First Snow of the Year Means Students Get the Day Off! Too Bad I’m an Adult… (12/2/19)

You know, I remember seeing that it was supposed to snow today. I remember seeing it and thinking- “It’s just not going to stick. It’s gonna be too warm. It should be fine.” I mean I was right in the fact that it didn’t really stick. I WASN’T correct in the assumption that it was just going to be fine, however. Now I had planned to wake up today around 12:30 or whatever, but instead I was awoken around noon to Eddie knocking on the apartment door, asking if he could come in and add a towel rack and a toilet paper holder in the bathrooms; of the many things we’ve asked him to do. Now Julian was gone, but Brady was still here, actually in Julians room I found out a bit later, since there was a breeze coming from Andrew’s room last night. Awake, I just ended up lying in bed for a good while, until Eddie asked if he could install the towel rack in my bathroom, so I threw on some clothes and let him in. The whole process ended up taking a good hour and a half, almost two hours, in which time I had gotten up and made Brady and myself some tea. My throat was not feeling too hot, and I’ve definitely been coming down with something, so I had hoped tea would at least help the situation some. Brady and I ended up chatting for a bit before Eddie finally left and we were able to actually shower; seriously thank god because I was already running late and didn’t want to miss my usual train. Now Julian and I had talked about getting down on Eddie and being real about getting a rent reduction or something, since we didn’t have little amenities that the other apartments had, and yet we’re paying the same rent; I was a bit too passive about it when Eddie was here, but frankly that’s just how I am. Eddie did tell me that, even though he had originally told me someone was coming by and the laundry should be up and running yesterday or today, the guy came by today and JUST got things approved for laundry to be installed. We already HAVE the MACHINES, just plug them IN. FUCK. Eddie basically told me it was going to be a good bit longer before we even get things going, so I’m going to have to go to a laundromat after and actually get that shit done. I’m out of options.

All this being said, I said goodbye to Brady and ended up leaving the apartment at 2:25, jogging most of the way to make it to the train on time. I had originally planned on looking around for a mailbox, but with snow coming down and me running late, there was no time. Thankfully I did make it to the train on time, but unfortunately the train frankly didn’t move for a good 10 minutes, with the doors not even opening for the first 5-7. It was so strange. However, the train at last got moving and I made my way to Manhattan, clocking in right at 3PM and heading onto the floor to start my opening side-work. I was on lowboys today with Lily today, so her and I got to it stocking all we could before it was time to clock out. Now after doing so right at 3:30, I briefly checked the break room- tuna fish Monday, gross- and then just made the decision to walk through the slush and just go to Pret for lunch. I got my usual meal and sat down for a good 20 minutes as I watched some YouTube videos, glad to be inside and not walking around outside *cough DialogueDirect cough*. To be fair they were most likely working in subways today, but still- fuck that noise. Now I did stumble upon a comedian named Paul Taylor, who is a Brit who lives in France, and frankly? Hilarious; he’s brilliant.

Despite me enjoying these videos, my time was up and I had to head on back to work. Clocking back in at 4:16, I headed on over to pre-shift where we quickly went over what was going on with the day before hitting the floor. Now the shift itself? Damn slow. Frankly I didn’t make much of any money, and it is what it is. Now Gina had picked up a shift and was working a double, but after I was chatting with her and she made a comment about how I should go on back to my section and leave her alone- not in a totally rude way, but still not the kindest thing- I chose to be petty and mostly ignore her for most of the night. I only went over when some of the managers were talking with her, and I watched Nicolette try and floss. (The dance move) Later on in the night, Nicolette even got a boomerang of me flossing, which is definitely cringe. Now there was a conversation that I had with Gina and Olesya about emotional maturity, and how they believe older guys to be much more emotionally mature- knowing what they want and the like. The more I thought about it, the more I questioned how emotionally immature I am, and if that’s the reason my relationships had failed. Is it because I don’t understand my worth, of that I was too selfless and gave too much to the other person? Was I too selfish and leaned too much on them? Is it a bit of both? I am not completely sure, but it definitely shook me and made me really think, and maybe helped explain why I’m lonely. Also Gina asked why I wasn’t hooking up with people, but I dunno. That’s not really my thing; never has been.

Another interesting conversation was had between Olesya and I, which was basically what you would do if there was a fire or, heaven forbid, a gunman walking into Eataly. I said that I hoped I’d try and save as many people as I could, because I trust that at the end of it all I’d be able to make it out alive. I hoped that I would make sure that as few people- hopefully no one- would die. If I’m able to do something, and I don’t, then I think that would truly haunt me forever. I just worry that I would freeze and not be able to act. But I truly hope I will never have to find out. Anyways, as I time went on and people got cut, Nicolette told Lily and I that one of us got to go home. I told Lily to just go, but with her insisting that I go, Nicolette just drew straws. Or rather she had two pieces of paper, with one saying “Home” and the other saying “Sucker!” I had already guessed it but I got “Home” but immediately gave it to Lily and told her to go. Frankly I didn’t care too much about it, and was more than happy to stay a bit longer. With Lily leaving, I ended up taking over two sections, which kept me decently busy until the end of the shift. Finally getting all the roll-ups done, I got my numbers in and headed on out, catching the 10:36 4 and making it back to Brooklyn in no time.

As I was on the way home, Julian asked if I could pick him up a drink, because the Bodega was closed. I quickly decided to order some pizza from Dominos, because I needed dinner, so I got that going, getting off the train and making it home just before the pizza was said to be out for delivery. (The Bodega was also open again, so I could’ve just gone there, but it’s whatever) As we waited, I had Julian help me carry the box that contained our table up the stairs- I had noticed the box before I left today, but of course didn’t have the time to bring it back up to the apartment- and we got to it putting the whole thing together. After, honestly way too long, the pizza finally arrived, but oh surprise surprise- it was the wrong pizza. Quite hungry I just ate it anyways, but still… goddamn is this local Dominos terrible. Julian eventually went to bed, but I have stayed up building the table and getting things situated. Unfortunately it is now 3:54, and the Verizon technician is going to be here at 8AM. Guess I’m not getting much sleep tonight…. Pray for me.

Until next time,


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