Reaching a Steady Busyness; In Other News, The Apartment is Getting There! (12/5/19)

Damn another night where I stay up way too late, huh? I definitely need to get better about that, but honestly the hours just get away from me sometimes. Now after last night, drinking and having just an amazing time, I planned on sleeping IN today. Like I needed those eight hours to do some recovery on my body. Unfortunately for me, my deep sleep was interrupted when there was a call through the digital assistant or whatever- aka the screen that looks to the outside. I tried to ignore it, but when the guy called again, I had to get up. Turns out it was from Amazon and the guy was delivering the couch I ordered! It came in this giant box, and I ended up helping him carry it all the way up and into my apartment, with my downstairs neighbor Danielle opening up her door to see me carrying ANOTHER heavy object up all these goddamn stairs. With the giant box finally in my room, I laid back down and promptly passed out; waking up around 1:20 to my alarm, knowing I needed to actually get up and start my day.

I was running a bit late, but after showering and getting ready I was actually doing half decent on time. This issue arose when I couldn’t find my apron; I would just use my other one, but this one had my pen and, more importantly, my wine key. After looking around for a few minutes, I decided I had probably left it at work, and just grabbed my other apron before jogging to catch the 2:33 train to Manhattan. Unfortunately I got unlucky this afternoon, because the 4 actually left right on time, and as I made it down to the platform, myself and a few others could do nothing but watch the train move forward. Now I did catch the next one and we did leave just after 2:40, with me closing my eyes for most of the ride, and thankfully after some jogging I actually clocked in right at 3:01; not too shabby I don’t think! Throwing on my work shirt, I headed onto the floor, and once I knew I was section 2, I got to restocking our wines.

With that not taking far too long, I finished up the beginning of the day helping others roll before clocking out and heading off to break. I also chatted with some people who were at the party last night, who were a bit shocked when I said I left the party at almost 3AM. It was such a fun party though; I’m really glad I went. Anyway, I headed off for break, making my way over to Pret, grabbing my usual meal, and sitting down. What was really cool though was one of the workers, who of course recognizes me at this point, asked someone to get me a cup of water when I stepped up, and when the person had filled the small cup they have, he said to just use a bigger one. Just a really nice gesture, and it made me smile. Now after enjoying my bit of freedom, it was time to head on back for pre-shift, and after clocking in at 4:15 I made my way over to Stag where Nicole gave us the rundown of today. The biggest part of the pre-shift was that she was running a competition to see who could sell the most of the specials we had running- the wage beef ragu, and the lobster linguini. Side-note, I got to try the lobster linguini and holy FUCK did it taste good. Like goddamn.

With that being done, I hit the floor and my day began. Now things started off a bit annoying, with two tables in a row basically not tipping- well one gave me $5 on a $125, and the other left $1.50 in change for a $70 meal- but it is what it is. Now I was in section 2, which I don’t think I’ve ever actually worked before, since the change in layout, but it definitely got busy. However, despite it being busy, I never felt overwhelmed. I worked to sell the specials wherever I could, and kept pace. Nicole ended up lending me her extra wine key at the beginning of the shift, and Michele even just flat out gave me one of his extra wine keys at the end of the night, which was fucking amazing. The night ended with my final table actually ordering the lobster linguini- I’d been trying all night, but no one was biting- and they fucking LOVED it. Not surprised because it was DELICIOUS, but that’s just my opinion. After rolling for a while we finally finished up and the night was over. My tips ended up hitting over 400 in cc, and about 120 in cash, which is fucking awesome. I clocked out and rushed to the subway, catching the 11:03 4 to Brooklyn and at last was on my way home.

After getting off the train, I stopped by my local Bodega, picking up a chicken sandwich and fries, (and cookies of course), before heading on back to my apartment. I grabbed the amazon boxes waiting for me, and made my way up the stairs to find… an empty apartment? Assuming Julian was probably on a date, I just relaxed for a while, ending up calling Maggie for a bit before she had to go to bed and Julian finally got home. He was on a date like I had expected, but thankfully instead of knocking right out, he ended up helping me put together the couch, which I’m really happy about by the way. It looks great and it definitely fits with the room. At 1AM he went to bed and I… well I fell down the YouTube rabbit hole and now it’s 4:41 and I need sleep. Tomorrow is another day at work and then Saturday I get to see Maggie and Devon! I can’t wait~

Until next time,


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