A Day Where You Just Have to Keep Moving or You’re Gonna Drown (11/30/19)

You know, today was fucking busy. Like yesterday was kind of a cake walk, since I was in such a small section, but today? Oh boy. I truly didn’t have a moment to breathe for most of the night, and really was working all the way up to 10:30. Now today started alright; you know Liz accepted the shift swap last night, so I’m definitely going to go to the holiday party of Wednesday, and I got a decent amount of sleep. Now I did plan on sleeping until 1:15, but when my body woke me up at 12:30, I kinda just went with it. I was stressing a bit as I lay there in bed, mostly because rent for this month hadn’t come out of my account yet which is incredibly strange, but I figured I would just call PNC during my break and it’d be fine. I ended up just lying in my bed for a good while, not really getting up until I had to actually shower and get ready for the day. As expected, I was running late, so after finishing up getting ready for the day, I had to rush out of the house and jog part of the way to the subway. At least I’m getting a decent work-out on my way to work, right?

Finally getting down to the subway, actually a few minutes early, the next 4 train arrived and at last I was on my way to work. By the time I got to Fulton, I had just enough time to make it up to Eataly and clock in right at 2:59, heading over to a hallway to quickly change my shirt before hitting the floor to start my day. I was in section 3 today, so that meant my opening side-work was actually wine and ice. Now that part was easy; the section itself? Oh boy I guess we’d just have to wait and see. Honestly the next 30 minutes were spent stocking some wine, but mostly focusing on filling the ice before 3:30 and I had to clock out and head on break. No problems with wine, but it definitely looked damn busy today. Now clocking out, I did poke my head into the break room, but with lunch being comprised of mystery meat, I decided my best bet was just to go and head over to Pret for my usual meal.

Now I was hoping Pret would have their mac ‘n’ cheese today, but with that not available and me not really being in the mood for a salmon salad again, I just grabbed a chicken sandwich, the usual cup of goodness and a chocolate chip cookie, (and a cup of water), and sat down to enjoy my quick break. Now I did end up getting up and leaving Pret a bit earlier, since it was pretty loud in there with Christmas music blasting, and I didn’t want to make a phone call to PNC only for them not to be able to hear me, you know? So I tossed my trash and headed on out, calling PNC as I stepped out the door and, after jumping through some hoops, was finally connected to a real person. The conversation was quite short, with them basically saying that there were no pending transactions to the sum of my rent for the month, but it should be in by Tuesday at the latest. A bit later than I was expecting, but it is what it is. I didn’t have time to call the owner of the building, so I just decided to take a quick bathroom break before clocking back in and heading to pre-shift. As the meeting sped by, with Joe taking virtually three minutes to go over everything, and then sending it over to Emily, who went over truffles with us- side note, I did not know that dogs now hunted for truffles instead of pigs, because dogs are much less likely to eat the truffle; which I found out is not really a mushroom. Also they have to be harvest naturally and have never successfully been grown in a controlled environment to great success- and just like that it was time to hit the floor.

Now most of the rest of the day was a complete blur. Once things got started around 4:30- 4:45, they just. Didn’t. STOP. Not only did I get practically run over with all these tables, I also had multiple tables just fuck me when it came to tips. From a table or two not tipping me to one of my first tables tipping me $2 on a $60 bill, it was a blast. The first breather I had was around like 7:30 or 8PM, but that peace lasted maybe 15 minutes before I was thrown back to the wolves. Thankfully I really didn’t have any large issues with my tables, but I definitely felt like I was behind most of the day, barely able to keep my head above water. (Or I’d just take a deep breath and just swim underwater for a bit until I knew I’d be able to pull my head out and get some fresh air. Now there was this one table at the end of the night- one of my final tables- who’s bill was like, $140 or something, probably higher. They paid with card and then went to hand me cash as my tip. Seeing it looked to only be a few singles, I left it on their table, hoping they’d get that that’s not okay, and maybe tip me properly. They ended up sitting at that table for a good half hour before finally leaving, and surprise surprise, those dollar bills were truly all they had left for me in the way of a tip. Now normally on $140, you should at LEAST tip $25. Do you know what they tipped me? $5. Five MEASLY dollars. Thank god, now I can pay rent with those $5 I get to split with everyone else working tonight. Damn I was so WORRIED for a minute. And it was even worse because they were kind people, but come ON. If you’re traveling to America, do your RESEARCH about TIPPING. Fuck man.

Now I’ve used this example before, but the easiest way to explain how it feels like when people tip you like shit is this- and to make things even better, we’ll use the amount they gave me. Okay, so you are working at a great job. I mean sure you have to work your ass off, but you’re making $25 an hour. Holy shit that’s solid. Now you spend all day, slaving away, doing a good job, and even though it was busy, you know you didn’t mess up. At the end of the day, your boss comes up to you smiling and says- “listen, I know you’ve done a great job and I really appreciate it. But frankly I don’t really feel like paying you $25, so I’m just going to pay you $5, 1/5th of what you should be making. Great! Have a wonderful day.” And he walks away. It doesn’t matter how hard servers work because people still choose to fuck us because they don’t want to actually make sure we make a living wage. You can use any excuse of “well shouldn’t the employer pay proper wages?” And blah blah blah, but at the end of the day, that’s not how things work and you making that excuse is not hurting anyone but the servers and other front of house workers. The restaurant is already making all the money from the food you’ve already bought. The only ones your fucking are your servers.

Sorry for the mini rant, but now we’re back on track. As the night ended, I ended up having my final table be this French family of five. Now normally I think French people to be a bit more reserved, but damn the dad was just having a blast. All of them were laughing and the dad was making jokes- I truly don’t know what he was on but I was loving it. It frankly reminds me of my family, who isn’t afraid to fuck around and just have a great time, no matter where we are. It really ended my night on a positive note. Finally, after doing some roll ups, I finished my night putting in my numbers- like 370 or something in cc tips, and a good 140 in cash, and it was time to call it a night. I grabbed the next 4 home, and after getting off at my stop, I headed over to my Bodega to get a cheeseburger and fries- I was STARVING- before heading home to relax the rest of the night. Well… normally I’d just relax, but I actually ended up getting some things done tonight! I took out all the trash and recycling, and even swiffer’ed the living room, before laying down in my bed to relax.

As I was walking back inside from dropping off the trash, I noticed that I also got my new razor and cards today from amazon, (the package was right inside the doorway), which means I finally get to get rid of this goatee tomorrow. Actually, I’ll probably shave it Monday and start the new week fresh and shaved, but we’ll see how I feel on the day. As for the cards, I’m gonna use some of them for Christmas cards, but one of them is going to be used to send my ex a birthday card. Is it a good idea? Nope. But my goal is to keep it short and simple. The last one I really only talked about myself, so this card will have none of that. My goal is not to pry into someone’s personal life, since it is none of my business, but just be kind. I already know she won’t respond, and maybe won’t even get it, but that’s fine. At least I sent it and can move forward. It’s already 4:07, so I definitely need sleep, but tomorrow is a new day. Who knows what it may have in store for me.

Until next time,


One full month of no shaving and this is all I can grow. Truly impressive

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