Slow Sunday? Slow For Who? Oh Everyone But Me, Got It (12/8/19)

If you couldn’t tell from the title of this post, it was a bit busy at Eataly today, and that’s really not a bad thing! Normally Sundays are pretty damn slow and I end up making quite little money. Not today though! Now the day started with me expecting to have a voicemail from my dental office, since I’m SUPPOSED to have an appointment tomorrow at 12:30… huh. Well I am still debating going, and like waking up at 10:30 or something, I left a voicemail for them yesterday, in the hopes that I could get it all sorted out before then. Now there is a cancellation fee of $50 if I do it within 24 hours of the appointment, but here we are I guess. As I woke up today, I was surprised to see in fact, no calls from them at all; guess they’re off on Sundays? Since I had woken up around 12:50, I chose to just relax in my bed, instead of doing anything productive to start my day; who need productivity, am I right? After lying in bed for… well for a bit too long if I’m being honest with you, I finally got myself out of bed around 1:46, hopped in the shower, washed up, got dressed, and got the FUCK outta my apartment. I was, unsurprisingly, running late, so I had to jog most of the way to the train station, thankfully making it with a minute or two to spare. As the train arrived, I got myself a seat in the very last car, and closed my eyes as the train took me towards Manhattan and away from Brooklyn. Arriving at Fulton St. at 2:53, I briskly walked through the cold to get to the fourth World Trade Center building, and up the escalator to get to Eataly.

After clocking in, I quickly put on my work shirt and made my way onto the floor; I was in section 4 today, which meant I was on lowboys with Chris. Now I was expecting Gina to be working the dinner shift, but found out almost immediately that she was working morning, well with her working in section 8. Not an issue or anything, I just was surprised by it, after she had told me she was going to be working the dinner shift today. Regardless, I got to it with Chris, stocking up we could before the 30 minutes were up. Frankly all of this is kind of in my bones at this point, so I went on auto-pilot as I got everything done and over with. With time reaching 3:27, I made my way out, clocking out and heading towards Pret; I didn’t even poke my head in the break room, because as I passed I was proven right with my guess being hotdogs; Sunday is always hot dogs and Monday is always…. tuna fish. (Nast) Making it to Pret fairly quickly, despite being kind of delayed walking down the elevator, I got my usual meal and grabbed a seat. It’s kind of amazing that the people working there basically know my order at this point. More importantly they remember that I always just get a cup of water, which they’ll sometimes get for me before I even ask for it. It’s just a little thing, but it really makes me smile, you know? Now the food was solid, but as I was eating my salmon salad, I accidentally caught the edge of it as it was peaking off the edge, and flipped the whole affair RIGHT onto my lap- Goddamnit. Brushing all the food debri from my lap, I wiped off the dressing and finished eating the rest of my lunch, before heading on back to Eataly. A quick pit-stop in the bathroom later and I was already clocked in and back, ready for pre-shift.

Joe was giving pre-shift today, and though there wasn’t much going on, he did ask not to really speak to tables for a bit because his eye had “exploded”. Basically what I assume happened is that something either got in his eye or his eyes were just quite stressed, because one of them had become incredibly red. The main thing was that there was the lobster special again today, and though there was no competition going on, I figured I’d try to sell it where I could. As we broke from pre-shift and headed on the floor, I ended up checking in with Gina, who seemed to be running around like a mad-woman. Basically what had happened with that Fabiola asked her to watch one of her tables so she could go do some… paperwork I guess? She then proceeded to transfer ALL of her tables to Gina right as Gina’s section got completely filled. I was taking over Will’s section, and basically what he said was that she asked him if he could take her section- even though he of course also had his own section- because she had an appointment. Listen, I get it. Appointments are important. But if you know you have one coming up- plan ahead! Instead she just got the fuck outta there, and Gina was stressing. I offered my help after I had gotten settled in and talked to my new tables, but she had stabilized by that point. I decided it was best not to bother her, since she was in “the zone”, and headed off to just deal with my sections, and let her do her thing. Before she left I asked if she wanted to come and see Beetlejuice this Thursday, since I’m off and I know she probably was too, but with her going upstate to visit family, the plan was a bust. Oh well, I’m not stressin’; we’ll go see the show at some point hopefully. I would’ve offered Tuesday, but I get to see my DAD then! I can’t wait to surprise him and tell him we’re going to see To Kill a Mockingbird on Broadway; It’s going to be so much fun.

With all that drama from the morning crew out of the way however, it was time for me to get focused. Since I was in section 4 today, it meant I was probably going to be busy for most of the night, since I’m right in front of the hostess stand. And to be honest with you- I wasn’t wrong! I mean I never felt overwhelmed for the most part, with me asking Joe to pour a glass of wine at some point for a table, but all in all I was fine. Chris, who was in the section right next to me, even asked if I needed any help throughout the night, but I told him I was fine because, well because I was in all honesty. I was for sure busy, but I never panicked. I dunno, I’ve started to thrive a bit in the chaos of being busy; actually I feel like I always have, which is why I don’t panic as much when I’m running late or have fucked myself because of procrastinating. Or rather I do panic or stress, but I just buckle down and get through it. Now as for the night itself, I had some pretty cool tables, with one of my two tops recognizing me from a little while ago, and all in all people being pretty kind in their tips, (thank god). My favorite table of the night however, was this table of four Asian gentleman, who had all gotten a round of beer followed by three bottles of wine. I had built up a good rapport with them by the end of their meal, and managed to be joking with them throughout, which is always really great. At the end, their bill hit $330, and the head of their table ended up tipping me $49 and some odd cents; Not a terrible tip by any means, but less than I was hoping since I thought they had a really good time. As they got up and left, the head of their table came up to me to say thank you, shaking my hand and ending up slipping me $40 in cash; I couldn’t help but smile. Like goddamn man that was so fucking kind what?! Honestly I truly appreciate it when people do things like that, because it makes a server feel validated; like you knew they did a good job, and wanted to show them and thank them.

As the night came to a close, I ended up being one of the last ones to leave, because I ended up getting sat three times in the last 15 minutes; one lady even came in at 9:58… ouch. Thankfully the other servers had rolled everything and done all the side-work, so I was able to focus on just giving good service and getting my three tables outta there in a reasonable time. Thankfully my final table that had sat down finished decently quickly, and her and a two top finished up around 10:30, which meant I was able to put in my final tips and close out for the day. Now normally on a Sunday I’ll be lucky to break $300, MAYBE $350. And that’s normal! Honestly, no one working today really got past $350 from what I saw, which proved that it wasn’t the craziest Sunday… for them. After adding up my tips, I told Joe that I had my number but truly wasn’t sure if I was right or not. Then he handed me my report for the day- Over 90 covers. $515 in cc tips. $99 in cash. Goddamn. Honestly though, it was so satisfying, knowing that all my hard work had paid off and I made damn good money tonight. Oh also before everyone had left, I ended up giving Olesya a back massage, which I do on some occasions because her upper back is tense, and after Joe jokingly told me he’d give me $20 for a massage, I ended up giving him one too. (Not for any money, just because why not) Damn his back is fucking tense, but I did help some. Despite my hands and wrists aching a bit from digging into the muscles to ease the tension, it was still satisfying hearing that I helped a bit.

Heading out 10:46, I gave Mags a call and chatted with her for a bit before getting on the 4. Because of her, I’m kind of debating getting like an all in one pressure cooker, and maybe an air fryer for the apartment; I dunno, I feel like that’d be really cool to have. As the 4 arrived, I got on and soon enough was off towards Brooklyn. Arriving at Crown Heights around 11:15, I jogged to my local Bodega, where the guys there know me at this point, and got a turkey and cheese before heading on back to my apartment. As I was walking to my building, I ended up running into Margarita, who is one of my downstairs neighbors, and we ended up chatting for a bit until we said goodnight and headed into our respective apartments. Brady was staying with us tonight, which I had found out when I walked through the door, but I of course don’t care; just glad we have a couch for him to sleep on this time around, instead of an air mattress. Plus the window in the third apartment is fixed and closed at this point, which means he won’t wake up freezing! Good news all around. As II unwrapped my sandwich, I also found the guy used a bagel as the bread, and frankly it still worked and tasted solid as always. I’ve ended my night just sitting in my room playing League for a bit, and now here I am writing another blog post. I keep forgetting to take pictures throughout my day, but I’ll get on that more… tomorrow. For now enjoy a picture of my computers with Remy smiling at the camera because he’s a good boy.

Until next time,


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