With Internet, I Can Finally Step into the Sun and Stop Just Waving Through a Window (12/7/19)

Could you tell I saw Dear Evan Hansen today? You know, either from my featured image, or perhaps the lyrics? Anyways, today was honestly a pretty great day; I mean I finally was getting to see Mags and Devon again, AND we were going to see Dear Evan Hansen? How cool is that! Now even though I did go to bed pretty late last night, that didn’t change the fact that I actually had to be up this morning. Not only was I seeing Maggie and Devon around 10, a technician from Optimum was actually coming by to INSTALL OUR INTERNET. OH MAN. Seriously, three weeks… THREE WEEKS- actually over three weeks- without internet, fighting Verizon day in and day out, and today, hopefully, we’d finally get the deed done. With the technician supposedly coming between 8 and 11AM, I made sure to get myself up at 7:50, hoping that the worker would get here sooner rather than later; I mean I did have to leave and meet up with Mags and Devon at some point. As I lay in bed, whittling away the time, I finally get a phone call; it’s the technician! He said that he was coming up the stairs now and would arrive shortly, so I quickly through on some clothes and, when he knocked, greeted him. (This was just around 9AM) He got to it, installing the router, not even needing to worry about going into the basement or anything like that, and by 9:30 he was already done! I was baffled. I mean I’ve been on Verizon’s ass for over three weeks now, and this guy from Optimum gets it done in 30 minutes. I was overjoyed. Julian ended up poking his head out of his room to see what was going on, and as the gentleman left, I couldn’t help but to explode with excitement. Such a hard fought victory, but at last we truly won. However, despite my excitement I did have to hurry along; Maggie and Devon were nearing New York, and I still hadn’t showering.

After quickly showering and washing up, I got dressed, throwing on my winter jacket and my new gloves before jogging out of the apartment; wishing Julian a good day enjoying our wonderful new internet. I managed to catch the next 4, taking that all the way to Grand Central before getting off and making my way over to the Nintendo Store. Now Maggie and Devon were actually already in there, looking around and warming themselves up- it was DAMN cold out- so once I made it inside the store I began looking around for them. Finally spotting the pair on the second floor, I came up behind them and asked “Is there anything I can help you with?” Before giving them both big hugs; It was truly wonderful to see them again. We chatted for a bit before deciding to head out and make our way over to the Disney store, and then to Brunch. Originally I had planned to take us to Lilly’s Craft and Kitchen, but after calling only to find out there were no reservations available until 3PM and they don’t even take walk-ins, we ended up going to Friedman’s, which actually only takes walk-ins. After taking a quick peek into the packed Disney Store, we headed on over to Friedman’s, getting our names down for the 25 minute wait list. Honestly? Not too bad at all. We got to our table just after noon, and were greeted by a wonderfully kind waitress, who asked us to give her a minute- she had just been triple sat. Been there before. Well… all the time actually at Eataly. I get it. Once she took our orders, Devon and I both ended up ordering these Buttermilk fried chicken sandwiches, with Devon just getting his without tomatoes, and Maggie got a grilled cheese that actually had broccoli rabe in it; we also got some chicken skewers for the table, because why not. Honestly? Damn good food. It did take a bit for things to come out, but when they did? Solid. Now the show was at 2PM, and though we had finished our entrees just after 1PM, I was obviously in the mood for dessert. (When am I not?) Devon ended up getting two fried oreos- he ordered one but they gave him two and we were not complaining- and I got a berries and whipped cream. It was fucking bomb. I mean the whipped cream tasted homemade, and the berries were quite nice themselves. I warned Maggie and Devon that I would be paying for the bill, and I of course made sure to leave a very nice tip for our waitress; 99% because of course, I mean I work in the service industry and love when someone does that for me, but also like 1% because she was really cute; Never gonna see her again, but all the same.


Thanking our server, we headed on out and to the Music Box Theater, where Dear Evan Hansen was located. We got there just after 1:30, so I checked in with the TodayTix employee outside- damn I would hate having that job, especially with how cold it is outside- got my tickets, and the three of us headed inside. After finding our seats, I of course headed off to the bathroom, making it back to my seat just a few minutes before the show at last began. Now I’ve listened to the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack PLENTY of times, but seeing it in person was definitely a really cool experience. Everyone sounded really good, and the set itself was just so damn cool. All in all, I was just so incredibly impressed with the performances, and was so glad to finally be able to go and see this amazing show, that’s been on Broadway for a good while now. The only complaint I had were these fucking old people behind us- a group of 4- who kept talking and making comments the entire show; like laughing during unfunny bits and just being noisy the entire time. One of them was even vaping, which is fine… outside. Don’t be doing that shit in a goddamn theater my guy. I would have said something, but frankly that would cause even more of a disturbance, so I just let it be. But honestly… I didn’t think people were that insensitive and self obsessed that they don’t know the proper etiquette to have when you’re seeing a Broadway show. As the curtains came to a close and the cast came out to do their bows, they announced that they were accepting donations for “Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDs”, a really great cause that Broadway musicals raise money for every year. Now if you donate $60, you actually got a signed playbill with the signatures of the entire cast along with the understudies. As the other Christmas present, impromptu as most my presents are, I handed the $60 to Mags who gave it to Devon. He has been obsessed with this show, and definitely deserved to get this. After he got the special signed playbill, we headed outside, waiting outside and actually getting all our playbills signed by the cast. Frankly I never do this when I’m by myself, but it was really cool. The only one who didn’t come out was Devon’s favorite- the actress who plays Zoe- but she had just gotten over being sick so I don’t blame her not coming outside; She’s got another show tonight.

With everything coming to a close, we got ourselves a quick couple of selfies before I took Devon and Mags to 51st and 8th, where they were meeting up with their bus to head on out. I gave them both big hugs and said my goodbyes before I started my journey back to Brooklyn; oh what fun! Oh I did forget to mention, Maggie had actually brought a small little Christmas gift for me with her. It’s this tiny little mouse, to commemorate my mouse roommate Remy from my last apartment! Honestly it’s such cute fucking gift and I love him. Now it was packed as I walked back to 42nd St., but I saw these two guys going along the sides of the buses facing the road to get past all the traffic on the side walks, so I just followed them, and before i knew it I was catching the S heading over to Grand Central. Once I arrived, I made a quick pitstop to use the bathroom, along with stopping by a Rite-Aid in the Terminal just to pick up a notepad for work, before catching the next 4 and at last making my way back home to Brooklyn. Honestly I got a damn good nap on that train ride, and before I knew it I was already at Crown Heights and off the train, walking back to my apartment. As for the rest of the night? Well I hung out in my room for a while, enjoying the internet, before I headed over to Subway and picked up some food. On my way back I checked my mailbox to find that letter I had sent had gotten sent back to me for some reason; It wasn’t opened, so I know it never reached Sarah Lawrence. I’m a bit confused at what happened, but I’ll just re-send it at a post office on Monday, after checking to make sure that everything is alright with it. Once I got back in my apartment, frankly I’ve just been back to playing some good ol’ League of Legends for the rest of the night. I even got to play some with Mags and Devon, with Julian watching for a little while as I tried to explain what in the fuck was going on. It’s now 4:07 and I am, at last, writing another blog on my computer. Tomorrow it’s back to work for another day at Eataly, so I guess I should probably be getting some sleep. Hopefully I can get this letter out sooner rather than later. I don’t want it arriving too late after her birthday; then it’s just weird. (Yes I know it’s already weird to send my ex a birthday card, but here we are) Anyways, goodnight everyone and I’ll talk with you all soon.

Until next time,



**Look at Remy! He’s all festive for the holidays~

2 thoughts on “With Internet, I Can Finally Step into the Sun and Stop Just Waving Through a Window (12/7/19)

  1. Friedman’s and Evan Hansen is an excellent day in the city! Honestly, a 25 minute wait is not that bad for the lunch rush!


    1. That’s what I’m saying! Quite surprised it wasn’t longer with it being a Saturday during the holiday season


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