A Slow, Rainy Sunday to Round Out the Week (12/1/19)

Ah Sunday night shifts; the one time I can generally assume things will be slower around Eataly. Frankly, I don’t mind it being a bit busier but after last night… well I think a slower day was called for. Now today was important because it was the first of December, meaning that no shave November had officially ended and I could finally get rid of my poor excuse for facial hair. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t totally hate my goatee or anything, but I definitely was ready for it to be gone. That, combined with Maggie constantly telling me to shave it meant the facial hair had to go. I mean listen, if I had really liked it, I wouldn’t told Maggie to fuck off and keep it, but meh. I’m glad I gave it a go, but the experiment is over. As I awoke from my slumber around 12:30 or so, I decided to just lay in bed for a while, before finally getting myself up to start the day. I actually got in the shower earlier than usual, which is definitely good because I had a BIT more I had to do today; besides my normal routine, I was also looking to trim my fingernails and, of course, shave. After a quick shower, I grabbed my new razor that had just arrived yesterday, and got to work. It wasn’t a painful process, but it definitely took some time before all the hair was finally gone and my face was clean and smooth again. But before too long the deed had been done and voila- the goatee was no more.

I was running a bit out of time, so I finished up in the bathroom, quickly washing up and trimming my nails, before getting dressed and heading on out. Now I would have been running almost on time today, except I had left my umbrella in my apartment, only to see that it was indeed “snowing” outside, (aka it was rainy and gross). Out of options, I sprinted back up the stairs, quickly moving into my apartment, grabbing my umbrella, and speeding down the stairs, through the door, and to the train. I really didn’t have much time so I kept up a steady jog most of the way, but thankfully I ended up making it a good two minutes early, and before long I was on the train and on my way to Eataly. Now like usual the 4 was running local today, so I ended up arriving at Fulton St. right at 2:57. After hurrying through the rain, I made it up the escalators and clocked in right at 3PM, and with that I headed onto the floor to get started on the day.

Now today I was at section 8, which meant that my opening side-work was just roll-ups. Easy. As I got to it, casually rolling up and glancing around the restaurant, I noticed Gina wasn’t working; I thought she was scheduled yesterday and today, but with her being gone both days, I figured I’d try and see what was going on. Assuming she was the reason pasta bar was closed, I asked another server why it was closed, to which they responded that it was because Gina had to leave early on because food poisoning. Big yikes. I finished up my roll-ups, with one of the other servers, Kat, arriving around 2:25; I was wondering why there wasn’t another server doing roll-ups! Apparently the A got massively delayed, which caused her to be running incredibly late today. Man I remember when I was taking the A to and from work literally less than a month ago. Thank god for the 4, which even when it gets delayed and runs local doesn’t fuck me anywhere near as badly as the A did. I mean my 30 minute commute easily turned into a 45 minute one at least; more times than not reaching 50+ minutes.

As I clocked out and headed to Pret for my usual meal, I made sure to text Gina, just to make sure she was okay. Now I had hoped they’d have the Mac ‘n’ cheese dish they normally have, but unfortunately they were out again today, so instead of resorting back to the salmon, I ended up switching to a ham and cheese sandwich. Not too! Grabbing my yogurt cup and a cookie, (along with a cup of water), I sat down and enjoyed 20 minutes of bliss before heading through the rain to get back to Eataly. After a quick bathroom stop, I headed over to pre-shift where Joe whizzed through some specials before sending it over to one of the guys who I guess works at the meat counter. Basically the next 10 minutes consisted of him ragging on us why we didn’t know every detail about our grande piatto- where is it from? What company do we get the meats from? How long are the cheeses aged? Now listen, I get it’s important to know these things I guess, but come on my guy. Jesus Christ. One in probably 10 thousand even care an ounce about where this comes from. All anyone really cares about is how much it costs, and if it tastes good. Sweet and simple.

Finally, with that lecture done and over with I headed onto the floor and my day began. Now after talking with Nicole and Nicolette, after Nicole told me that yesterday two servers tied in the morning for a competition of selling the pasta special, with each of them selling 18. Like goddamn. I was basically faux-complaining about there not being a competition, and they both told me that if I could sell 19 today, they would give me a bottle of wine and a free meal. Done deal. So for the next couple hours, I worked my ass off trying to sell as many specials as I could. Unfortunately I got no where fucking CLOSE, only selling five combined by the end of the night. To be fair yesterday was insane, and tonight was definitely pretty damn slow, but at the end of the day those are just excuses. Feels bad, but at least I tried. Now at the beginning of the night I had two tables who left very different impacts on me. One was these two ladies whose bill ended up being $59. Mind you, nothing was wrong with the meal, and they, I assumed, had a fine time. However when it was time to pay, they gave me $61 in cash and left. Now if they had given me $60- three $20’s, it’s be one thing. But they left me $1 in ADDITION, which means they KNEW they should’ve tipped, and just didn’t give a shit. Wow I fucking have people. HOWEVER, the other table was this British woman and her son, who were just absolutely delightful. They were laughing and having a good time the entire meal, and when they asked about dessert, the lady asked what a cannoli was. “I’ve heard about it on the television, but I don’t know what it is.” She even told me that she only really knows about them because the Real Housewives of NEW JERSEY. Holy fuck that’s incredible. Honestly that pure curiosity, honesty, and kindness really got me.

Anyways, even despite me taking on as many tables as I could, I still ended the night waaaay short of the goal. Accepting defeat, I got to it rolling and before long my night was over; I made just over $300 in cc tips, and $40 in cash, so definitely not the worst Sunday ever. Finally putting in my numbers, I clocked out and headed out, prepped to stop at a Duane Reade on my way home to pick some things up. However, right when I got down the escalators, I realized I had forgotten my umbrella, so I had to run back up the escalators, grab the left behind umbrella, and get the hell outta there. I just wanted to be home. Finally finding the Duane Reade, frankly prepped to give up before realizing it was right in front of me, I ended up picking up some new pens, along with Tate’s Cookies and raspberry chocolate Milanos. I had originally just planned on getting the pens and Tate’s, but seeing that flavor of Milanos, I couldn’t resist. Finally, after getting to the train station and calling Maggie as I waited, the 4 arrived and I was home bound at last. A quick 25 minute train ride and a brief walk home later, and I was back in my apartment at last. Julian was there with his friend Brady, who was crashing here for the night, and the three of us chatted for a good bit about musicals before it was time for bed. It’s now 3:47 and I’ve really been doing nothing but watching YouTube videos for the past couple hours. I definitely need sleep. I just have to get through tomorrow and Tuesday and then the party is Wednesday! Should be fun; can’t wait.

Until next time,


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