was swiping cards, two different tables would have checks just, cents apart. And this normally happens every once and a while, but today it happened at LEAST three or four times. It was weird, man. But anyways, I made it through the day somehow. Well… I got all my tables to pay and all, but we still had to roll SO MUCH silverware holy fuck. Like since we were all pretty damn busy, there was a ton to roll at the end of the night. I ended up clocking out at 11:09, putting in my numbers and getting the fuck outta there to catch a 4 arriving in like three minutes or something. I will say that despite being pretty busy throughout the shift, I made solid money. I ended up doing 100 covers by myself- with my bussers helping me of course- and hit like $517 in cc tips, and $121 in cash. Like goddamn, I made almost $650 by myself tonight; we stan.

I did have to walk through the pouring rain, and had forgotten my umbrella when I left for work, so I was not excited to get off the train and walk home. But we all have to do things we don’t like, right? I texted Julian that I was on my way home and would probably get back around 11:45, since he had a date in our apartment and, listen I love the guy but I don’t need to be walking in on anything. Getting off the 4 at the Crown Heights stop, I zipped up my jacket, threw on my hood, and made my way home, getting drenched in this downpour. Goddamn it was raining hard out there. I made it in the Bodega around 10:43 or something, and the guy at the front goes “You’re late!” My god, what are you… my mom? “I was working late today!” Damn I love those guys. I ended up getting a turkey and cheese, paying the $4 for my sandwich before heading on back to my apartment. Stepping in, Julian shouted from his room, where he and the gril were located, and I said a quick hello before moving into my room. They ended up coming out when she had to leave, so I said a quick hello before sitting back down in my chair. Once she had left, Julian and I ended up watching the first episode of the Mandalorian and first and foremost- baby Yoda is adorable. But secondly… the fucking Blurggs what in the hell. I mean… ICON. After we finished the episode, Julian headed off to bed and I’ve been in my room playing League for the rest of the night. It’s already 4:35 in the morning, so fingers crossed I don’t pass out and wake up at 2PM again tomorrow; I don’t need that stress again.

Until next time,


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