Some Days You Just Make a Mistake… or a Couple (12/9/19)

Oh boy today was a bit of a doozy to tell ya the truth. Also forgot to take a picture throughout the day because I was way more focused staying dry- mistake #1 I guess? And don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the worst day, and I still made pretty decent money, but honestly big yikes. So to start things off, today began with me waking up at 9:30, confused as to why I was hearing Julian and Brady rummaging around the living room; Julian’s normally gone for work by this point, but I figured something must have come up, so I shrugged it off and went back to bed. After waking up around 12:30, I relaxed in bed watching some random YouTube videos for a good 20 minutes before Brady knocks on my door, asking to come in. As he entered my room, Brady asked if I had happened to have seen, or have, Julian’s wallet for some reason. Why would I have Julian’s wallet? I reached over and grabbed my wallet to show Brady this was all I had, only to find when I opened it… it was Julian’s wallet. Sitting up, I could even see my wallet sitting right in front of my keyboard, where I had left it last night after putting $20 in there for lunch today. So to preface things, Julian and my wallets look very similar. Both of them are smaller and both of them are black; different brands, but you don’t really pay attention to that when it comes to wallets. Last night I saw what I had assumed to be my wallet sitting next to Julian and, confused, I grabbed it and put it in my room, not thinking much of it; I literally didn’t even notice it again until this morning when Brady asked me about it. Apparently what I heard this morning at 9:30 in the morning were the sounds of Julian and Brady rummaging around our apartment, attempting to find Julian’s wallet. They even ended up walking down to the local McDonald’s- where Julian had been last night- to see if he had dropped it over there. To make matters even worse, Julian didn’t even go to work today. He was literally on a fucking BUS to Atlantic CITY to go home and get it passport, so he could get new debit and credit cards. He even, obviously, cancelled his credit card just to be safe. So as I was sleeping the hours away, Julian was in a panic and on his way home, which if you don’t know is a BIT of a commute from New York. I INSTANTLY called Julian to tell him I did in fact have his wallet, and thankfully Julian was actually stuck in New York at the tunnel to get to New Jersey, and managed to get off. Not great, and he was still late for work, but good news all the same. I was mortified. After giving Brady $25 to cover the bus ticket Julian had to get using Brady’s money- what was Julian gonna use? One of his cards in his wallet?- Brady headed out to deliver Julian his wallet, and I proceeded to watch a few more videos before getting ready for work.

Talk about a fucking start to my day, Jesus. I guess I should say, talk about a start to Julian and Brady’s day, because I can’t even imagine. They summed it up when they said it seemed like a story in some sitcom, except this is real life and I’m just an idiot. After showering and getting ready for the day, I headed on out with my umbrella, quickly walking through this rainy day to make it to the train on time. Now the next 4 was set to arrive at 2:33, but as I arrived at 2:32, MAYBE 2:33, the train was nowhere in site. it ended up pulling in around 2:35 and we were off by 2:38, but damn I got worried for a second there. My original plan was to go to the post office to drop off the letter I had already tried to send a couple of days ago, but with this rain that was not happening; I didn’t want to be walking anywhere I didn’t have to and get wet no thank you. After a quick train ride, I arrived at Fulton St. and made my way off the train and towards the World Trade Center, walking up the familiar escalator stairs to Eataly, clocking in right at 3PM, putting on my work shirt, and heading onto the floor; I was in section 4 again today, which meant I was on low boys duty once again. Heading down to Stag first, I walked around and started stocking whatever I could with Olesya, who was also on low boys today, and like usual the 30 minutes flew by. By the time we had finished, it was 3:27, so I grabbed my things and headed on out to Pret. I just peeked my head in the break room to be sure, but as I expected… it was tuna fish Monday. Oh goodie. Like I said I had decided against sending the letter today because the walk to the nearest post office would’ve taken a little bit, and I really didn’t want to be in this rain any more than I already was. Once I was in Pret, I got my usual meal, grabbed a seat, and enjoyed my 20 minutes of freedom before I had to head on back to work. As per usual, I just watched YouTube videos because why would I be productive on my break?

With the time reaching 4PM, I headed back to Eataly, taking a quick pitstop into the bathroom before clocking in and heading on over to pre-shift. The main thing we covered today was this new red wine that we were verbally selling- $16 by the glass and $65 by the bottle. Quite acidic and a little minerally, it would definitely be a solid choice if someone wanted something with a bit more of a bite than our Primitivo. The company was having a competition to see who could sell the most of the wine, so I was definitely pretty excited; what can I say? I love competitions. After they left, Joe went over the pasta special real quick- we just had the Wagyu Ragu again- and before long we were onto the floor. I was taking over Jio’s section today, and with her not wanting to really stay, I just got transferred all the remaining tables; Not a bad start to my day to be sure. Now the day itself was actually not bad… for the most part. One of my favorite tables ended up being this five top where two gentleman were looking for a Cab. Now the only comparison I have when it comes to Cabernets is our Cabernet I Pirazzi we used to have. Dry, but definitely a bit calmer in taste. Normally I’d offer them Sangiovese, but with us being out of that, I decided to have them try our Primitivo. A bit acidic, but damn is it good; However, it just wasn’t their speed. I tried taking the needle just slightly more towards the dry with our Dolcetto, but even though that was better, they still weren’t quite sure. I headed over and asked for Nicolette’s opinion, and with her and a chef standing nearby’s opinions, I ended up bringing our Palazzo della Torre- full bodied and smoky, $17 by the glass- and our Bolgheri- a bit spicy/peppery, $25 by the glass. As I gave them both a taste of these two new wines, I was surprised and delighted to find that they both were fans of both wines, with one getting one of them, and one getting the other. Perfect! I really love when people trust me when it comes to picking wines. My pallet isn’t anywhere near amazing, but I can at least give decent recommendations that most people like. I also ended up selling a couple glasses of the new wine we’re verbally selling throughout the night, which was pretty nifty.

Now I didn’t really feel overwhelmed throughout the night until this one lady came in to eat with me. This woman ordered one Bufalotta, no parmigiano. For some reason, my brain flipped that and went- she wants no meat; got it, and so her pizza came out… no meat. “No, no parmigiano”. Oh got it, she just doesn’t want cheese. Second pizza comes out… no cheese. “Now there’s no mozzarella. I’m starting to get pissed off.” I literally don’t know what happened with my brain, but for some reason I couldn’t comprehend what the fuck she was saying. I had Joe deal with it and she ended up getting her pizza, but god was I mortified. I haven’t made that bad a mistake in a while, and jesus was it a bad one to make. It happens to all of us, I know, but like… still not happy about it. That really threw me through a loop, and it took me a bit to actually get back into a decent headspace to finish out the night. I even forgot a dude’s salad- rather I don’t even remember him ordering it- but thankfully that came out pretty damn quickly. My final table arrived at 9:58, with it being a single gentleman who said “I came here just for the spaghetti”. Amazing. That shit takes SO long. Thankfully it got to him quite quickly, and before long my tables were closed and I was able to go HOME; It’s been an exhausting day to say the least. Oh also- someone left an umbrella in Olesya’s section, and as she asked if anyone wanted it, I ended up taking it because why not, right? In other news, if you were curious about how much I made- Over $400 in cc tips, and a good $120 or $130 in cash; not bad! Finally clocking out, I caught the next 4 home, stopping by the Bodega and getting myself a burger before relaxing for the rest of the night. It’s now 4:30 in the morning, and even though I’m off tomorrow, I’m actually getting to see my dad and am surprising him with tickets for To Kill a Mockingbird on Broadway! Man I’m excited.

Until next time,


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