A Surprisingly Busy Tuesday; Gotta Keep Moving Forward (12/3/19)

You know, I really didn’t expect today to be a busy day at work but goddamn was I wrong. I had hoped to actually get off early and maybe go to bed at a half decent time, given the fact that I woke up at 7:30 in the morning, but here we are- 3:08AM and just now writing this blog post. And oh boy do I wish, I WISH, I could say I was writing this at my computer. At long last we got internet and things were going smoothly. But unfortunately that is not how things work around here, is it? Now to get things started, let’s be clear- I went to bed way too late last night. Like, past 4AM late. Normally it’s fine! I wake up at 12 or 1 and am good to go, but unfortunately today I had a technician coming in to install internet in my apartment at 8AM. Well technically it was between 8AM and 10AM, but with the gentleman arriving last time at the earliest possible time, I expected the same here. So what did I do? Wake up at 7:30 and just lay in bed, waiting to be contacted by the technician, saying he was close. What ended up happening is that time kept ticking on by, and the dude was not here. At 9:45, I call Verizon, hoping to get a time estimate; I mean the process was supposed to take between 4 and 6 hours, and I HAD to leave for work by 2:20.

I was on the phone waiting to talk to someone before a woman answered, said- “Verizon?” I replied “Can you hear me?” Because the woman sounded muffled, and then she just hung UP. Fucking rUDe. Thankfully, RIGHT at 10AM, I get a call from the technician saying that he was here, and he would be up in 10 minutes. In quickly got dressed and, once he was ready, I let him inside and led him up to my apartment. He asked the same questions as the first technician, but unlike last time I knew exactly where to direct him. After finding the- I guess cable box?- in my apartment, you know where you feed the Ethernet through, we headed down to the basement to get things started. Now I had called, like on Saturday, to confirm that they knew the internet box, which I found out later on is called the ONT- Optic Network Terminal, to which I was told that it was noted. Fantastic. So it blew my fucking MIND when we went down to the basement and the ONT was still NOT FUCKING INSTALLED. They called this poor fucker out here, not telling him shit, and wasted his and my fucking time, because people apparently can’t do their FUCKING JOBS. I was furious. The guy told me that basically they just want our service, and they want us to stick with them, so they send out multiple technicians without actually having anything done. Like actually unbelievable.

So under 10 minutes after this technician arrived, he had already left; I instantly called Verizon, getting their automated system and, I’m pretty sure, being quietly blocked from talking to an actual person. This is most likely because I was screaming into my phone. After waiting for too long and hanging up, and I called again, this time calmer, but still was on hold for almost 30 minutes, which is fucking ridiculous. Completely fed up, I decided to directly tweet at Fios Internet, complaining about how garbage they are. The twitter personal promptly responded, and after a quick back and forth, actually helped me out. They told me that because this was a new building, the building manager needed to get things set up with the Verizon team, and sent me a link to give to Eddie to get things started. So I was having back and forths with…. 10 or more employees over the span of the last three weeks, and not ONE of them knew to do this? Are you fucking JOKING. If I had known this, I could’ve had Eddie started on the whole process weeks ago, yet HERE WE ARE. God I’m still angry about it.

Fed up, but satisfied that I had at least gotten a proper ANSWER, I chose to take a good two hour nap; my day had barely started and I was already exhausted. I ended up waking up around 1:30, feeling at the very least a bit more refreshed, and spent the next 50 minutes laying in bed, getting up, showering, getting ready, and leaving for work. I did have to run a bit, as per usual, but I caught the 2:33 and was on my way to Eataly in no time. I did close my eyes for a few minutes, but I had arrived at Fulton by 2:50, so I didn’t manage to get much shut-eye; what’re you gonna do. Quickly walking through the cold, I made it inside and clocked in by 2:55, putting on my work shirt and heading on inside to properly start the day. I was in section 3 today- aka wine and ice- so I spent the next 30 minutes walking through making sure that I had everything stocked and ready to go before it was already time for break.

At 3:27 I clocked on out and just headed on over to Pret, not really in the mood for the Taco Tuesday staff meal. I got the usual, and just relaxed for my usual 20 minutes of peace before I had to head back to Eataly. Clocking in at 4:14, I quickly headed over to pre-shift, where I found Nicolette and everyone sitting around, with Nicolette eating what I think was a Mista Salad with chicken and prosciutto. She was definitely feeling under the weather, but we got through the pre-shift and my day at last began. I mentioned to her early on that if she was cutting people, I definitely wanted to go home, but if you can guess from the title, that didn’t happen. Now Rue, who worked my section in the morning, transferred me all his tables, because he was tired and wanted to go home, but that’s not what did it.

What almost broke me today was the fact that despite the morning being pretty quiet, it got packed as the night progressed. I mean PACKED. Now I expect section 3 to be a busier section. It’s full of 2 tops and it’s right near the hostess stand, so it can fill up pretty fast. What I DIDN’T expect was to constantly be triple, quadruple, or even quintuple sat continuously throughout the night. Like there was literally a point where I got sat an eight top, than instantly given a two top and a one top, and then maybe five minutes later another two top. I truly didn’t have time to think. Was I stressed? Sure. Did I fuck up? Hell no. What I think I’m most proud about though is that I told, I’m going to say 90% of my tables, maybe 95%, all three specials we had running today, which I normally just skip when it gets busy. Like I fucking NAILED that shit time and time again. Now the first eight top actually spent $666- fun number I know- but thankfully tipped me 20%. My second eight top ended up spending $300. Guess what they tipped me? 10%. Wowzers I hate people. Thankfully though, I had two INCREDIBLY kind tables tonight, that just really put a smile on my face. The first was this woman who was eating by herself, but just had a wonderful time. At the end of her meal, after she had paid, she left my $20 on her $85 bill, and wrote “Happy Holidays!” Like I truly wish more people had that kindness in them, instead of being greedy pricks. The second was one of my last tables, this lovely man and woman who just had a blast the entire night. With their $130 bill, they actually left me $50, which I am incredibly grateful for.

Seriously though the night flew by, and even though I was stressed, I got through it and made some solid money. After finishing up rolling and moving tables and chairs around for an event tomorrow, I got my numbers and headed on home. Only $30 in cash, but I hit $470 in cc tips which I think is pretty damn respectable. At last I was on my way home, and after chatting with Maggie as I waited for the 4, the train arrived and I made my way down back to Brooklyn. I made sure to stop by the Bodega on the way back, just grabbing a sandwich before heading into my apartment and just kind of dicking around for the past few hours. I have worked to be a bit quiet though, since Julian was already asleep when I got in. It’s now 3:50, and even though I’m off tomorrow, my plan is to do laundry, get a haircut, and buy some wine and cider before heading to the holiday party a server is throwing. Should be fun I hope.

Until next time,


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